The Killer's Son // Harry Styles

Alison Carter was just a regular Daddy's girl. Until her dad was taken away from her. What'll happen when she thinks her mom's boyfriend may have killed her dad? How will she react when she falls for someone she's known forever but never paid much attention to, who also happens to be her soon-to-be stepbrother? Ali tries to settle into her new life, as her dad asked. But can she do it? And how does her love life tie into this family drama? I guess you'll just have to read on to find out..


4. Chapter 4

Harry's POV

I made my way straight home after school to clean up a bit.

As soon as I pulled in I noticed that truck in the driveway. That truck that I dread seeing whenever I get home from school.

"Hey dad," I said as I walked in the door.

"Harry, you're finally home."

"Um, school just got out like 15 minutes ago," I replied trying to make my confusion obvious.

"Oh I know. I'm not trying to say you're late. I just wanted to wait for you to get home before I left."

"Where are you going?" I questioned.

"To Anne's, I'll probably stay overnight. Just making sure you'd be fine without me," he sounded like he had forgotten everything that happened. I normally get upset when he leaves because it's a lot and I hate being by myself. But I was happy that he was leaving today so me and Ali would have the house to ourselves.

I let out a sigh of relief, "Yeah, I'll be fine."

"Okay," he said without second thinking his decision. He grabbed his keys and left.


Alison's POV

At about 5:45 I grabbed my dad's old guitar, slipped it in the case I bought on my way home and headed out the door.

I had to pick up pizza, pop, and snacks before I got to Harry's. I know I left a little earlier than I should've but Robert came over right after school.

When I got to Harry's -without a problem at all- it was almost 6:10. I didn't know if should leave and come back. I didn't wanna look too excited. Eh, whatever.

I walked up to Harry's porch balancing the pizza on my left hand, the pop between my arm and waist, my guitar case over my shoulder while I tried to ring the doorbell with my right elbow.

About 10 seconds later the door swung open and there was Harry. I have to admit a little part of me didn't want my mom to marry Robert. Not only because I didn't fancy Robert so much, but because I think I may like Harry. Oh god. That is not good.

"Ohmygod," Harry slurred. "Let me help you."

He grabbed the pizza with one hand and the pop with the other.

I smiled shyly, "Thanks."

"Didn't I tell you we have food here?"

"Yeah, haha."

"Oh okay. Come in," he said. And I just realized we were still standing on the porch. I walked into his house and it did not look like anywhere Robert would live.

"Nice house," I complimented him.

"Uhh, thanks?," he said sounding a bit confused. "Sorry it's a mess."

"Oh it's not. My room compared to this would be an absolute dump."

He chuckled as he did a lot and I couldn't help but smile. "I like when you do that."

"Do what?" he asked raising an eyebrow.


Okay, that was creepy.

He smiled again," Thanks."

"I like your dimples too," I smiled a bit bigger now. I think we were having a moment.

We just stood there and smiled at each other for about 30 seconds before it got awkward.

 *20 minutes later*

We just finished eating and talking and we already know a lot about eachother. Now I really like him but  I don't wanna be weird about it. I mean I know we are going to be practically siblings soon.

I guess I'll just have to get over it.


Harry's POV

She looked so beautiful. I love her smile.. And her eyes. And well, everything about her. But she's starting to warm up to me. At first I thought she was starting to like me too but I think she's just here because her mom is making her try to get to know me since we will be brother and sister. She probably didn't even want to learn to play guitar.

"So you wanna get started?" I asked her.

"Umm, Harry?"


"I have to tell you something," she said with a guilty look on her face. I knew it, she didn't want anything to do with me.


"Well, I didn't really want to learn to play guitar," she said shyly.

"Oh," I said trying not to look disappointed.

"When I heard you singing this morning, it was so beautiful. And as soon as I knew you wrote that song I wanted to get to know you, the real you. Not the kid that always has his hand up in class or is always in his own world with his music, I wanted to know you," she said never taking her eyes off the ground.

I'm pretty sure I'm blushing. "Really? Why?"

"I just told you, I think you have an amazing voice and you wrote that song.." she smiled as she finally looked up from the ground. "Oh my god!"

"What?" I almost shouted and I looked behind me.

"You're blushing! Oh my god! I made Harry blush!" she chanted.

This is completely embarrassing.

After she stopped laughing I think she could tell I was uncomfortable. "It's cute," she looked up at me and giggled.

I just smiled.

"Well, I guess I should get going," she said.

"No, you don't have to go. I mean, unless you want to," I stammered.

"Haha, I was kidding! I seriously want to get to know you, Styles."

I chuckled at that.

"Well, what do you wanna know?"

For about an hour we asked each other random questions and got to know a lot about each other. Laughing in between questions and remembering things from our childhood. Then her face turned serious.

"Did your dad kill my dad?" she asked. A serious question to match a serious face.

"Excuse me?"

"Did your dad, kill, my dad?" she said again in monotone like I didn't hear her the first time.

"I heard you, but I mean where did that question come from?"

"Harry, please don't play dumb with me. I just want to know,' she looked into my eyes and I felt like I was staring straight into her soul. She was practically begging.

"I shouldn't say anything," I pleaded. I didn't want her to be uspet at me for this.

"Please? This won't effect our friendship, I just want to know."

Did she just..?

Yeah, she just..

We're friends.

I just look at her, I don't want to piss my dad off yet again.

"Well, it all started when.."



How'd you like it? Sorry it sucks. And the cliffhanger!! I know it does. Anywayyyss, I'm excited for the next chapters!! Keep the beautiful comments coming, Love you guysss! <3

xx. Alyssa

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