The Best Thing


3. Chapter 3

"Madison, wherever you are, this song is for you." Connor said, searching the crowd.

My eyes widened. It’s me he’s talking about, definitely. Unless, he met another girl with the same name. Jamie and Gian looked at me, with narrowed eyes.

"There are hundreds of Madisons here you know." I said, trying to get away with it.

They believed me, I think. Connor strummed his guitar and they started playing. The crowd went nuts, again.

"I wanna find a way into your heart, I’m gonna have to find a way to start……" Connor sang, then winked at me.

Ugh, does he really have to do that? It’s embarrassing, well, in my opinion. I was only standing there while the people, including Jamie and Gian were jumping with all their hearts. Like the first band that performed, they did a couple of songs then they were done. We were done too, I can’t take it anymore. The three of us went to a mini bar far from the stage.

"You don’t sell food here?" I asked the bartender.
"No ma’am. Drinks only." he replied.
"Okay, don’t worry we’ll buy food outside." Gian said.
"Yah, wait for us here, let’s go honey bun-bun" Jamie said, then they left.

I sat there then I looked at the stage. ‘All Time Low’ was up. They’re the only band I know, I swear. I like some of their songs but I’m not a huge fan, yet I do find Alex Gaskarth a hottie.

I got really bored for the next 15 minutes, and those two aren’t even back yet. I…..AM….HUNGRY!! It was pretty dark where I am so I couldn’t see the faces of the people passing by me. I closed my eyes and thought about certain things, well, including the kiss earlier. I was ashamed of myself and I don’t wanna think about it anymore. So I opened my eyes and saw a blurry image of a blonde man in front of me.

"Cody Simpson is that you?"
"HAHA, it’s Connor you twerp!"
"Wha? How did you find me?
"I looked for you of course." Connor said, smiling.

Shit, is he stalking me? oooohhh.. Creepy guy.

"OH, Okay, uh, great job tonight!" I said making small talk.
"Thanks, I’m glad you liked it." he replied.

There had been an awkward silence after that. Obviously, I don’t know what else to say.

"So, uh, where’s this friend of yours?" he asked.
"She and, uh, her boyfriend went out to get food. But probably they’re on their way back."
"Oh, great, I,uh, I was just wondering if-"
"Hi Connor! Can I take a picture with you?" a girl said, interrupting him.
"Sure" he said, then smiled for the picture.

The girl left after the shot was taken.

"Okay, you were totally interrupted, what were you saying?" I asked.
"I was just wondering if, you know, I can call you sometime?"

I stared at him with a raised eyebrow, while he was staring at me with a smile on his face. I don’t know if I should give him my number. I mean, I don’t know the guy, we just met 2 hours ago. I am a bit uncomfortable talking to a complete stranger trying to be close to me.

"Come on, what am I doing, I probably shouldn’t have asked. Thanks anyway." he said, turning away.

I pouted my lips and decided that maybe I should give him a chance. He is pretty cool anyway, although I’m really weirded out on him. I handed out my sharpie from my purse and wrote my number on his arm.

"Call me." I said, then smiled.

He smiled at me as if all his problems about the world were gone. Okay, well that’s creepy. Out of the dark, Jamie and Gian showed up, finally. They bought three hamburgers and a small cake. Aww, that’s so nice of them.

"Happy Birthday Madison!" Jamie said, not noticing Connor.
"Aww, thanks Jam, that’s really sweet of you." I said, teary-eyed.
"Well, we can’t let your birthday pass without a celebration are we?" she said, then hugged me.
"It’s your birthday?" Connor said, interrupting our best friend moment.
"You’re- you’re you’re" Jamie said, covering her mouth.
"Hi, I’m Connor." Connor said, handing out his hand for a handshake.

Jamie was about to shake his hand but Gian pushed her hand away and did the handshake.

"I’m Gian, Jamie's’ boyfriend." Gian said, emphasizing the word ‘boyfriend’.
"Well, uh, Happy Birthday Madison!!" Connor said.
"Thanks" I replied. “Thank you for all this, Gian, Jam, I really appreciate this."
"If I knew it sooner, I would’ve greeted you a while ago when we were performing." Connor said.
"Thank you, again."
"Well since you’re here, I should take a picture with you." Jamie said, taking out the camera.

Jamie never had a solo picture with Connor, Gian was always there. It was kinda funny actually, and pretty sure Jamie was annoyed about it. I had a solo picture with him, and Gian teased that we were a cute couple. Nah, I don’t have feelings for him, and he shouldn’t have too!

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