Let the Tiger Be

Tigers, love, shape shift, sex, hot guys. What else can anyone ask for?


4. Chapter 3

I woke up to feeling Edge's arm wrapped around my body, pulling my human body close to his. My bare leg, wrapped around his bare stomach, my hand on his nipple, my head resting on his shoulder. Edges hand was on my waist. I was shocked that my body changed form when I was sleeping and even more shocked to waking up, snuggling close to Edge's naked body, when mine was just as bare. I opened my eyes and looked at Edge's face. His face had softened from sleep. I smiled lazily and moved my hand off of his nipple and traced his features. I traced his eyebrow with a light finger tip and nail, his jaw, his closed eyelids, his nose, his lips, his neck, down his chest and traced every ab he had then stopped at where the blanket was on his hips. I closed my eyes and felt desire clench in the bottom of my stomach. I looked at the clock on the bed side table and swore softly under my breath. 7 in the morning... I'm going to be late for school. I went to move then I felt Edge drag me down onto his body again, my arm, wrapped around his chest, my head on his shoulder, my chest against his side and my leg around his stomach again. I looked up into his face and saw him open his eyes slightly, smiled then blinked and opened them wider. I smiled back then relaxed against his body. I could stay here all day. I felt Edge trace little circles against my waist then run his finger up my body. I closed my eyes and shivered slightly.

"Good morning, cutie," Edge said with a deep voice, smiling at my cheesy grin then looked at the time," plenty of time to get ready for school, let's rest for another half hour in here then we can get ready?"

"Good morning  and no, not enough time, I need to get ready... I'm a girl if you haven't noticed and I need my time to get ready for school."

"I have noticed that you are a girl but," He ran his hand up my thigh," I think I should explore what makes you a female with such thorough exploration that I find everything that makes your body react in certain ways , Tiger," He stopped moving his hand and looked into my face, reading my expression.

I pushed his hand away with both my hands," Your dangerous," I slipped out of his embrace, took a couple steps back and watched Edge watch me.

I saw hunger and desire flare into his eyes. I licked my dry lips and put my arms around my hips. I then walked over to the bed, kissed his gorgeous lips then left him on his bed, by himself. I walked to my room and started getting ready.

An hour and a half later, I was all ready for school. I was wearing bright red skinny jeans, white tank top and my leather jacket. I put on eyeliner, both kinds, red lipstick, foundation, and a little blush. I walked out of my room with my bag and sniffed the air. Edge was in his room. I walked to his room, opened the door and blushed when I saw him putting on some clothes with his back facing me, running his hands through his hair, letting it sit normally. I lent against a wall, watching my dream guy get ready for school. Edge slid on some black jeans, put on his chains, and put on a navy coloured shirt. I walked behind Edge, put my arms around his hips, and slid my hands up his shirt, letting my hands feel the waves of muscle. I felt Edge tense for a second then relax, grab my hands then brought them to his lush lips and then turned around to face me. I blinked then felt Edge kiss my mouth. I felt him run his tongue along my bottom lip then bit it. I groaned, buried my hands in his black hair while he put one hand on my hip and the other fiddling with my jeans zip and buttons. I closed my eyes when Edge lifted me off of the ground then placed me on his bed that he hadn't made. I opened my eyes to see Edge standing while looking my vulnerable body over. I swallowed.

"We have to go to school now, sorry if I interrupted... Ummm," I blushed, sat up then fiddled with my tank top.

Edge grinned then brought his delicious mouth down to my neck, swirling his tongue in circles then bit the flesh there. I closed my eyes and felt my chest rumble. I didn't know if it was a growl or a purr. I think it might have been a bit of both. I put my hands on his chest, trying to push him away but I felt weak from pleasure. I let my tiger run wild for a little, doing what I didn't have the guts to do. I let the tiger within control my body. I licked my lips and opened my eyes to see Edge still kissing my neck. I grabbed his hair with my hands and pulled him off my neck. He looked at me with wide eyes. He knew, he knew I wasn't me that second and he seemed pleased with my sudden change of heart... Well... Being, mind.. I can't explain it, the tiger is me, I am the tiger. Why do I try to act like a human when I never  will be. I look like a human sometimes, yeah but most are my thoughts are about hunting, changing, the forest, the animals, smells, tastes, sounds, feeling... Mating, finding someone I am content with just being around. I can't kid myself anymore, even when I look human I still have tiger traits, my eyes, hearing, smell, feeling and the sounds I make out of my human body. Purring, snarling, growling, roaring, everything. I am who I am, tiger. I am who I am and Edge likes me for me. I'm impossible to understand but Edge does. I'm vulnerable around him. I'm open. I feel alive and wanted when he touches me. I feel something flare in my stomach that I have never felt before when he watches my movements, touches my body, talks to me and stares into my eyes. I close my eyes and felt my being merge together within so I was never just human or just tiger. I am now both and I accept who I am and will never give it up. Never.


Edge saw something shift in Passions eyes when she pulled him off of her neck to stare at him, he looked into her eyes and saw something happen that he didn't understand. There was a glint of acceptance. He wasn't sure if that was for him. I thought she already except who I am He thought to himself. Edge felt his lips tug upwards in the corners when he watched Passion shudder. He slowly brushed the back of his fingers across her cheeks, and turned his hand so he buried it in her soft, silky blonde hair. Passion's pupils dilated when he did so and that's when he knew she has lost control. She scrambled to her feet and walked slowly behind him. Edge turned and felt Passion push him onto the bed before he saw her. He  was stunned and intrigued. He  had never seen this side of Passion before. He looked at Passion and watched her slowly walk towards him in a way that looked like she was stalking her prey and he was hers. He wanted to be her prey, her mate, hers. He felt his cheeks grow hot and he bit his bottom lip watching Passions slow progress. She was halfway across the room still, watching him in a way the made him feel vulnerable, alive, free. That stare was unbelievably sexy in a way that both frightened and made him want to push her against a wall and make him feel completely male and her, female. He watched Passion lower herself to the ground so she was on all fours, balancing on the balls of her shoeless feet... She was wearing heels before, where are they? He thought to himself but couldn't tear his eyes off of Passion stalking towards him. He felt his muscles clench and his breathing come out faster. Passion was at the foot of the bed then she jumped onto the bed like the way she did when she was in tiger form. She dropped onto her knees then crept towards Edge's body. Her eyes were large that made her look innocent but he knew better. She straddled his hips then brought her soft lips to the flesh showing from his shirt near his collarbone. He closed his eyes and let Passion take his sanity, steal his mind and nibble on his heart. He felt her lift up his shirt so he lift himself off of the bed slightly and raised his hands above his head. She slid off the material and then threw it onto the floor without taking her eyes off of Edge. Passion broke eye contact and then brought her lips to his stomach, nipping at the flesh there. She moved her mouth to his hips, swirling her tongue, nipping and kissing the flesh. He closed his eyes. Passion is amazing, she knows what to do to make me lose control Edge thought to himself. He felt Passions fingers run lightly down his body, exploring every bump, scar and muscle. Her fingers stopped above where his jeans hung low in his hips. She moved her hands and brought her lips to the flesh there, every now and again, sliding her tongue just into the top of his jeans. Edge gasped.

"Passion," He said in a shaky, breathy, husky voice. He was so close to losing control, he felt it but she ignored the tension radiating off of his body.

Passion finally stopped teasing Edge's body and sat up.

"You will not call me Passion, you will call me Ma'am and tell me if you like something I do. This is me finding out what  you like and what you don't. I am the master and you will do everything I say or I will punish you," She informed him in a voice that made him shiver with pleasure.

I have never seen this side of Passion before, He thought to himself.

"Yes, Ma'am," He said in a husky voice.

'Good, now please excuse me for a minute, Don't move at all, Edge," She told him then got off of him, slid off of the bed and left him on the bed with no shirt on.

"Wow," Edge said then sat up on the bed, running his hand through his hair.

Passion is so hot right now, but why the sudden change in character? Maybe she wants to please me? She wanted to go to school then she changed her mind? Hmmm, He thought to himself while smiling.

"I told you not to move, Edge, now you have to be punished," He looked up at Passion at the doorway. She was holding fluffy black handcuffs,  a couple packets of condoms and a ribbon on a stick... Or was it a velvet whip. Edges eyes opened in surprise," I'm sorry Ma'am, it won't happen again Ma'am."

"You won't be able to get out of your punishment Edge so don't try. You will do everything I say, won't you Edge?" Passion took a couple steps into the room and closed the door behind her.

That's when Edge got a good look at what she was wearing, a short black skirt, a white tank top, fishnet stockings, and black leather heels. His heart started to thud faster.

Passion put the stuff in her hands onto the foot of the bed, grabbed the handcuffs and walked to the side of the bed where Edge was sitting up," You will do everything I say, won't you Edge?"

He swallowed and smiled ," Yes Ma'am."

Passion smiled at him," Lay down on the bed," He did as she said," Put your hands above your head," He lifted his arms above his head and shimmied himself down the bed a little so he could be comfortable with his arms above his head," Good," Passion put one of the cuffs on one of his wrists then thread it through a pole on the head of the bed then fastened the other cuff onto his other hand... He couldn't move off of the bed.

Edge's breathing came out faster and his cock became hard in his pants.

"Now," Passion leaned over the bed and kissed his mouth eagerly, slipping her tongue into his mouth in the process. He pulled at his restraints to touch her, Passion heard the clinking and pulled away, straightening herself up, walked to the bottom of the bed and picked up the whip.

"You disobeyed my order before," She ran the velvet through her hand then flicked it hard onto her hand, it didn't sound like it hurt to Edge," So you need to be punished," She walked to the side of the bed, near his vulnerable body and ran the velvet over his bare chest," Hmmm," She held the whip in one hand and undone the top button of his jeans with the other, unzipping the zip then pulling away," Your hard already? How exciting," She purred at him then put the whip onto the edge of the bed, crept onto the bed and stopped to straddle his legs in her thighs.

He didn't know if she was wearing under wear but he was getting excited. She pulled his jeans off of his legs then threw them onto the ground. She stroked his stomach then ran her fingers down into his Bonds underwear. Edge stopped breathing. Passion sighed," This won't do, I will have to take it off," She bunched the fabric in her hands and slid them down his legs. Edge felt light headed and that's when he knew he hasn't taken a breath yet. He breathed in and out, concentrating on his breathing.

Passion got off the bed again and grabbed the whip.

"Where do you want your flicks," She put the velvet onto his chest and ran it down, She circled the fabric around his cock and he groaned," Here?" She looked into his face and saw pleasure taking over his expression and nodded, straight faced ," Good choice," She then slid the whip off of his body then flicked it onto his cock making Edge shout in pleasure," You disobeyed one of my orders, therefore you deserve this punishment," She removed the whip off of his body then flicked it onto his cock again, making Edge's body tremble, he lost control of his body, she circled the whip around his cock again," You will obey my orders or I will double the amount of flicks next time," She told him then walked to the end of the bed, putting the whip back with the other stuff and grabbed a condom, walked back to the side of the bed, watching Edge try to control his gasping, watching sweat coat his hard, lean, muscled body.

She climbed back onto the bed, sat next Edges hips and ripped open the packet. Edge pulled at his restraints again," Quiet Edge, control yourself, your my hopeless slave for today," Edge groaned when she stroked his cock with her finger then put her mouth over the head of his cock. Edge gasped and made eager sounds. Passion circled her tongue around the head then pulled away.

"To answer your question from yesterday, yes, I am a virgin," Edge opened his eyes and looked down at the girl that is going to drive him insane with wide eyes. She is so beautiful. My Girl. My Passion.


I watched Edge's eyes widen and It took all my control to keep composed. I am his Master of pleasure for today. I am going to show him what I can do. I am what all boys dream of. I pulled the condom out of the packet and slowly put the condom on Edge's cock. I heard him groan and roll his hips slightly. When I finished, I ran my hands down his thighs then back up to cup his sacks.  I felt sexy. I was wearing my sexiest, most revealing black skirt, fishnet stockings, my sexiest black bra and black lace g-string. I felt completely female. I got up off of the bed again and stood near Edge. He was watching me. He looked vulnerable yet I felt more vulnerable then he looked. He looked sexy on the bed with his hands restrained onto the bed. I breathed in, put my hand up my skirt, grabbed my fishnets and slid them down my legs then put my hand back in between my thighs. I watched Edge watch my hand. I separated my legs a bit more then grabbed my g string and slid it down my legs. I walked over to Edge and slid the bit of fabric down his body.

"What do you like Edge? Tell me what you like and want and I will see if I want to do it," I stopped running the fabric down his body and put it in the ground.

"I like to make the girls scream my name, with my mouth on her body, licking and tasting everywhere. I like your mouth on my body but I want to taste your's. I want you to take off you singlet," He told me in a husky voice, his eyes telling me exactly what he wants me to do.

"I can take my shirt off for you, Edge," I grabbed the fabric and took it off of my body, dropping at my feet," and I would love for you to taste me but, can you with thoughs restraints?" I asked him, getting onto the bed and sat on his stomach, my hands running up his chest then down, my heart thudding hard against my chest. I was one with the tiger and I, the tiger and human said this was good for me so I am doing it, stuff school. I leaned back slightly, giving Edge the full view of my vagina, spread my legs wider and slid one finger into my body. I gasped and pulled it out then put it in my body, shoving it in harder and faster. I heard Edge groan and pull at his restraints. I growled and stopped. I opened my eyes and removed my finger from my body, running it down his body.

Edge then opened his mouth and said ," Slide your sexy body up here and I will see what I can do," I stared at him.

"I'm the master here, you can not order me around, apologise now."

Edge blushed furiously," I'm sorry Ma'am, I just want to make you feel completely and utterly in paradise," I looked into his eyes and saw desire. I swallowed.

"Ok, I will do as you say but if you order me again, I will give you 4 flicks," I slid my body up his stomach, to his chest.

"Stop please Ma'am, this is where I want you to be," I looked at him from where my body settled. I was still wearing a skirt and bra. In my bra was the key for the cuffs... Should I unlock him? Yes.

I leaned forward, so my chest was in Edge's face, grabbed the key from my bra and unlocked one of his hands," This is only temporary, I will lock you back up again Mister," Edge's hands went straight to behind my back and unclipped my bra without me even noticing.

I looked at him when I noticed my bra was unclipped and then took it completely off. Edge's eyes scanned my body, the longer he took, his smile grew. I cleared my throat. He looked up.

"You wanted to do something Edge?" I sat back to where Edge told me to be with my legs only slightly open.

"Oh, yes, I remember," He lifted his head up off of the bed then ran his hand with the cuff still on it up my inner thigh.

When he neared my centre I moaned and spread my legs all the way. I felt Edge chuckle, the vibration running up my body. I looked at him to see him looking at me then opened me up a little more with his fingers then ran his tongue up and down my clitoris. I made eager sounds and buried my hands into his hair, anchoring myself to the world.. Well trying to. I felt like my world has been blown up and changed. I felt my world shift and I knew then nothing will ever be the same. I felt like I was a rocket, thrown off course to the moon and landed on a world full of pleasure. Nothing and no one can be better then this. Edge running the tip of his tongue over my clitoris... But I was wrong. He slid his tongue all the way into my vagina, lapping at my centre making my hips rise off of his chest. I felt my heart jump, my blood pounding in my ears, I screamed out in pleasure.

"Don't stop, Don't you dare stop," I said within eager sounds and he didn't stop until I came. I felt fireworks flash in my vision, I cried out and collapsed forward, sliding myself down so I was lieing completely on Edge. I burried my head in to his neck and breathed him in. I felt muscles I thought never existed quiver. I sighed, this is where I always want to be. I felt Edge's arms circle my waist, holding me against him. He was breathing heavily and uneven.

"Did you like it?" He asked me.

I smiled," Yes," I felt his hard penis near my bottom and I got off of Edge on shaky legs. I pulled myself together and became the master of pleasure all boys dream of again. I took off my only bit of clothing left, my skirt. I unzipped it and slipped it off of my body. I walked to the end of the bed naked and grabbed the thing, Edge didn't see me carrying into the room... Lubricant.

I walked back to Edge and saw him sitting up, watching my every move again.

"Lay down," I ordered him. He laid back onto the bed and put his hands above his head. I put the cuff back onto his arm and watched him for a little bit. He pulled at the restraints again.

"What are you going to do to me Ma'am?" He asked me in a husky voice.

"Some men don't like this and some do. Some find this pleasurable and some men thinks its disgusting and they don't like it," I put some Lubricant onto my fingers and rubbed it on my two fingers," You can tell me if you like it or not," I told him, he opened his eyes wide and shifted awkwardly.

I got back onto the bed , crawling on my knees to his legs," Spread your legs as wide as you can," He hesitated, closed his eyes then spread his legs, his cock was still so hard, I will relieve it soon.

I crawled in between his spread legs and looked at his face. He looked a bit worried. I then lifted his butt off the bed and he moved with my movement then I inserted my fingers into his bottom. His eyes flew opened and he gasped and tried getting away from my fingers.

"Shhh, I will stop after a couple thrusts to see if you like it, right now your uncomfortable with it but you might like it," He stayed tense with my fingers in his bottom.

He nodded and watched my boobs and I smiled ," If you be good with this I will let you do what ever you want to me, just not sex, not yet," He smiled at me.


"Of course," I then removed my fingers until only the tips of my fingers were still showing then thrust in all the way.

Edge's back arched up and kept trying to get away from my fingers, I thrust again and again and he didn't make any eager sounds at all.

"You don't like it?" I asked him, he opened his eyes.

"No I don't, it… it doesn't feel right, it feels disgusting, I think I want a kiss, come here please Ma'am?" He asked me, I removed my fingers from his bottom and crawled up his body.

"Hmmm, I think I want your hands unbound now," I grabbed the keys off of the ground and unlocked his hands, allowing him room to move. I sat onto his stomach and threw the handcuffs onto the ground. Edge wrapped his hands around my waist then kissed my lips, crushing my body against his. He flicked his tongue into my mouth and tangled his tongue with mine. We kissed for a while then he pulled away. Edge then moved out from underneath me and laid me onto the bed. He kissed my mouth, my neck, jaw, cheeks and collarbone. I arched myself to meet his body and he smiled at me that promised he'd do so many dangerous things to me. I laid flat onto the bed again and let Edge do what I promised him he could do. He kissed down my chest and then ran the tip of his tongue over my hard nipple while he played with my neglected nipple with his fingers. I made eager sounds. Edge straddled my legs. I put my hands onto his shoulders, running them down his back, feeling muscle work with every slight movement. Sweat dripped off of his body onto mine as he moved his mouth to my other nipple, using his hand on the other. I couldn't breath. I felt consumed with pleasure. I scratched Edges back with my long nails, making Edge flinch and groan with the pain-pleasure. I put my hands into his hair and tugged him off. He looked at me.

"I can't breath," I gasped for air and felt Edge place his thigh in between my legs, pushing it hard into my spread legs.

I moaned and rubbed my lower body against Edges bare thigh. I closed my eyes as I did it. I opened my eyes when I felt Edge remove his thigh from between my legs. I looked at him and watched him slip two fingers in me. I cried out in pleasure as he thrusted deep with in me harder and faster each time. I screamed in pleasure and he kept thrusting. He didn't stop when I started to orgasm. I couldn't think, all I could do was feel and hear my screams and my uneven breathing and eager sounds. I'm in heaven.


Edge watched Passion orgasm as he slipped his fingers deep within her again. . She's so beautiful, He thought. He felt so stubborn, wanting her orgasm to never end but the more he heard her orgasm, the more he wanted to bury himself deep within her. He slowly slipped his fingers out of her.

"Passion," He touched her sweaty face, wiping some drops off of it, her eyes opened slowly," your so beautiful, I never want this to stop, me, you, us, whatever we have. I don't want it to end. You stole my heart," He grabbed her hand and placed it over his heart," Never leave me, beautiful, My White Tiger," He saw her blood rush to her skin on her cheeks and he smiled.

Passion sat up slowly, her muscles quivering, her boobs flushed and hard. She  touched his cheek so gentle, a hesitant touch, a small smile grew on her face," Edge... I will never leave, your the more likely one to leave," She informed him.

He felt her warmth spread where her hand was touching his chest and he leaned forward and kissed Passion gently. This is it. My Tiger.


I felt muscles quiver within my body from Edge's fingers but I still wanted Edge inside me. I kissed Edge back, my hand still caught between Edges hand and chest but I didn't care. I put my hand on Edges cheek then he laid me down onto the bed. This is it, I'm going to lose my virginity to this gorgeous male. I felt a little bit warn out but it felt good. I watched Edge watch me, kissing my neck then I felt something slide into me oh so slowly. I cried out when I felt pain rush from my vagina. I felt it stretching and being filled by something thick, hard, warm . I closed my eyes, breathing hard. I felt Edge touch my face lightly. I opened my eyes and looked into Edges large blue eyes. I felt a tear trickle out the corner of my eye. Edge kissed my lips ever so lightly then slowly slid out of me. I held my breath. Edge thrusted himself back in me, hard. I screamed from the pain. I felt skin tare and expand to accommodate Edges cock. He was big. I kept my eyes open, watching Edge's sweat covered face. Edge groaned when I tensed my inner muscles that I never thought I had. I gripped Edge's arms, digging my finger nails into his skin. He groaned then pulled out slowly till only his tip was in me then thrusted in me again. I cried out and grabbed the sheets on either side of my body, bunching the fabric in my fisted hand while pushing my chest up. Edge thrust again and this time, I met him half way, lifting my hips off of the sheets to thrust with Edge. Edge groaned when I did so and I moaned. I put my hands on Edge's chest and pushed up with Edge still in me. He moved where I wanted him to move, he laid back on the bed so I was on top. I looked down at Edge as his hands went to my hips.

"Your so tight," Edge informed me in a husky voice.

"How many girls have you had sex with?" I asked Edge in a heavy voice, breathing hard.

"7, non were virgins, not even close to being this tight, this… amazing," The last word he breathed out.

I smiled and pushed the hair that was sticking to my face off of it and put my hands on Edge's stomach and lifted myself off of Edge, grabbed his cock and buried him in me again, holding it in place when I slide off then thrust him back in me. I growled as I felt pleasure rush to consume my thoughts. Edge started to meet me half way, making it more pleasurable. I started to feel the climax come. I started to thrust faster, making eager noises, while gripping on Edges shoulders. Edge sped up his thrusting to meet with mine. I closed my eyes then cried out as I came. The orgasm seemed to keep going and going. Edge didn't falter his thrusting even though I stopped. He wasn't finished yet. He slowed down his thrusting then put me on my back again. He touched my neck then grabbed my thighs, hard, lifted me off of the bed and started to thrust harder then before.

"Edge!" I kept crying out and sweat seemed to drip down my body.

I felt Edge kissing my neck as he kept thrusting then he went rigid. He cried out then stopped thrusting.

"Passion," He whispered, breathless.

 He buried his face in the crook of my neck, slowly slipping out of me. I was breathing heavy and I felt so very hot and sticky and exhausted. I reached between us and slipped the condom off of Edge's cock. I felt Edge wrap his strong arms around my body, taking me with him as he flipped himself onto his back. His eyes were half closed as if tired but I knew it was from the pleasure of sex. I looked into his face, with my chest on his, my legs on either side of him and my hands underneath my chin. I reached out and ran my finger along his full bottom lip. Edge smiled sensually and I sighed. Edge ran his finger up and down my sides .

"Edge, your amazing," I breathed, still running my finger along his bottom lip till he caught it between his teeth then swirled his tongue around it.

I smiled a lazy smile,  running my hand up and down his chest then down his muscly stomach. Edge released my finger and let me explore his body. I let my hands slide down his sides to his narrow hips. I let my hands grasp his muscly thighs and run back up his body. I felt desire flare within my body again and I looked at Edge's face. His eyes were closed and he was breathing hard still then I felt something on my stomach go hard again. I smiled then slid my body down his and grabbed his length. He jerked and opened his eyes to look at me. I smiled then put him in my mouth. Edge groaned and closed his eyes. I tried taking as much of him in my mouth as possible then started sucking, licking and swirling my tongue around the tip of his cock. I stopped when Edge grabbed his cock and made me release his cock.

"Passion, please... Come here,"  He put his finger on my jaw and made me follow where his finger was going… which was to his mouth. He brought his mouth to mine, a small touch with his soft lips then he deepened the kiss by sliding his tongue on my bottom lip then plunged it in my mouth. I groaned and put my hands in his hair, my chest flush with his, his hands roaming  my body. I purred, feeling the vibration in my chest vibrate through his. Edge smiled against my mouth then he slid his fingers in my vagina. I started moving against his fingers while he plunged them in me. I arched my back then I gasped. Edge put another finger in me then spread his fingers to loosen me. I stopped breathing.

"Breath," Edge whispered in my ear, breathing on my neck. I let out my breath then breathed in again. In, out, in, out. I kept repeating in my head while Edge ran his hand up my sides then he flipped me onto my back with him on top of me.

"Edge?" I said softly, looking at his face, mere inches from my own.


"Show me something different, something, hot and sexy and different to every day sex."

His eyes widened, "Really, you want to do more then just normal sex?"

"Who doesn't? we just had normal sex then even though I wanted it to be sexy."

"It was sexy to me…" I grinned and kissed his jaw because the expression on his face was just adorable, his lips in a pout, his eyes widened and staring at me.

" Your so cute Edge," I nuzzled his jaw and pulled away to see him smiling.

"You’re the cute one Tiger," He kissed my nose and I giggled.

I sighed dreamily and closed my eyes, still feeling Edge's boner on my stomach.

"Edge," I said with my eyes still closed.

Edge kissed my forehead and murmured in my ear," Yeah?"

I kissed his chest then looked into his eyes," Tie me up."

He did as I said, putting hand cuffs on my wrists and threading it threw the bed posts.



"Come here and bury yourself in me. I want to see what it would be like to have sex tied up," Then he did what I asked, having sex with me, more then once that day and night.

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