Shock From the Past

What happens when Harry leaves his girlfriend of two years behind to go and audition for X-factor? What happens when they bump into eachother again, will there be a suprise waiting for him, will they get back together and live a happily ever after ending, or are there going to be problems that seperate the two?


2. Meeting him (July 2008)

I woke up around 9:00am to get ready because I was going to go for a walk and look around a bit, see if there is a Starbucks, or a park, I absolutely LOVE parks. No matter how old I get I will always love parks. Anyways, I got up and dressed in a white t-shirt with blue polka-dots, and a high waisted blue skirt that came just above mid-thigh, with my white high tops on. I left my naturally wavy dirty blonde hair down. I just put on some eye-liner and masscara just to make my eyes be a little more noticable. I never like putting on a lot of make-up because I would prefer that I didn't look like a clown.

I headed downstairs to grab some breakfast when I saw my mom just finishing eating and getting ready to leave for work.

"Morning mom!"

"Morning sweetie, so what are your plans today?"

"Oh, I just plan on walking around a little, do some exploring."

"Ok sweetie well I'm off to work now, goodbye hunny and have fun!"

"By mum!" and with that she left. I grabed some chocolate fudge poptarts stuck'em in the toaster and waited for them to pop up. Couple minutes later they were finally done! Once I finished I went and put my plate in the sink and went to the bathroom to brush my teeth, then I'm gone.


I was walking around for a good hour or so and I did find a park but I'm a very determined to find at least ONE Starbucks. About another 20 minutes I have successfully completed my mission and found a Starbucks! When I got in there the smell just made my day 100 times better because I knew I was about to get my double chocolately chip with whipped cream! There was such a long line took me about 20 minutes to finally get my drink. Now I'm just going to walk back to the park and just sit under a tree and watch the clouds.

*At the park*

I'm currently just lying underneath a very large tree in the park relaxing after I finished my drink. I was about to close my eyes to take a quick nap and just as I was almost asleep I felt this huge pain just hit my stomach, taking the air right out of me. When I look at what had fallen on my stomach it turned out to be a very cute boy who looked to be about my age. He jumped up real fast and kept saying he was sorry and I wasn't able to get one word in, that's when I lost it and just started laughing.

"Why are you laughing?"

"Because it's just so funny how many times you were saying you were sorry!" I just couldn't stop laughing it was getting harder for me to breath, my stomach was starting to hurt, and no doubt my face was red. By this time he started chuckling a bit, but I was finally able to regain my composure. He asked me

"So why are you just hanging out here alone?"

"Well I just moved here and I don't really know anyone."

"Oh well hello my name is Harry, Harry Styles."

"Why hello Harry Styles, my name is Cassi, Cassi Harkins."

"It's nice to meet you Cassi." He said giving me a little cheeky smile.

"Likewise." I said returning his smile.

We sat and talked for a couple of hours than relized it was getting around lunch time and Harry invited me to go back to his house for something to eat, I agreed since I didn't really feel like going back home and eating alone like I usually do over the summer.

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