Don't Let Me Go

Alex Santeley Rodriguez believes she is alone after her family died in a car crash. Just when she thought that her life couldn't get any worse, it did. She is raped, Harry finds her but is too late to stop it. All he can do now is get her to a hospital. Harry falls for her, but how can they be together when she has lost her memory? Worst of all, when she finds out that Harry has been keeping something from her. could it be that everything that has happened in the past affect their chances of ever being together? Please Read !! :D


4. I Can't Help It.


*Alex's POV*

I couldn't help it. I ran and i ran but the tears wouldn't stop falling. Why did this have to happen to me? What was happening? I just wanted to know!

I can't help feeling like im lost! Nobody will tell me anything and it's starting to get on my last nerve! I need to find out what happened and why im staying with a guy i clearly don't know!

"Alex! Alex please stop!"


He had followed me but was tripping over other people who were also walking. I just kept running. I had to get away. I just had to.

Finally Harry had caught up to me and quickly wrapped me in a hug.

Im not going to lie, i really needed it.

I started crying into his shoulder and he tried comforting me. 

"Shh, shh. Don't cry, please. I hate seeing people cry. C'mon Alex. Like i said i can't tell you right now because you're not as stable as you look. I'll tell you everything the day after the doctor tells us everything is okay." He reassured me.

All i could force myself to do is nod.

"Harry?" i heard myself say. 


"Thank you. For everything."

"It's no problem." He said

Then i did something i've wanted to do since the day i first saw him. I kissed him.

He looked surprised at first but then he started kissing me back and boy did he know how to kiss. The kiss instantly deepened. It deepened to the point that i had to stop to get a breath of air. 

I put my forehead to his and smiled like an idiot. 

"That..." He said in between breaths, "was.....amazing."

I quickly pulled him in for another kiss. He pulled away this time. 

"I think we should leave. We're in the middle of the parking lot." I said. 

"Yeah. C'mon let's go home." He said smiling.

The whole ride home we were both smiling like crazy. I swear we literally couldn't stop smiling. I kept feeling Harry staring right through me. 

Ugh, im falling. I'm falling hard for him and i don't even know him.

We got home to 4 really annoyed boys. We had promised to stop by Starbucks to get them coffee. We're in so much trouble.

"Where's our coffee?!" Niall whined.

"Sorry guys, we didn't get your coffee."

"Why not!" Louis yelled. 

"Because we were busy." Harry smirked.

Boys, i thought rolling my eyes.

"Doing what exactly?" Liam questioned.

"Nothing." i simply said. 

The smirk on Harry's face quickly widened.

"Um, where is my room?" I asked.

"Oh right. I'll show you." Harry said. 

He instantly guided me to my room. It was huge!

"Harry this is huge!"

"I know" he said and chuckled.

I even had my own balcony i went outside and instantly felt strong arms around my waist. It was Harry of course. 

"About that kiss..." he trailed off.

"What about it?" 

"Well i just wanted to know what it meant. After all you were the one who kissed me first."

"Well it was an impulse but im not going to lie. I've been dying to do that since the day i saw you." I admitted. 

"I can say that myself." He said. Suddenly i turned around and was greeted by Harry's lips. I felt sparks. A lot of sparks.

I moaned into the kiss, Harry smiled. 

Suddenly i stopped to catch my breathe, then finally spoke. "Harry why me? You're Harry Styles. Any girl would kill to be yours. Why choose me over the others? You can literally have any girl you want."

"Because, Alex, you're you. You are pure and most importantly, you don't have to put all that make up on to look beautiful. Please, just give me one chance. I've been thinking about you non-stop since you got out of the hospital. All i have to say is- Alex, will you be my girlfriend?" 

"Omg Harry." I said the tears falling from my eyes. "Yes, i will be your girlfriend." I instantly crashed my lips to his. I felt his fingertips on the hem of my shirt. 

He took my shirt off and i took his off. We were still in the balcony so he slowly guided me into my bed not bothering to take his lips of mine.

Once again, i moaned.

He pulled apart and chuckled. "You're so cute when you do that."

"Shut up." i said and kissed him again.

He lay me down on the bed and pulled down my pants. I quickly took his off, ugh he's so hot.

And well, you know the rest (; 


*Harry's POV*

Last night was amazing. Not going to lie, we were pretty loud. 

"You guys we beyond loud! I couldn't get any sleep! And i've got visuals in my head now. Thank you very much." Niall said sarcastically.

"Oh shut it Niall" i laughed. 

Alex came into the kitchen and blushed when she saw me. God she looked so cute when she blushed. She was cooking breakfast when i wrapped my hands around her waist. She quickly turned around and gave me a kiss. 

"Good morning handsome" she said. 

"Good morning gorgeous" i said as she let out a giggle. 

"Oh god give me a break! You two kept all of us up last night!!" yelled Louis.

Alex's face didn't get any less red. She blushed even more.

"Im sorry." she said. 

"So Harry? Is it official?" Louis smirked.

"Yes. Yes it is." I turned around and gave Alex a kiss.



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