The Killer's Son // Harry Styles

Alison Carter was just a regular Daddy's girl. Until her dad was taken away from her. What'll happen when she thinks her mom's boyfriend may have killed her dad? How will she react when she falls for someone she's known forever but never paid much attention to, who also happens to be her soon-to-be stepbrother? Ali tries to settle into her new life, as her dad asked. But can she do it? And how does her love life tie into this family drama? I guess you'll just have to read on to find out..


1. Chapter 1


Alison's POV

That day, was the day that I watched the tragedy happen. My father died right in front of my eyes and I haven't forgotten it for one second since. It was November 29, 2007, and we were on our way home from our usual night out together on Wednesday. A lot has changed since then, and everyone seems to have forgotten about him. But I haven't...

I woke up this morning to the sound of my alarm. I lift my head up and brush the hair out of my eyes to look at my clock— 6:45.

"Great," I thought. "Late again." I jumped out of bed and turned my alarm off. I grabbed the clothes I had laid out the night before, assuming I would sleep through my alarm again. Of course, Mom didn't bother to come wake me up when she heard my alarm going off for longer than 15 minutes. She was probably too busy with Robert— this is the third night in a row that he's slept over.

I got dressed and brushed out my hair. I walked into my bathroom and grabbed my toothbrush and make up bag, hoping to be able to finish getting ready at Caroline's house. I knew that if I was late picking her up again she'd be mad. I ran downstairs and grabbed my keys. As I was heading out the door, I heard someone come downstairs. I ignored the sound, knowing that it was probably my greedy soon-to-be stepfather coming down for coffee.

"Alison, I was getting worried about you. I heard your alarm going off for so long, I was getting ready to get up and come in there." It was my mother.


"No, you weren't," I shot back. "All you care about these days is Robert. Ever since Dad died, you completely forgot about everyone else."

"Sweetheart, again? Do we really have to have this conversation every day?" she questioned. "I tell you every day that I'm very upset about what happened to your father, but it was so long ago."

"So, just because it was a while ago means we just forget about him?" I was furious that she replaced him within the span of a few months— like he had meant nothing to her.

"I didn't say to forget about him. I said move on. It's time to let go— none of us could've changed what happened to him and none of us can bring him back. It's just the way life is," her voice sounded less stern then a second ago. She really wanted me to forget about him. But I refused to.

"Just because you can forget about someone that played such an important role in our lives doesn't mean I can," I screamed. I was angry at her once again. I turned around and walked out the door.

I didn't feel like going into Caroline's when I pulled into her driveway. So, I grabbed my iPhone out of my purse and called her.


"Dude? Where are you? You're late again!" she was waiting for me.

"I know, I'm sorry. I got into an argument with my mom. Are you ready?"

"Yeah, I'm ready!" she replied without hesitation.

"Then just come out, I'm in your driveway," I said.

When I saw Caroline's dark hair poke out of the door, I unlocked my car so she could get in. When she opened the door, she didn't say anything. She must've noticed I didn't have makeup on. Or she knew what the argument with my mom was about. We rode in silence all the way to school.

Arriving at school the girls were already approaching my car. Bree, in a neon pink and white shirt, jeans, and her shoulder length brown hair curled; Hannah, in her usual sweatshirt with shorts and leggings, even though all of us knew that was outlawed long ago, but no one mentioned it. Kaitlynn 's long black hair was wavy down around her waist. She wore a sparkly gray sweater over leggings.

"Whoa, Ali! No makeup?" Kaitlynn shouted.

"I gotta go put some on, it's been a long morning," I explained.

The day passed by quicker than usual. After school, the girls and I headed to mall. We all knew what was going on because Bree suggested shopping— something she never does unless she knows there's something wrong with one of us, because she’s saving all of her paychecks towards a car for college in a few years We just hung out. I was quiet and they suspected something. I knew that they already knew what was wrong because they didn't question my silence.

When I got home, I ignored Mom and went straight to my room. I heard Robert's voice in the other room, blabbing his mouth on the phone. Today just wasn't my day, so I threw my backpack and my purse onto my desk chair flopped on the bed.

After 20 minutes or so, I started to fall asleep.

"Hey, baby girl." A strange but somewhat familiar voice said. I didn't respond— at first I had to process the voice

"Daddy?" I managed to say as tears welled in my eyes.

"Yes, Ali. It's me," my dad's strong voice responded.

"Daddy! I miss you so much. I wish you were still here to be with me and to meet the guy that Mom wastes all her time with," I choked out. I missed him so much.

"Dear, I know about Robert. I've been watching over the two of you. You didn't expect me to just leave the two loves of my life behind, did you?" My father's voice was so comforting to me. It made me remember all of those Daddy-Daughter Wednesday afternoons we spent together.

"It seemed like it," I whispered.

"Well, I didn't. I've been there through everything and I've been watching you. Even if you couldn't see me, I could see you."

"Oh." I was so embarrassed and ashamed of the things I had said to my mom now. I had argued with her so much.

"I know what you're thinking. And that's why I've finally come to visit you." He told me in a serious voice, “The things I'm about to tell you are not meant to be taken lightly. So please take them seriously."

"Okay, Dad."

"I know you love me and you know I love you, but I'm gone now. You need to remember me and hold onto my memories, but move on. Give Robert a chance. I think you'll really come along to liking him."

"He will never be my father, and he knows that very well."

"Ali, I know he will never be your father and so does he. But you need to accept him in your life. He is very important to your mother." My dad had never looked so serious.

"Okay Daddy. I'll try, just for you."

I woke up thinking I missed my alarm again when I looked over at the clock— 9:30pm. I got up and went over to my mirror. On the hook next to my desk were the pajamas I had worn yesterday. I slipped them on and looked into the mirror, noticing that my eyes were red and puffy. I must've been crying because of my dream.

I ran downstairs to see if Mom was still up. When I got down there I saw her and Robert on the couch. They were watching a movie. So, I just went into the kitchen and opened to fridge to get some dinner. Mom and Robert came into the kitchen shortly after I did.

"Alison, I'd like to take you out to dinner next week for your birthday," questioned Robert. "Just you and me. I think it's time we get to know each other."

"Um, I'm planning to go out with Caroline and Hannah on my birthday. I think they were going to take me to dinner and a movie," I said quickly. Anything to get me out of it.

"Oh. Okay. How about the night before or the night after?" he was determined.

"She would love to," my mother chimed in. And she glared in my direction.

"I would?" I asked in confusion.

"You would."

"Yeah, okay."

"Then it's all set. I'll pick you up on Wednesday and you can decide where you want to go," Robert said with the stupidest smile on his face.

"No," I thought. "Not on Wednesday."

"Um.. Actually, Robert.. Can we go on Friday instead?" I asked.

"Sure, I just thought you'd rather go on Wednesday because you'd might want to go do your own thing on Friday," he continued. "But if that's what you'd like to do, I'm perfectly okay with it."

"Okay,” I smirked.

"I'm glad you guys are finally going to hang out!" My mom yelled like she had never heard us speak to each other before. She leaned up and kissed him.

"Eww," I grunted. "Get a room."

"Alison! That is no way to speak to your mother," Robert said, putting in his unwanted two cents.

"See. This is why I never tried to make things right with you, because as soon as I let you in, you think you're my dad and that you run me."

He looked at me with a look of pain in his eyes and then glanced at my mother. "Sweetheart," she said. "We have something to tell you."

"Oh God," I rolled my eyes. She pulled her hands out of her sweater. On her left hand was a diamond bigger than my eyeball. The thing was huge!

"And you were going to tell me... When?"

"At dinner next week," Robert said.

"I wasn't talking to you. I was talking to my mom! I didn't want to hear from you! I thought I meant enough to my mother that she would at least ask me if I was comfortable with it!"

"Ali, I didn't ask you because I knew what you'd say."

"Of course you did. Why even consider asking me when you were going to say yes anyways?!"

"Does it even matter what I want?" my mother yelled from across the room.

"Obviously that's all that matters! " I shouted. And left.

I lay back down in my bed and the words haunted me. Give Robert a chance. It's all my dad had asked. I went back downstairs feeling guilty.

"Hey, uh, Robert?"

"Yeah, Alison?"

"I'm really sorry. For what I said and everything." I continued, "I know you don't deserve it. You've never done anything wrong to me. It's nothing personal; I was just upset about my mom getting together with someone so quickly after my dad died."

"It's okay. I understand. I just really wanted to get to know you and all I wanted is for you to accept me."

"I do," I explained. "I really do. I just miss my dad."

He stroked my hair. “I get it, Ali. I really do. Just know that I'm not trying to replace him."

"I know," I agreed. "So we're back on for Friday?"

He beamed, "Absolutely."

I was thrilled. The week flew by faster than anything and I was surprisingly excited for Friday. When it finally came along I went straight home after school. As soon as I got home, I looked at the clock on the kitchen stove. 3:45. Robert will be here at 6.

I ran up the stairs and into my room. I grabbed the pink dress Kaitlynn let me borrow just for tonight. I slipped it on and curled my hair. I took off all of my makeup and reapplied it. 5:25. I ran to my closet and grabbed the purse my dad bought me for my birthday the year before he died. I slipped my feet into silver heels. I walked over to my jewelry box in my closet and picked out diamond hoops I bought last year with Hannah and a pearl necklace Mom bought me in Japan. 5:45. I grabbed my phone off the charger, threw it in my purse and walked downstairs.

While I waited I looked outside to see if Mom was home yet. I wanted her to see that I actually put effort into this dinner. She wasn't in the room when I apologized to Robert last week, but I'm sure he told her. I was pretty sure he did, although I don't think she believed him. She didn't say anything to me about it. She must've thought he was just trying to make her feel better.

I heard Robert's truck outside. I checked my purse for keys and my phone. When I walked outside, he was getting out of the truck to greet me. He gave me a hug and said, "You look beautiful, just like your mom."

We got into his truck and it was quiet at first but then he said, "Where do you wanna go?"

"Surprise me," I replied. My dad used to always say that to me.

"Alright. How about the restaurant where your mom and I had our first date?"

I smiled at the thought of it. "Sure."

When we got to the restaurant, something was terribly wrong. This was the place my dad died. The last time I had seen him alive. It seemed messed up that Mom would come here for her first date since the murder.

The rest of the night was a blur. It was all I could think about. When Robert asked about school, I told him about some of my friends. When he asked about sports, I told him volleyball season was over and that we came in 3rd at our tournament. When dinner was finally over, he drove me home and I thanked him for dinner and a great time. I said that I really enjoyed getting to know him.


"Ali! I'm up here!" she called from upstairs. I walked up the stairs into her room. Her light was on in her closet and she had on one of my dad's old sweatshirts. She had boxes opened with pictures, newspaper clippings, and a lot of Dad's old things scattered all over her closet floor.

"Mom, why did you and Robert go to Liguni's for your first date?"

"It's where he wanted to go," she said in a calm voice. I hardly believed her.

"And you didn't say anything?" I questioned.

"I didn't want to hurt his feelings."

"Mom." She was looking at some pictures with tears in her eyes.


"Tell me the truth," I protested.

"It is the truth," she said blankly.

"Mom, please. I won't be mad I just want to know." I looked down at the newspaper in her hand. It was dated November 29, 2007. "MURDERER RELEASED 'INNOCENT' ONE YEAR AFTER VICTIM’S DEATH". There was a picture of Dad and a picture of Robert. He was the killer.




Hey there!

So, I'm Alyssa and I just found this website. So I thought I'd post my story here. I'm also on Wattpad writing this story. If you're on Wattpad come and find me (@/addicted__). Anyways, I hope you like it. This is just the beginning and Harry will be entering soon (:


xx. Alyssa

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