A Baby Story

This is a story about Claire, a girl who gets drunk at a bar one night and meets a man named Louis, a man from One Direction. Her best friend named Jazmin is getting pretty close to dating.


5. The fight

Jazz and lliam took Elizabeth for a walk. They rocked her and took her to the park. She hated the baby swings. " why do we have to do all the baby work ". Lliam asked " I mean it is their baby and all. " Jazz agreed. The baby started to cry. " I know why don't we just take Elizabeth home and when they did FART. "not it " Jazz yelled. Louis and Claire yelled " not it at the same time. " crap why me. " he changed the diaper. " gross just gross. " It's been six out of the nine months for Jazz but now she's throwing up and well she's fat as she would say. It's getting really gross. " jazz why don't you go lay down and get the bucket while your at it. " Claire said in the calmest voice she could. " NO I'm sick of doing everything for you I'm leaving and lliam's coming with me". There bags were already packed and they left before anyone could say a word.
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