Protect me with your love

Ever since her mother died, Emily is abused and raped by her father Jackson constantly. Until she leaves, she runs away and she meets the boy that helps her through the hell in her life. He protects her, and loves her... But did Jackson let Emily slip away that easily?


2. Meeting 'The boys'

Four boys ran downstairs. They all ran down the stairs one by one "Oh look, Harold brought home a girl." A boy with an Irish accent yelled he had beach blonde hair. "Well good going mate! I thought you would never find a girlfriend" Laughed another one with dirty blonde hair and blue eyes, "You guys shut up and come meet her! This is Eliza Azalea." Harry said sounding annoyed with them.

"Hello Eliza! I'm Niall Horan." The blonde one said with his hand out waiting for me to shake his.

"Its nice to meet you Niall." I say smiling and then shaking his hand.

"I'm Louis! Louis Tomlinson." The dirty blonde blue eyed boy said shaking my hand smiling at me

"Eliza Azalea." I laugh knowing that Harry has already told everyone my name.

"I'm Zayn Malik and you are very beautiful!" Says Zayn he has a spoof hairdo and he also has a really sexy smile I smile back at him and I feel my cheeks start to turn red with heat as I blush he points to the last boy who is sitting on the couch texting and not paying attention to the others and says "And that's Liam Payne." He lowers his voice to a whisper and says "He's not paying attention because he's talking to his girlfriend they're having 'relationship issues'." I kind of laugh when he says relationship issues because he rolls his eyes and does the quote thing with his fingers.

I lay outside with my head on Harry's lap and my legs up on the swing with my eyes closed he plays with my hair and I smile when I hear "Truly, madly, deeply I am foolishly, completely falling and somehow you kicked all my walls in so baby say you'll always keep me truly, madly, crazy deeply in love with you in love with you." It was Harry singing, I open my eyes "You have an amazing voice." I say truthfully sitting up slowly and he stops singing and smiles then says, "I didn't know you were listening." 

"I was, I mean I kind of have to I'm not deaf" I say as I smile and look at him


***AUTHOR'S NOTE*** Hello my beautiful babe's I hope everyone likes my book please like and favorite and comment telling me what you think of the book I know that it might suck but hey just tell me what you think of it so far I'm gonna update it alot or whenever I have time(: thanks!! Love you beautifuls <3 


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