only you understand

paige is moving away from her home in America to Dublin Ireland with her mom and her moms abusive boyfriend Tom once she gets there she realizes that she doest want to live with her mom and tom so she runs off crying and ends up running into niall horan


2. almost to ireland

Paige's POV

we are almost Ireland and its 10:30pm we un board the plane at 11pm and go to a car rental place and rent a car until ours get here from America we drive to my so called "new house" and once we get there I cant bear to be there so I ask my mom if I can go for a walk she said yes so I start walking off to the nearest park.

Niall's POV

I need some alone time after zayn humiliated me like that you know pulling down my pants in front of the whole crowd and  good thing that was our last concert for a couple months and we can just relax. I have decided to go to a park a little ways off from the hotel but I don't mind as long as I get some time to think for almost at the park and I can see a girl with pretty brown curly hair sitting at a bench in around the swings so I walk up to her. shes crying and even though I don't know her I feel an urge to give her a hug as I look into her bright crystal clear eyes and ask her "whats wrong love" and she crys and says "nothing really" I ask her for her name she said "Paige" all I could think was that was a truly beautiful name i told her my name was niall and she cried and hugged me then she asked why i was here i replied by saying  "i needed to clear my mind why are you here love?"  she tried to stop crying and said " my moms boyfriend tom keeps beating me and when my mom comes home and asks what happened to me he makes up a reason for me to have bruises and if i try telling my mom what really happened she wont believe me and says i am lying then when she leaves i get beaten harder than before" i was upset i couldn't believe someone could do this to such a sweet precious young girl i was heart broken.  

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