Clubbing and Schooling

You stupid girl, don't you dare cry for we are trying to make you look gorgeous for your big night," My mother said while brushing my hair brutally while I sobbed."I-I-I don't l-l-l-love him m-mum, I w-w-want to wait, p-p-please don't m-m-m-make me do it, Please?" I sobbed, feeling the tears run down my powdered cheeks, destroying my eyeliner and eye shadow.
"Oh, you will do this Angel, or you will get a flogging," She told me, yanking my head back to bobby pin my fringe back.
"No!" I screamed as she put the bobby pin in my hair, revealing all my face.
"Shut up Angel and grow the f*ck up! Your are going to marry him, I don't care if you say your too young, your 16 and you will marry and bare children with Jackson because he has enough money to keep all of the family going until we or you die."


1. Prologue

Singing is the one thing I have to do at work. Sing for the drunks, the homeless and sing for the entertainment of making a fool out of myself. That's what I do at this club. Sing, sell drinks and sing again. I hate how I walk on stage and look around the dance floor, looking past the bright lights, to see people ordering heaps of drinks and not looking at me sing. Singing is pointless. This club is one of the hottest clubs and it's always overflowing with people and parties yet no one cares about me and my band. I'm a boy and I have to wear eye liner for crying out loud! This job is stupid. My boss is stupid. Everything in this world is stupid. I need a drink…

I walk on stage, with my band behind me with their  instruments, guitars, bass, drums and piano. I walk up to the front of the stage and eye the microphone with hatred. F*ck the microphone. I walk up and grab the microphone off of the stand. I turned around to see the boys tuning there instruments and to see Ellie put down her book on the piano for her to read out of. I studied her. Her long black hair, half shaved off and combed to the side, the blue, purple, pink, red, green and heaps of other colours all threw the thick strands. Her black leather pants with a thick black leather studded belt lose around her narrow hips. Her knee high buckle boots and her black band shirt, lose around her small frame. I didn't need her to turn around for me to know what her face looks like. Her dark green eyes lined with heaps of black eyeliner and eye shadow. Her black lips setting off her pale skin. White foundation, covering her face, showing none of her adorable freckles for she doesn't like them and her button nose. I always thought she was pretty but the thing is… she's Lesbian. I don't mind though. She's like a brother to me if you know what I mean.

I looked at the drummer to see Pheonix twirling the drum sticks in his hands expertly with a lazy smile on his face as he stared at the guitarist, Patch, tune his guitar. Pheonix had always had a crush on Patch and Patch has always had a crush on Pheonix too but they never seem to notice each other feelings. Pheonix has bright red hair that touched his shoulder while Patch had bright blue. They both wore skin tight leather pants and knee high boots as well with studs instead of buckles and Pheonix wasn't wearing a shirt to show off his muscly form while Patch wore a slightly baggy white shirt then there was me and Whytey. Whytey has white scene hair, light blue eyes and really pale skin. He was wearing white skinny jeans and a black shirt as well as knee high boots then there is me. My name is Flame and I have black hair that is in a scene hair cut and I have light green eyes that girls seem to adore for some reason but I think there plain.  I was wearing black baggy jeans, a loose studded belt and a baggy white shirt that showed none of my muscles except my arms. My hair was covering one of my eyes and my eyes were lined with eyeliner. My band is an awesome group of people. I love all of them and hope we stay friends for ages. We are all between the ages of 16-20 I am 17, still in school and work at this sh*tty club as a bartender/singer. Yay me. I'm one of those weird people that love and hate there job at the same time.


I open my mouth and started to sing Kryptonite by 3 doors down. First I heard Patch's guitar intro with Whytey as guitar backup. Then I heard Pheonix start the drums. Ellie was next to me in a second and grabbed the microphone next to me. I started to sing and Ellie was back up. I was singing and watched people actually watch. Why is tonight different to any other night? Then I heard the bouncer, Hodges start yelling at someone then a girl in a big white dress come running in, Hodges pulling guys away from her. She ran to the bar, then collapsed onto a seat, her head in her delicate hands, her light blonde hair tumbling around her. Her body shook beneath her dress. The dress was strapless, had a corset as the bodice and its skirt was really poofy. I stopped singing after the song finished, then got off the stage. The girl looked curvy and thin. She looked hot from the back but what about the front? I jumped over the bar and walked up to the girls scrunched up form.

"Would you like a drink?" I asked her.

She looked up, and I don't know why but I was shocked when I saw her bright blue eyes. Her eyes were  slightly large, but in a good way, her rosy lips pouty and a button nose on her face. Her cheeks were flushed and tears were streaming down her cheeks. Her hair had a fringe like mine, hair framing her face and running into her waist length hair.  I couldn't stop staring at her. Her chest wasn't spilling out of her dress like the mainstream girls and her dress was not short yet her chest and hips looked like something all guys would want to wake up next to every morning. I swallowed the drool that threatened to escape my mouth and looked into her eyes. Damn those eyes.

"Whatever you have, something strong," She answered, staring into my eyes, taking in every detail of my body while I watched her lush lips part to answer my question.

I nodded and kept staring while she did the same then I heard the boys wooping on stage.

I turned my head away from the most beautiful girl I had ever seen and saw the boys laughing, pointing at me and Ellie smiling a knowing smile.

I looked back at the girl and then turned and got her a wet dream and then passed it to her. She went to take it and touched my fingers in the process. I felt warmth spread around my body and watched her cheeks go bright red.

"Thank you," she murmured then brought the drink to her lips and tipped it back in one gulp.

I couldn't stop staring. When she tipped her head back, I watched her chest rise as she pushed herself of the table, watched her tip her delicate, lush neck and watched her neck move from the swallow. I really wanted to kiss her neck right then and there. Wanted to run my lips over the tendons and bite the flesh. I wanted to lick her flesh to see how she tasted. I felt my cheeks go bright red and then noticed I have never felt like this. Was it lust? Love? I had no clue. All I knew was that this girl was amazing.

I watched as the girl tipped her neck back down and slowly opened her eyes to look at me, her lips slightly parted then her tongue licked the drips off her lips. I watched her tongue until it entered her mouth again. I then noticed the girl wasn't crying anymore but  smiling a sensual smile. The tears wiped off her face, leaving nothing to prove she was crying before. I put my hands on the counter behind me to keep my balance. I watched as when the spotlights changed colour, her hair did to.

In my head, the only words going through my head was damn those eyes.

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