Let the Tiger Be

Tigers, love, shape shift, sex, hot guys. What else can anyone ask for?


3. Chapter 2

Edge didn't know what to do. He heard Passion hit the ground when he was putting his stuff away then he ran down the hall to where Passion was clawing at her stomach with her nails. She whimpered and growled. She cried out in pain and she screamed but he didn't know what to do. This beautiful girl with the Tiger eyes he met today was fine a minute ago but not anymore. He grabbed her tense, shaking body and walked her to the couch. He laid her on the couch and smoothed her beautiful, soft hair away from her sweat covered face. Her eyes were tightly shut. Her watched as her body shook and squirmed. Her hands were in fists on either sides of her body. She pushed up her chest, her head and butt still on the couch and screamed. He felt that scream shake his body. He knelt next to the couch, smoothed her hair off of her face and ran his fingers down her beautiful face. What do I do? What is wrong with her? Think damn it! He thought to himself. Passions breathing was coming out in gasps then she opened her eyes and stared at Edge. She smiled slightly then closed her eyes and whimpered. He heard crunching and snapping coming from her body.

 He watched her body form change. He watched her roll onto the floor at his knees and saw her skin rip, blood oozing out of the sores then the skin grew back. He watched her bones move and dislocate themselves. He saw a tail slip out of her pants... A black and white striped tail. Passion whimpered and her feet and hands changed. Her fisted hand's fingers shrunk and crunched together to make a paw without claws then he heard crunching. Long, sharp claws grew out of her paws. He gasped and moved backwards, curious but afraid. Her head grew and her body twisted and turned. Her hair grew thicker and became white and black. Her clothes were ripped apart underneath her twisted body. Passion roared then her tiger head hit the ground, in between her soft paws. Her body stopped changing form.

 Edge moved away till he hit a wall. The tiger was breathing heavy and her tail was wrapped around her large body. Edge was frightened and he didn't know what to do. Run? Find some raw meat for her to eat? Poor Passion. Ask the tiger if she will eat me? Haha, I'm delirious. This is all just a sick joke. He thought to himself then laughed then watched the big cat's ears move back and forth then she stood up on her four feet and turned to where he sat on the ground. The tiger sat there, studying him. She tipped her head slightly in a very cute way then looked away and started licking her large white paw then rubbed that paw on her face. Edge looked into the tigers eyes and saw Passions eyes, her pupils large like he saw them today when he punched Harrison. The tiger stopped cleaning itself then looked at him again,  then stood up and approached him slowly. His breaths were coming in gasps and his heart was beating at a million beats per second. He closed his eyes. This is it, I'm gonna die. I'm gonna be eaten my a tiger, a tiger that was a very cute girl only a couple minutes ago... A girl that I started to have strong feelings for... Why me? Edge thought to himself then waited for the cat to rip him apart but it didn't come. He opened one eye and saw the tiger lying in front of him, with her head on her paws, looking up at him in a way that said I won't hurt you. He understood that look then he slowed his heart beat and his breathing.  The tiger sat up so her face was near his and then she moved her face near his hand. He was starting to freak out again then he watched the tiger start licking his fingers, swirling her tongue around every finger and he laughed out loud.

"Stop it, that tickles!" He said then watched the tiger move it's head back and looked at him.

Edge smiled, stood up slowly and walked to the kitchen to wash his hand. He squirted soap onto his hand and scrubbed the tiger slobber off of it. He turned on the tap and rinsed off the soap. He then turned off the tap, dried his hands on his thighs, turned around and saw the tiger staring at him. He walked to the cat, slowly held out his hand, closed his eyes and waited for whatever the cat would do. He waited and then felt it. Felt her head on his hand. He opened his eyes to see the tiger rubbing her head on his hand. He laughed and scratched behind her ear. She leaned into the scratch and her chest rumbled. She was... Purring. Then he heard her stomach rumble. She walked away from him, to the front door and scratched the door with her paws.

"Oh, that's why you tried crawling away when you were changing hey tiger," He heard her growl softly," Arrghh, I mean Passion," She purred again and backed away from the door for him to open it.

When Edge opened the door, the white and black cat walked out the door, then walked into the forest. Edge watched her leave then closed the door.

"Wow, different, you don't get that everyday," He told himself then checked the time on a clock.

5 in the afternoon.

"Hmmm, I should cook dinner tonight for when Passion get's back... I knew she was different but I didn't know she'd be that different," He smiled and looked at his hand that the tiger rubbed her head against and felt the sensation of her soft fur. His hand tingled from remembering that touch. He smiled. Is it possible that knowing Passion changes into a tiger made me like her even more? He thought to himself then went through the fridge and cupboards.

"Spaghetti Bolognese it is," He grabbed the ingredients then started cooking.


I can't believe Edge patted me. He was scared, I smelt it but he got over it so fast. He patted me? He scratched my ears. Oh my god he did. I purred and walked deeper into the forest to get food if I can catch something today. I smelt the air. Hmmm, Deer, squirrels ... Yuck, skunks! And... Huh? Spaghetti Bolognese? I shook my head and chuckled inside. Edge. God he's a hottie... Did I just seriously think that? Oh wow! He's all I think about and here I am, going hunting and I'm thinking of the sexy man in my home? Oh no I need to stop thinking about him and strategize for the hunt... Maybe I should just go home and eat whatever Edge is cooking? Nah, hunt then go home when I'm satisfied. I sniffed the air again then dived into a bush.

 I listened to something coming my way. I sniffed the air. A doe. A female deer. I didn't blink until the animal came into view. I crept forward slowly, not making a sound. I watched the doe go to the bush opposite of the one I'm in. I softly crept out of hiding and crept closer to the animal while it grazed. I was about to leap then felt something hard, dug into my side, running me into a tree. I whimpered. A male deer has got me in his antlers. He twisted his head, digging his sharp antlers into my flesh then pulled away. I hit the ground with a thud and I felt something on the ground cut into my side and staying, buried in my flesh. I growled softly and looked at the deer that attacked me. The doe that I was going to have for dinner has ran off and it was just me and this big male. I looked at my side and saw blood dripping down my side. I forced myself to my feet with what little strength I have then looked at my other side. Seriously? A stick? Why me? What did I do wrong? I looked at the deer, standing a couple meters away from me and roared. It backed up a couple steps but held it's ground. Bad move deer. I snarled and circled the animal. It kept a wary eye on me circling it. I smelt it's fear and determination. I watched the deer watch me then a deer jumped out of a bush into the deer's view. It got distracted and that was my window of opportunity to jump on him. I ran and leapt onto the beast and bit into its side. It cried out and  then I ripped a piece of flesh off of it's side. It bucked and I fell off then leapt at it's throat, snapping my jaws together while shaking my head. I heard a snap then the animal fell. I panted and laid down on the ground. My sides were burning from the deer and stick still lodged into my side. I crawled to where the deer fell and started to rip the flesh off of it's side, letting the blood run down my throat, bursting onto my tongue. I growled softly then kept eating the animal until my belly was full. I crawled away from the carcass to rest. Well tried to crawl away. I felt blood still oozing out of my sides and it stung but I couldn't do anything about it. I got up lazily, tired from the hunt and full stomach, then started making slow progress to my home. I saw the house,  laid on the grass, panting and dizzy from loss of blood. I roared, hoping Edge would hear it. He didn't come out so I roared again and walked a couple of steps then fell onto the ground again. I whimpered then heard my door open. I heard a gasp then Edge was beside me,  touching my shredded side, courtesy of the deer I ate. I growled when he touched a very tender spot. He looked at my face and patted my head.

"What happened?" He whispered then I rolled over to show him my other side, where a large stick was lodged deep into my body.

"I will be right back ok?" Edge then ran into the house.

After a couple minutes of excruciating pain, Edge came back with alcohol, water, towels and cloth's. Edge opened the alcohol and poured some of the contents around the stick... Which stung like hell then wiped the blood matted fur around the stick then wrapped his hand around the stick.

"Please don't hurt me baby girl, I'm just trying to help you," He yanked and I howled in pain then panted.

He patted my head then yanked again and again and again then the stick came free. I sighed and laid still while Edge stopped the blood flow with a towel then poured alcohol on the wound.

"Roll over please Passion," He told me and I did, I rolled onto his lap, my head on his lap. He looked down at me and chuckled.

I purred and then growled when he poured alcohol on my side.

"Shhh," I put my paw on his stomach lightly moving it up so I could see his hard, abs. I purred then licked his stomach," Passion!" He laughed and then patted my neck while I kept licking his stomach.

He grabbed the towel then put it on my side, drying the alcohol and blood. He then put the towel away and grabbed a cloth, dipped it in the bucket of water and cleaned the dried blood off of my fur. I looked up at the sky and saw stars twinkling at me. I sighed and licked Edges arms and stomach. He groaned when he finished cleaning my wounds.

"Now I need a shower, Passion," My ears went up because I thought it was an invitation and I got up off of the ground, looked at my sides and noticed they were healing  fast.

Edge gasped, got up, bent over and check my shredded side... Well side that was shredded and felt the fur," Healed," He checked my other side," Healing but still bad," He walked to my front, knelt infront of me and cupped my tiger cheeks in his hands," Don't ever come home like that again... I thought you were gonna die," I purred and licked his cheek," Eww! Passion," He pulled away, lifted his shirt then wiped his face with it.

I used my paw to knock him backwards. He fell to the ground, looking up at me. I purred, moved my face to near his ear and kept purring. I walked over his body and he looked up. I didn't know what I was doing but when I noticed, my body was changing fast, back into a human with no pain. Edges eyes widened then I had my human hands on either side of his head and my knees on either side of his hips, his shirt was still showing a little bit of his stomach.

"Passion?" His voice was thick with some emotion I couldn't understand, he closed his eyes then I looked at my self... Naked.

I groaned, leaned closer to Edge and kissed the side of his mouth lightly, his eyes flew open then he blushed.

"Thank you for cleaning my sides, and taking the stick out and," I noticed his eyes keep travelling down to my chest then he'd shake his head then look at my face again, I grinned," lifting me up in your strong arms and holding me close to your chest while walking me inside my house since I'm in heaps of pain right now and my side," I looked at the hole in my side," Is sore as?" I smiled.

"Hmmm, what do I get for helping a beautiful part tiger part human being?" He asked me while grabbing my hips lifting me up while he scrambled to his feet, then he put an arm behind my knees and the other behind my back.

He looked my body over in his arms while I put my arms around his neck and put my chest against his," Hmmm, anything you'd like, kind sir," I smiled put my head on his shoulder while purring.

Edge slowly walked to the door, opened it with his hand on my back then shoved it open with his bum, walked me over to the couch, then put me down slowly and carefully. I growled then whimpered when I moved and hurt my side.

I looked up at Edge's beautiful concerned blue eyes," I need to change back into a tiger so I can heal faster and maybe have a shower with you because I smell like alcohol and blood?" I smiled innocently while he thought about it then nodded.

"It's only fair, I saw and still am seeing your lovely naked body so I guess you get to see mine," I grinned, put my head back and bared my teeth while my body screamed in pain.

Then it stopped and I was lying there in tiger form again, panting and tired. Edge knelt down in front of me and scratched behind my ear. I purred and leaned into it.

"C'mon Passion, shower time," I jumped off the couch and walked to the bathroom, flicking my tail from side to side with Edge behind me.

I sniffed the air. God he smells good. He smelt of sweat, nature, a little bit of my blood and Lynx. I walked into the spare bathroom, turned around and watched Edge walk in. He was beautiful in every way. He looked down at me and grinned. He grabbed the edges of his white shirt and slid it over his head. I licked my tiger lips and watched as he teased me with his body while I was in tiger form. I looked at my side and saw that it was only a scratch. Hmmm... I got a plan. Edge took off his chains and belt, then put them on the sink's bench. God, I can't take this much longer. I watched as he slid his jeans down his narrow hips while watching me. I licked my paw while still watching Edge's muscles work with every movement. Edge was wearing bonds underwear. I started to purr as he grabbed the top of his underwear. More, more, take it off! I looked up to see him smiling at me then he took them off. I sat down abruptly and stared. Wow... He's Arrgghhh, damn. He walked to the shower door and opened it. He looked at me and smiled.

"See anything you like," He asked me then turned on all 3 taps.

I growled. Stop teasing me Edge. While Edge was checking the temperature of the taps, I walked up behind him and nipped lightly at his calf muscle. He jumped then turned around.

"Hey! Don't do that! Is this to hot for you ,Tiger?" He asked me then moved out my road so I could hop into the shower.

Warm water ran down my fur, massaging my sides and warming my body. I purred and closed my eyes. I heard the shower door close and felt a hand run down my back.

"Passion, can I wash you now?" He asked then I opened my eyes," Growl if it's a no and lick me if it's a yes," I walked up to him and licked up his thigh... He gasped then cleared his throat," I didn't mean like that Passion, but ok," He grabbed some shampoo then poured it from the ruff of my neck, down to my bum. He knelt down then massaged the soap into my fur, picking up dirt and blood out of the fur. I purred, stayed still as I felt him rub and massage my body. I  then waited for him to finish. He cleaned everything, making sure he didn't miss anything then made me rinse off. I sighed when I felt Edges hands getting the soap off of my body. When he was finished, I looked up at the sexy god that has helped me more then anyone ever has just in one day. He started to wash himself with a cloth, going oh so slow just to tease me. I watched his dark hair, cling to his neck, cheeks and forehead. I watched his muscles work as he washed his body. I watched his lips tilt upwards in a sensual promise that made my body tingle in delight. I watched his hand move up his inner thigh and grab his... Stop it Passion! Your going to get yourself off with watching this... To late. I changed form oh so quickly, walked to where Edge is standing, pushed him against the wall and kissed his lips with such fierceness I knew my lips were going to be bruised. I opened my mouth over Edges and felt him react by doing the same. I tasted the warm water in the kiss as well as shampoo and soap. I felt Edge drop his cloth, put one arm around my waist and the other in my wet, blonde hair. I put one hand on his cheek and the other in his hair. I felt Edge deepen the kiss by yanking my head back with my hair. It hurt but in a very good way. I moaned into his mouth and he smiled. I pulled away slightly to talk with my lips just brushing his.

"Don't... Ever, tease me like that again Edge, or I will," I smiled, ran my hand down his hard stomach and let my hand linger above his large cock. I watched Edge close his eyes and gasp when I stroked it.

It went harder in an easy second.

"Well, Passion, don't ever come home in the state you were in today ever again, you scared me," I smiled and brushed his hair backwards with my hand.

"Hmmm, I will be extra careful but I can't promise that since a tiger needs to hunt," I kissed his jaw, then nipped at it, making him groan, tighten his grip then slowly relax. I kissed down his neck, over his collar bone, over his shoulder then I stopped and looked up at the man in front of me.

He sighed when I stopped, grabbed my waist then switched our positions, so I was on the wall and he had me pinned there with his body, his cock pressed against my stomach while he kissed my eyebrows, my cheeks, my closed eyelids, my nose, my jaw and then my lips, acting like they were the centre of his universe. I wrapped my arms around his neck and I felt him run his large hands down my sides, over my boobs,  down my waist, around the curve of my hip, over my bottom and lifted one of my thighs to wrap around his waist. He kissed my neck as he moved my thigh up slowly, running his hand down my thigh. I put my leg over his hip, used my hand to yank Edge off of my neck and kiss him again, exploring his mouth. I felt Edge run his finger up my inner thigh to the thing that's makes me female. My breathing became quicker as he became closer to my vagina. I closed my eyes and felt Edge rub his hand up against my clitoris. I made a eager sound and tilted my head backwards with my mouth slightly parted.  I tasted the now cold water dripping into my mouth as I felt Edge kiss and bite my collar bone.

"Hmmm," He said against my throat," We shouldn't be doing this in the shower."

I gasped as he rubbed his thumb over my nipple over and over again," I agree," I said within eager sounds," My bedroom or yours?"

He smiled, lifted me up, opened the shower door, put me down then grabbed a towel and slowly ran the towel down my body, to dry me but it felt more like a intimate caress. I watched Edge then I felt the tiger want out.

"Not now," I groaned then whimpered in pain, hit the ground on all fours then let the change happen. I collapsed to the floor with my head on my paws, looking at Edge. God he's lucky that he doesn't have to change form.

Edge sighed," Another time perhaps... Are you a virgin Tiger?" He dried himself  then knelt down in front of me and scratched behind my ear," Growl if your not a virgin and lick me if you are."

I didn't do anything for a while, I just stared at him then looked away. He sighed then put on boxers and opened the bathroom door.

"I will get you some spaghetti and water," He the left the room, still aroused.

I dragged my tired body off of the ground and walked slowly and quietly to the kitchen, where I heard and smelt Edge. My Edge. Damn it, he's not mine! He doesn't even like me? Does he? Shut up! He doesn't know me. But he does, more then anyone. I growled to myself and shook my head hard.

"Hey, Passion, where are you? Food's here," I walked to the end of the hall to see Edge walking to the lounge room with 2 large containers, one full of Spaghetti Bolognese and the other, full of water.

I sat down and scratched my ear, then I saw Edge walk out and look at me, smiling.

"Must be some itch, need me to scratch it for you?" He asked, then walked towards me, knelt down, then moved my leg so he could scratch my ear for me. I leaned into the scratch and fell onto my side, giving him access to my belly. He chuckled then ran his fingers through the fur on my stomach. I purred and tilted my head down to lick his ridged stomach. He stopped moving his hand and looked down at my face.

"You still haven't answered my question Passion and I'm not letting you off the hook till you tell me," He got up, went to the kitchen, grabbed a large bowl full of spaghetti Bolognese, a can of coke for himself then went to the lounge room.

I laid there for a while because I'm tired then rolled over onto my stomach, with my head on my paws and closed my eyes. Just a little rest, Just going to close my eyes for a little bit then join Edge in the lounge room. I yawned,  then felt sleep take over my tired body and mind.

I woke up a little while after that to feeling a warm hand run down my head, down my back and repeated the process. I yawned and opened my eyes. No one ahead of me, lights still on, hmmm. I still felt the hand stroke my back. I turned my body slightly to see if someone was on my left... Nope, I turned to my right and saw Edge laying down beside me on his side, patting my back. I let out a breath that moved Edges hair. He moved to his head back to see me watching him with half lowered lids. I yawned again and got up. I stretched one leg at a time, then stretched my back out, then yawned again. I sniffed the air and then lifted my paw to lick it. I felt my mouth dry and the need for water. I walked into the lounge room and saw a container of water, a container of milk and a container of spaghetti. I felt like a fat, pampered house cat. I walked to the water and lapped up the contents into my mouth with my tongue. I then moved over to the container of milk and sniffed it. I purred, sat on the ground then lapped up all the contents out of the container. When I was done, I licked my tiger lips and looked around. Edge has moved from his position on the floor to him sitting on the couch, watching me with a smile.

I got up and jumped up on the couch beside him and licked his strong arm. He chuckled and laid down on the couch, with his legs in front of my standing body. I yawned, laid down beside him, and put my large paw and head onto his stomach, looking up at his beautiful face, studying his sharp, dark eyebrows, his high cheekbones, his square jaw, his full lips, his perfect nose and his beautiful, slightly large blue eyes that has his dark hair, that falls into them sometimes that he has to flick out of his vision. He reached down onto the ground, picked up the remote and turned on my plasma, completely oblivious of me staring at him. He had one arm wrapped around my tiger's body, scratching my side, where his hand rests. I sighed then looked at what he put on... Hmmm, Sponge bob Square pants. I smiled within and purred out loud, watching the cartoon. I looked at the time on the plasma and read 9:30. I yawned and looked at Edge. He yawned and then covered his mouth. I nudged his arm, got up, jumped off the couch then walked to the hall, turned around and watched Edge. He was still on the couch, watching me. I turned around to the hall, then turned around and tilted my head to the hall, the gesture read, 'Bed time'. He sighed, swung his feet around so he was sitting up, then he ran his hand through his hair, then resting his hand on the back of his neck... I watched the movement and blushed with in. I loved that movement. He got up, turned off some lights, grabbed my container of food, put it in the fridge, went back, and got the water and milk container. He rinsed out the milk container and filled up my water, put it on the ground, turned off the lights then walked down the hall to his room. I followed him and watched him take off his boxers and slid into his bed naked. I watched him with my awesome, night time tiger vision and laid down beside the bed.

"Passion, where are you?" Edge whispered while holding his hand out near the ground, beside the bed, near me. I nuzzled his hand with closed eyes," Want to sleep up here with me? If you do, come up... It's a bit cold and I would love your warmth," I opened my eyes, stood up and then lightly jumped up onto the bed, moving to the bottom of the bed, then laid down, purring. I felt Edges feet only a couple centimetres away so I crawled to beside his legs and rested. I felt Edge pat my head then his breathing became deeper and slower. He was asleep. I sighed and closed my eyes. I dreamt of Edge kissing me and telling me how much he loved me then the dream Edge and me became hot and sweaty. Can't blame me for dreaming of such things when Edge is so desirable.  Edge. My Edge.

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