Adopted By Liam Payne

Grace is a 16 year old girl who lives in an orphanage find out her story with one direction.


4. The special visitors

The headmistress told all the girls to come down stair to the living room in our best out fits. I wore a pink sparkly blouse and dark studded jeans and ballet flats with an open toe and little boss on the toes. Then when we all walked down stais we were all put in order from youngest to oldest I was near the end. Then the shrill voice of the head mistress called me out from my day dreaming" I bet you are all wondering why we are in the living room in nice clothes fro. Youngest to oldest well we Are having a few special geusts come I. A little bit . It is the band they are here to adopt a girl and one girl only . It is the band one direction. " while she droned on and on about the m I snuck up to my room to hopefully escape being adopted . You are probably like why doesn't she wan a family well my real parents are going to come for me they just couldn't afford to take care of me so they had to give me away for a little bit. " they will come for you " I whispered to myself tryi g to sound convinced . I started to sing little bird by Ed Sheeran so I wouldn't cry as much. Now at least you can only hear my terrible singing instead of the awful sobs . As I stopped crying I wound up singing Skinney Love by Birdy which made me stop crying so I at least sounded at bit better . I hope no one heard me. As the song ended the door slowly creaked open revealing......

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