Let the Tiger Be

Tigers, love, shape shift, sex, hot guys. What else can anyone ask for?


1. Prologue

It was time. I felt it. The beast within clawing at my skin, telling me to let it out. I felt it roar and pounce within, trying to fasten the process. I hated it. The change. I roared and hit the ground on my arms and legs. I felt my bones twist and turn, shorten and lengthen. I heard my skin tear and rip. I felt my blood run down my body and I felt my skin heal. I crawled my way to my door, opened it and crawled out. I felt my hair on my body grow and felt a tail shoot out of my skin. I watched my hands bend into itself and turn into paws with white and black stripes. I felt my face twist and change into the beast with in. The change stopped and I was breathing heavy, with my head on my paws, my tail curled up around my large body. I heard the birds chirping in the forest behind my house, the animals communicating. I got up slowly onto my 4 feet, stretched, licked my front paw and then yawned. I loved this form because I feel free but I hate the instincts to kill and eat animals because in human form and now I still love animals but the beast needs to eat. I felt my belly growl and then I sniffed the air. Deer, boar, possums, hmm, so many things to choose from. I hate knowing that the beast that I let out has eaten my parents, and I hate knowing that I couldn't control my beast but I don't regret it. They hurt me more then any one ever has and I've been shot, tortured and had teeth ripped out by poachers and hunters and well, full blooded humans.

I smelt a wolf pack running near my house and I growled and put my ears close to my head. I growled louder when the pack came into view. A light brown wolf whined and ran off. I sniffed. A young female. I started walking near the pack to the alpha, which was a black wolf with yellow eyes. I started stalking towards him, growling and snarling. The alpha growled back and that's when I roared and let the dog see my large, sharp teeth. The alpha whined and ran off with his tail between his legs and his pack followed. My territory. Mine. I didn't go after the dog but I knew he would never come back. I walked into the forest, looking from left to right, listening to the animals around me. I looked up into the sky and saw the moon and stars, twinkling at me. I exhaled and kept walking and then stopped and crouched. I heard it before I saw it.

 A large boar near a small lake drinking the water. I slowly moved towards the wild pig and when I got near a bush I hid in it and made sure the leaves cover my white and black fur. I kept my eyes on the boar and then leapt into the air, my claws extended and then sunk into the pigs hide. I bit the boars hind leg while the boar struggled valiantly. It kept trying to get me off of it's body and it succeeded. I fell off then launched myself at its neck, sinking my claws into it's shoulders and sunk my teeth into it's throat. I tasted the boars sweet, juicy blood burst onto my tongue. Yes! The beast fell down and it's heart beat stopped. I laid down near my dinner and panted. I caught my breath and then crawled to the fallen beast. I sunk my teeth into the boar's stomach and ripped off  a chunk of fresh flesh. It's been to long. After I was finished I moved away from the carcass, tired and exhausted. I laid down onto a bit of grass away from the carcass and collapsed onto the ground. After a little rest, I slowly stood up and crept to the lake. I took a drink, lapping up the cool water into my mouth with my tongue and then looked at my reflection to see the beast that took over my body. The man eater. The thing that scared many people. The animal. I looked at my reflection and saw large blue eyes. The beast with in is the great white tiger.

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