Humane (Liam Payne)

{BOOK 2 - COMPLETE} On the outside, Parker Harrison's life seems perfect. A loving family of her and her brother, Garrett and their parents. But behind closed doors, things are not as they seem. Garrett moves out as soon as he can, getting as far away as possible with the ability to still see Parker, leaving her to feel empty and guilty.

When she runs away from home, and her parents report her missing, the last thing she wants is to be found. When she crashes into Liam Payne, things start to change. He becomes an unlikely ally to staying hidden, and he opens up his arms to her.

Liam is desperate to find out why Parker is the way she is. And when he does, it's in no way what he expected.



30. Chapter 29 ~ Liam

Chapter 29 ~ Liam

"Sorry,” I apologized to Parker, who suddenly stopped walking. “Hey, are you okay?” She was staring at something with a horrified expression. Her face was pale and I saw that she was shaking. She pointed to two people sitting on a park bench and it was then I realized they were her parents.

I immediately pulled her behind be so they wouldn’t see her. I would rather die than let them hurt her. They were going to get nowhere near Parker. “What’s goin’ on?” Louis asked, and I forgot he was there, confused.

“Not important, we have to get Parker out of here, right now.” I whispered to Louis, wishing we could be invisible in that moment. Parker was unable to speak, and I knew she was breaking inside. We had to get out of there before they saw her. Louis hid Parker too and just when we were rounding the corner and I thought we were safe, her mom saw her.



I tried to pull Parker away so we could run but she stopped me. “It’s fine.” She said softly. I wordlessly begged her not to do this, but she shook her head no. “It’s too late.”

No it wasn’t! I wanted to scream but I wasn’t going to interfere with what was about to happen. Her parents approached us and I clenched my fists, holding back, knowing what they did to Parker’s brother. They’re terrible human beings for thinking it’s okay to beat their child because of his sexuality.

“Oh my God, where have you been? We reported you missing to the police! You scared us! Are you hurt? Come home, please.” My mother pleaded. “We have to call 911, let them know we found you. They’ll be relieved to know that you’re no longer missing.” Her mum rambled on and I rolled my eyes. She was so obnoxious and clingy. Parker’s 19 and a legal adult. She doesn’t have to go home with them.

“Mom,” Parker snapped, cutting her off. When they tried wrapping their arms around her I stopped myself from stepping forward. She could handle this, she was strong. “I wasn’t missing okay? I was fine, I’m fine. I’m not a little girl anymore, alright? I’m now 19 years old.”

“That’s nonsense—”

“Dad, don’t.” She shot her father a death glare. If looks could kill…   

“Sweetie, we love you, come home.” Her mother tried to persuade her but Parker just snorted. Then I something changes in her stance, in the look in her eyes. She was finished.          

“You don’t love me!” She screamed. “You never did and you never will! And I don’t love you. You know why? Because you treated your own son like shit! What the fuck is wrong with you? I didn’t know what you were doing until it was too late! I should have called the cops on you and let you rot in jail until you fucking rot!”

Her dad seemed pretty pissed off and I was refraining from smiling at her for finally giving them an earful. It must feel amazing to telling them what she wanted to all these years. “Excuse me? Your brother is sick, and we didn’t want such a disgrace in this family!” Her father hissed.

“Disgrace? Disgrace? Are you serious? Nothing is wrong with Garrett! He isn’t sick, it’s who he is! Being his parents you’re supposed to love and support him no matter who he loves, not treat him like fucking dirt! Nothing is wrong with being gay. You’re afraid of what you don’t know, you’re all cowards!” Parker screamed. “And I’m not perfect okay? Garrett was the one who got better grades, Garrett was the one who got a job and whose life is meaningful and full of purpose! What’s my life right now? Nothing. I’m stuck in this tiny town with you. You people who made me feel like I was doing right when I wasn’t. Garrett was. Yet you praised me and made him your personal punching bag! I heard you, I fucking heard you hit him. Over and over again like it was some sick game! And the worst part?”—she took a step closer—“I did nothing about it. Nothing. I let you treat your own son like he was worthless. What kind of people are you? I’m done. I’m so done with you and I’m calling the police on you where hopefully they’ll take you away from me, from this town.”

My eyes widened and I looked at Louis, who wore a similar expression. I knew this wasn’t what he was expecting at all. We just witnessed Parker scream at her parents in the middle of the street in broad daylight. And you know what? I don’t even feel bad. Not one cell in my body had any sympathy whatsoever for Mr. and Mrs. Harrison.

  Then the unexpected happened. Her mother slapped Parker across the face. My eyes widened and I ran to her, I ran to Parker, who was cupping her cheek. It was bright pink and her mother was breathing heavily. Her father was red-faced and trembling. “You really shouldn’t have done that.” I snapped in a serious tone, keeping my temper under control, and Louis wrapped his arms around Parker, taking her a few steps back. “If you touch her again, I’ll make sure you spend the rest of your life in a prison cell.”

It was clear they were wondering who I was but I didn’t care. All I care about is Parker and that she’s okay. Just as we were turning away, her mother said, “If you don’t come home right now, we’re not going to rest until the police find you.”

Parker turned around with a neutral expression said calmly, “I am home.” Her hands intertwined with mine. My chest constricted at her words but now wasn’t the time to decipher what she meant. Her cheeks were tear-stained and her cheek was still pink. Louis gave her parents the finger, which I found highly amusing and the three of us ran for the car, leaving the two of them behind.

Louis jumped into the driver’s seat of my car and sped off. I climbed in the back with Parker, who held onto my neck and buried her face in my chest, sobbing. I held her and wasn’t going to let go, ever. Nothing made me hurt more than when Parker was upset. Tears stung my eyes as well as I stroked her hair and let her break. There was no way I was leaving her now. I was here to stay and this made me fall even more for her. It made me never want to leave her side, because I couldn’t stand the fact of her hurting and I not being there for her.

I want to be with her. I come to this conclusion as I’m holding her, rocking her in my lap. I come to this conclusion as I carry her up to my apartment. I guess I could call it ours. When I say I want to be with her, I don’t mean only romantically. I mean be with her. Be by her side no matter what we’re doing. I want to be near her, because she sparks something inside me that makes me feel alive. I don’t know what it is, but I’m addicted to her smile. I want to be the one to make her laugh, because after all that she’s gone through, she deserves every good thing in this world. And I plan on giving it to her.

After I set her on my bed, I untie her converse and pull them off. It’s not even 4pm, so I close the curtains and cover her with the duvet. I shut off the light and come over to her, kneeling on the ground. I push a piece of hair from her face and then get up, but she stops me my grabbing my hand in hers. “Wait.” Her eyes haven’t opened and I can tell she’s trying to stay awake. She must be physically and emotionally drained.

I stop, and come back to her.

“Can you get me some ice for my face?” She asked.

“Of course,” I answer softly, stroking her cheek. “I’ll be right back.” I get frozen peas and bring them back to her. “Here you go, babe.”

She sits up slowly and takes them, holding them against her face. I sit next to her against the headboard and wrap an arm over her shoulder, letting her head rest on me. “I can’t believe she hit me.” Parker says, chuckling.

I didn’t know what was funny, but her laughing made me laugh too. “Me either.”

Parker yawns, and I take that as a sign to leave. I’ll let her sleep as much as she needs. I would do anything for her. My feelings are only getting stronger. “Wait,” she says when I get up, “You don’t have to leave, if you don’t want to.”

Her cheeks flush and I smile. As long as she wants me around I’ll be there. “I’ll stay.” I climb back in with her, and I’m surprised when she snuggles against me. I’m not complaining. I wrap my arms around her and feel her breathing steady, meaning she’s asleep. I lay awake for a while and just appreciate the feeling of her in my arms. It’s like our bodies were made for each other. Nothing has felt more right than this moment.  As cheesy as it sounds, as uncomfortable as my arm is —it’s falling asleep— I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else than laying here with this wonderful, strong, and independent girl. She’s what’s holding me to the ground, although sometimes I feel like it’s the opposite.

I see in her eyes that she needs me. I know for a fact that no one has ever cared for her like I do, and it warms my heart to be the first person to truly care about her. Has she had a boyfriend? A first kiss? I don’t know, and I want to. I want to know everything about her, every little detail so I know how to protect her and keep her safe.

Something else comes into my head replaying the day. What did she mean by I am home? Did she say it just to make her parents angry? Did she mean it as in with me? She wants to be with me, to stay here? The thought makes me happy and I know I’ll be there for her. Not matter what, despite what people think. Speaking of that, I should probably call Louis later today —as it’s only 4:30pm— or tomorrow and explain everything.

I look down at Parker, and see that she is fast asleep. My arm is draped over her shoulder and I lay back with one arm under my head. Her head is on my chest and her lips are parted. Her cheeks are pink and eyes rimmed red from crying. My heart breaks just looking at her, seeing her scars, and I have to refrain myself from kissing her. She would never know, but I wouldn’t want to take advantage of her state. I want to kiss her, I want to kiss her badly, to show her that I’m here and we can work through everything together, but I don’t know if she wants that.

I just hope that she does so I’m not left wondering forever.

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