Stand Up

Harry Styles is a bad boy. He falls for a good girl. She's inside her shell. Can Harry break her free?


2. Morning

Harry's POV 


I woke up in the morning and got ready. I took a shower, messed up my hair, and so on. I went downstairs to see Sam looking around. She kept looking at me, then looking away. I laughed. "You hungry?" I asked going to the kitchen. She glared at me. "No!" She sassed and started at her phone again. Ok she's getting on my nerves. I walked up to her. "What's your problem?" I snapped at her. She glared at me. "My problem?" "Yeah. What's up with you. You seem all sweet on the outside but Bitchy on the inside. God your parents must me glad your not with them right now." She expression dropped. She had tears in her eyes. "What the hell is wrong with you?" I asked. She got pissed. "Let's get one thing straight, the only reason Simon adopted me is because I love one direction. And my family was killed at a family reunion. Every single one of them. My ex. Made me not go to it. So before you start calling someone a bitch…Just leave me alone!" She had years running down her eye and she ran upstairs. Ok now I'm the bitch. What did I just do? "Sam wait." I ran after her. She slammed her door and locked it. "Sam I'm sorry. I didn't know…" "Obviously!" I could tell she was crying. "Sam? I just like you. I didn't understand what your deal was." I heard the door unlock. She opened the door a crack. Her makeup was smeared. "Can we start over?" I asked. She nodded. "Ok Sam, are you really not hungry?" I said as she opened the door more and went to her bed. One direction was on her pillow. I smiled. "No I haven't really eaten much since…That happened." She looked at the floor. I sat by her. "Ok then. I had a big dinner so, I'm not that hungry." Her phone went off. Her ringtone was Rock Me. I smiled. She got a FaceTime request. "Hey Simon." She said. "Hey Sam. How was your first night at casa de Harry?" He said. "Uhh…Fine. Oh yeah say hi Harry." She turned to camera towards me. "Hi Simon!" I smiled with my lips. She turned it back to herself. "Oh guess what?" Simon asked. "What?" She smiled. "You songs finished." He said excitedly. Sam squealed. "Send it to me!" She squealed. "Or you can buy it on iTunes." He said. She dropped her phone. I caught it and handed it back to her. "Oh my god thanks Simon. Love ya. Bye." She said fast and hung up. She got on her phone and went to iTunes. She looked at me. "Buy the song. I guarantee you'll love it." She demanded. I got out my phone. "Ok search to Gynnx Anne Carson." She said. I looked at her. "Stage name." She didn't look away from her phone. She typed in a password and then played the song. It's called worst first crush. It was pretty good. "Oh my god. Harry look at how people have bought my song." She showed me her phone. "18,000,000 people. Oh my god congrats." I got up and opened my arms. She hugged me. She was jumping the entire time we hugged. I chuckled. She pulled back. "Oh my god. This is awesome." She wouldn't stop smiling. I didn't really want her like I did before. Weird. She kissed me. She pulled back. "Sorry. I'm really excited." She squealed. I stopped her from jumping and looked in her eyes. She stopped smiling in a good way. She looked in my eyes. I kissed her romantically and rested my hands on her waist. She put her arms around my neck and the kiss was…Different then ever before. It had so many sparks…and bells…and fireworks. I pulled back and she started to jump again. "Harry look." She showed me her screen. 21,000,000 downloads. I looked at her in shock. "Wow. Must me a hell of a song." "Oh it is…" she played the song. It finished. "Hmm…It is one hell of a song." I kissed pecked her lips and hugged her. "Great job." I whispered in her ear. "Thanks." She whispered back. She pushede away and grabbed my collar only to pull me in for a long passionate kiss. She slowly let go of my collar and put her arms around my neck. I rested my hands on her waist. I pulled back. "We have to go to the studio." I frowned. She rolled her eyes. "Then get out." She demanded. "What?…Why?" I looked at her. "I'm not getting undressed and then dressed again infront of you. She laughed and pushed me out. She locked the door. 

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