Humane (Liam Payne)

{BOOK 2 - COMPLETE} On the outside, Parker Harrison's life seems perfect. A loving family of her and her brother, Garrett and their parents. But behind closed doors, things are not as they seem. Garrett moves out as soon as he can, getting as far away as possible with the ability to still see Parker, leaving her to feel empty and guilty.

When she runs away from home, and her parents report her missing, the last thing she wants is to be found. When she crashes into Liam Payne, things start to change. He becomes an unlikely ally to staying hidden, and he opens up his arms to her.

Liam is desperate to find out why Parker is the way she is. And when he does, it's in no way what he expected.



34. Chapter 33 ~ Liam

Chapter 33 ~ Liam

The baseball game couldn’t have gone better. That was three days ago. I had a wonderful time and I was so proud of Parker for being so strong. I really love her, I truly do. I don’t know where I would be without her. I feel like I’ve known her my entire life when it’s only been two months.

These past days have been busy with interviews and little bit more promo but I don’t mind. This tour is going to be amazing and we have another stadium performance tonight. We’re at the venue now. I wanted Parker to come along, but she said she didn’t want to, telling me she wanted to hang out with Amabel. The blonde girl is coming for the show to see Harry and I hope Parker will come along. I miss her, and I wish she would come and make it for the show. She would come backstage of course afterwards, and I would take her to dinner. The fact that she isn’t here bums me out a bit.

“You seem a bit down, Payno.” Niall threw and arm over my shoulder.

“Just a bit. I miss Parker.” I had told the lads that I loved Parker and they were really happy for me. They’re great, great lads.

“Cheer up, mate. I’m sure she’ll come.” He encouraged, and shrugged.

I sighed. “I hope so.” I wanted her to come not just to see us sing, but so she would know how much she means to me. I want her in the front row; I want to make her smile.

“Alright! Time for the sound check.” Lou reminded us and Louis ran up to the stage and started doing the One Way or Another hip thrust. Niall burst out laughing and joined him.

“That’s not the sound check.” Harry reminded them and hit Niall and Louis’ bums with his microphone.

“You guys are ridiculous.” Zayn laughed from stage left. Louis shrugged.

We sang a few bars from Last First Kiss, and Amabel chose that moment to come into the stadium and sit down right in front of us, a wide smile on her lips as she watched Harry. He flushed and took the sound check way too seriously, looking deeply into her eyes as he sang his solo. He even went down to her and held her hand as he sang, and Lou whistled from the side-lines. Amabel was bright red and when we were done he kissed her cheek, pulling her close.

Louis made gagging noises and Amabel stuck her tongue out at him. When I looked at her and Harry, I couldn’t help but long for that with Parker and I. I wanted to kiss her again so badly. Someone walked in just then, and I smile spread across my face as I saw long brown hair. Parker. I grinned even wider and ran to her. She laughed, the laugh I love so much and opened her arms. When I held her in my arms, I hugged her tightly and spun her around, making her squeal.

“Liam!” She protested, and I set her on her feet, still smiling as I looked down at her.

She brushed a few strands of hair from her face as I said, “What are you doing here? I thought you weren’t coming.”

“I didn’t think I was coming either but I guess I just missed you so much.” She blushed, and wrapped her arms around my neck. I probably looked like a mad man from the way the corners of my mouth were touching my ears.

“Well, I’m glad you’re here.” I nuzzled my nose against hers. “And I missed you too.” My hands found her waist as I connected our lips. I missed her hot lips on mine, I could never get enough.

We only pulled away when Louis decided to take his microphone and scream into it, “STEP AWAY FROM THE GIRL. MIAMI POLICE. HANDS ABOVE YOUR HEAD, SIR.”

Niall and Harry laughed so hard their faces turned red, and Lou and Zayn were holding amused expressions. Louis was starting to say something else, but his mic was stolen from him before he could finish. Parker flushed, but I didn’t detach my hands from her waist.

“So you’re really staying? They’ll start letting people in at six. That’s in an hour.”

“I want to stay. More time with you.” She gave me a small smile and I grabbed her hand, leading her back to the dressing room. Louis, Harry, Zayn, Niall and Lou were behind us. Lou ran to the many racks of clothes and shoved the items in our arms. “Let me guess. Harry’s going to wear a black t-shirt and very skinny black jeans. As usual?”

Harry gave her a wink. “You know it girl!” He used that American accent again. Parker chuckled and shook her head.

“You’ll never get it right Styles.”

“Whatever. I do a great accent.” He scoffed, and changed right in front of Parker. She didn’t seem to mind. Her eyes lingered for a second or two, and then she came to me.

I raised an eyebrow, but then slipped the shirt of over my head. I wasn’t going to change out of my black jeans, only wear a cut-off tank top. Lou handed me one and I pulled it over my head. I didn’t miss Parker’s stare and I smirked to myself.

“It’s almost time for you guys to go,” Lou said, and then fixed Harry’s head of curls. Amabel did Louis’. 

Once we were ready, I gave Parker a kiss on her lips and she wrapped her arms around me. “Good luck. Have fun.” She said into my shirt.

My lips pressed to her forehead and adrenaline rushed through my veins like before every show. I remember the day I saw Parker for the first time when she was in the second row. Here I was again, two months later in love with her, and she would be there again, only this time she would be mine.


The crowd is insane and before I know it, it’s time for the Twitter questions. The first one is asking for us to reenact a conversation we think that girls would have. It was highly amusing.

“Oh my God you guys did you hear Justin Bieber’s new song?” Louis sing-songed.

“Yeah, oh-m-gee! He’s so pretty.” Niall squealed, and I cracked up.

“He’s so pretty,” Zayn said in a high voice, and Harry pretended to fan himself.

“Justin Bieber!” Harry and I cried, and the fans screamed.

The next question made me choke on my own breath. It read “who is with you? ;)” and showed a picture of Parker and I at the baseball game. I knew we would be spotted; we always are. All the lads were looking at me. I smiled as I saw how good she looked without even trying. I didn’t want to tell the fans we were dating. The question caught me off guard.

“That’s Parker.” I said. “She’s…” I stopped, and saw Parker give me small nod and a thumbs up from the front row. “She’s my girlfriend.”

The fans went nuts. They screamed louder than I thought possible and some even booed. I hope none of them saw her in the audience and attacked her or something.  Parker smiled at me and I could tell she was blushing from here. God, I love her so much.

“She’s quite a big fan, you know. Just like you guys.” I pointed to the crowd. I wanted everyone to know just how much I cared for her. “Yeah, her ringtone is Best Song Ever, you know? It’s quite strange really.” I chuckled, and I saw the lads frowning at me.

Louis shook his head, and Harry looked down. What was going on? When I looked for Parker, she was gone. Did I say something? I don’t think so, but I must have to make her that upset. I frowned, but let it go for now. I would talk to her after the performance.

“You guys are really loud tonight!” Niall smiled. “If you know this song, sing along. It’s Rock Me.” The music started and I temporarily forgot about Parker and wrapped an arm over Harry’s shoulder as he opened the song with his solo.

Before I know it, we’re saying goodbye to the amazing fans and running off stage. I hand my mic to someone on the sidelines, thanking them before running to change. I hope Parker is in my dressing room, and I’m not disappointed when I see her on the couch. But when I take a closer look, I see she’s crying. Worry courses through me and I kneel in front of her. Her hands never uncover her face.

“What’s wrong babe?”  I reach for her hands, but she slaps me away. What’s going on?

“Don’t call me that, Liam.” She said, her voice shaking.

“What’s wrong?” I asked again.

"You made me look like a fucking freak.” She screamed at me, standing up and taking a few steps back.

“What? How did I do that?” I was so confused, I didn’t mean to make her feel that way.

“You said that I had Best Song Ever was my ringtone! Do you know how clingy it makes me sound? Do see what people are saying on Twitter right now? They’re saying I’m with you just for the fame and that I’m some obsessive groupie who is fucking stalking you!” She runs her hands through her hair as the tears run down her face. My heart breaks seeing her like that.

“That’s not what this is!” I protest. Who would say something like that? They don’t know us, they don’t know our relationship!

“They don’t know that! This makes me feel like shit, Liam! Why did you have to say that?” She takes her phone and shoves it in my hands, Twitter open for me.

She’s probably there to sleep with all the boys.

Fucking whore. Get away from Liam, you don’t even like him.

Liam’s probably keeping her around so she won’t feel bad for being a clingy slut.

She doesn’t deserve Liam, he’s too good for her.

Tears prick my eyes at the hurtful words. When I meet her brown eyes she’s looking like she hates me. Why did I say that? I didn’t mean for this to happen, I didn’t know the fans would react this way. That’s why the lads were so upset.

“Just ignore them, babe. We can get through this.” I pleaded, reaching for her.

“No. I can’t just ignore them; they think I’m some dirty slut going to sleep around, and they think that from what you told them! They don’t fucking know me! It’s not fair.”

“That’s the thing. They don’t know you, but I do, and I’m here for you, okay?” I want to help her through this, I want her to be okay.

She shook her head. “No. I need to leave; I don’t want to be known for something I’m not. You just had to open your mouth about us didn’t you?”

My mouth fell open. “You gave me the okay to call you my girlfriend. I just wanted them to know how much you mean to me.”

She scoffed, and then grabbed her bag, heading for the door. “If I had known it would play out like this, I wouldn't even have come. I’ll be staying somewhere else until this all goes away.”

“No, please,” I begged her, a tear running down my face. Her eyes met mine, and I saw an inner battle going on. She can’t leave. I need her. “Stay. Stay with me.”

“I can’t,” she choked out, trying not to break down. “This hurts too much.”

I know I can’t stop her from walking out that door, so when it slams shut, my heart shatters.

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