A Baby Story

This is a story about Claire, a girl who gets drunk at a bar one night and meets a man named Louis, a man from One Direction. Her best friend named Jazmin is getting pretty close to dating.


4. Elizabeth is born

" your pregnant wow that's umm great I guess you know it's very uncomfortable right? " Claire asked. Jazz seemed very grumpy. Claire wandered to sleep. Louis layer his head on her. Jazz left with lliam of coarse. Louise woke up woke Claire up and went home. They went to bed. The next morning Louis surprised Claire with a breakfast In bed and a kiss. " Well love you to sweetie". SMOOCH. " EEEEEEEEWWW GROSE no one wanted to see that!" Yelled lliam as he walked pass the door. Claire cluched her stomach and screamed they remembered it's been four in a half months since they knocked on the door! They rushed to the hospital and when she came back out a beautiful baby was in her hands. Louis was crying the doctor said her name was Elizabeth.
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