Kristina's College Life

Hi! I'm Kristina Johnson. I know, lame last name. I personally don't mind it though. When ever teachers call out "Miss. Johnson, please stay after class," I can leave and later say "Oh, I didn't know you meant me." Because, come on. There is about 5 people with the last name Johnson in my math class. Don't even get me started on my English class.
Anyway, all my friends call me Krissy. I'm pretty funny, oh what am I saying. You'll be dying of laughter when I'm done talking to you. I hate all of the stupid nerds. Well actually they're not stupid, but you get my point. I'm really short, with dirty blonde hair down to my upper back. I'm in college, rooming with my best friend since kindergarten, Bella. Or Isabella, if you want to be an annoying teacher. Seriously, would it kill them to call her Bella? You'd think They'd get that through their thick heads when I yell at them. Oh well.
Bye for now!


1. Let's start from the beginning, shall we?

Let's start from the beginning,shall we? 


Bella and I had just moved into our dorm. It was super huge with a mini fridge, two beds, a large TV, a tan couch (soooo boring), and just a bunch of other random goody-goody gumdrops. A Laptop sat on a table in the far right corner. "I call dibs!" I squealed as I went to check out the computer. Bella just scoffed. After unpacking our stuff from our houses we decided to explore. Of course we had to bring our walkie-talkies, because who doesn't want to be a spy?

We left the room. I went left and Bella went straight. I snuck down the long hallways like a spy on a secret mission. I army rolled past doors, which earned me a few weird stares. Oh well, I'm used to it. In high school all my teachers gave me weird stares. That and mean ones. One time I shaved half of Mrs. Bark's hair off. What, I wanted to know if she had a scalp or a bark head. It's not like my parents care, My mom is long gone, I think she's in California trying to make it "big", and my dad, well he just gave up. Don't get me wrong, he's awesome, but he just can't handle me. 

"Hey", a voice called. It wasn't even a mean voice. Score!! I turned around to see the most beautiful boy on the planet. I was about to say "hay is for horses," but decided aga-

"Hay is for horses," I replied. Wow, I don't listen to myself. He laughed. "Look, I'd love to stay and chat but I'm on a mission." I said. I did want to hang out, but that's not very spy like. Damn my oath. "What mission?" He asked, his face filled with amusement. "I can't tell you, then it wouldn't be a secret." I then army rolled past him and ran the opposite way. Wait until I tell Bella!!

A couple days later me and Bella were sitting in the dining hall. We were thinking up a new plan. I was eating my salad when I suddenly had an idea. See, we would take a lot of-

"Hey! Over here!" A very familiar voice called. We turned around. Hey! It's that dude I met a couple days ago! He was in a football uniform with some of his friends. I walked over to his table. We sat down and talked. You won't believe it. He asked me out!! 

It was finally time. I know it will work. It has to, my other million plans didn't. Which isn't fair, if you ask me. Let's recap, shall we? Zach and i have been dating for a couple weeks now. Me and Bella finally decided that today was the day we would start our plan. The plan, you ask? Well we would climb onto the roof at 2:30. it was the perfect time; The AV club just ended, and Zach was in English class on the other side of the building. He would never find out. After we climbed the building, we would pour French dressing on the nerds' heads! See, there's this kid in there named Mark and he speaks French.

For the past week he would call me French curse words. And I'm getting tired of it. When I tell Zach about it, he would just laugh. So now I have to take matters into my own hands. So voila! My plan is perfect, and we'll never get in trouble. 

Bella's POV

Great, another one of Krissy's plans. I've got to say, it is original. You'd think after eight years the plan ideas would die down. But, no, still going strong. So I packed the bags with loads of bottles with French dressing inside. We are actually going to not fail this time! I feel it in my bo-

"Hey, Krissy, Bella." Oh crap, it's Zach. I thought he was in English class! 

"I thought you were in English class." Krissy said, as if it was more of a question. "Yeah, but we have a surprise football meeting. What's in the bags?," he asked. Oh God, now we're never going to complete our plan! We only have ten minutes to get out of here. "Tooth picks! we're building... the Statue of Liberty." Krissy exclaimed. Really? That's her stupidest excuse yet. He looked at us unbelievingly. We just shuffle past him and run don the hall, realizing that we only have five minutes. Once we got outside, I was thrilled, but scared. This is going to be super fun. But I was scared because if my dad found out-wait, he's gone. Well if my mom found out-wait, all she cares about is beer. Well, if my boyfriend found out-ah, who am I kidding, I don't have one. So why am I scared? Maybe it's for Krissy, who knows how much trouble she'll get into with Zach? And the Dean, Mrs. Baydee, aka, Mrs. Fattay, will really be mad. But for once, I'm just worried about Krissy. She doesn't even seem to care. 

Krissy's POV

This is so fun! Right now I'm dashing around the courtyard looking for the secret ladder. Bella and I hid it behind some trees. I feel like a ninja! Bella is just following me, rolling her eyes. Oh well, she's just the brains of the operation, anyway. But don't tell her I said that. 

We found the ladder and began the hard climb. Just as I was about to die from tiredness, we reached our destination. It's about time! We almost missed the end of the meeting. Here we go! 

Eric's POV

Call me a stalker, but yes, I followed them. I need to know what they're really up to. I don't want my baby to get hurt. So I chased them around the courtyard, making sure they didn't see me. Krissy's right, being a spy is fun. Huh, I bet you never thought you'd be saying that, Zach. Oh great now I'm talking to myself.

Oh look, they're climbing up a ladder. Krissy looks really tired. They rounded a corner so I can't see them anymore. Suddenly one of my best friends, Greg, came up to me. "Hey, man. What's up?" He asked. He's pretty tall, with blonde side swept hair and brown eyes. He's also a quarterback, along with me. "Nothing. But stick around. I think my girlfriend and her friend are up to something." I responded, still looking up. He laughed, knowing Krissy. They met when she threw a hockey puck at him and said "Oops, I thought it was a football." We found out later she just wanted to see if he was hot. Weird. Out of nowhere something sticky rained down on us and the AV club, who were just walking out. Wait, is that... dressing? I found out that I was right when my baby's voice called out "Take that, Noah, you still gonna brag about being French?" 

Oh, that makes sense. Noah was making fun of her for being "normal." He's a weird kid. Always calling people out, to hear their accents. He's really rude, if you ask me. But that's still not a reason to dump dressing on his head, right? Right. Ok so maybe he deserved it a little.   

Krissy's POV

Woah! That was so awesome. Oh no, I saw a blur of fat in the distance. "It's Mrs. Fattay, let's split." I told Bella, and we both dashed down the ladders, me almost falling five times. But we made it down safely. I was about to sprint faster then a cheetah back to the dorms, but two strong arms pulled me back. Oh darn, Zach. I slowly turned around to see him covered in the dressing. Oops. He looked pissed, but Greg just looked amused. Meanwhile, Mrs. Fattay was getting closer! I tried to break away, but he was super strong. 

"Mrs. Johnson! Get to my office now!" She boomed, even though I was like 20 inches away.

"Which Mrs. Johnson?" I asked, although I already knew the answer. 


Thank God! I only got off with a warning. But I can tell Mrs. Fattay is going to keep an eye one me for a while. Oh well.

As for me and Zach, well lets just say we didn't break up. We fought for a while, but we cuddled it out. Best. Day. Ever. 

A/N: New story!! So I'll put up another chapter every Sunday. I might keep going with The Power of Friendship, but there was some... problems. Anyway, so we'll stick with every Sunday, and an Author's Note every other Thursday. Starting today and the first note will be Thursday. Byee!   


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