I sea love -Niall Horan fanfic-

Aqua is a mermaid. She has mad parents and she is a little bit scared of humans. She also has powers. She can manipulate water,heat it, and freeze it. She can control weather too! She makes fire,wind, and lightning. Cool right. She keeps it to herself though. People can be real greedy.


6. Official

I smiled at them.

" Can I talk to you Aqua " Niall asked.

" Sure " I answered.

 We walked to my room. He looked at me smirking.

" So you're my girlfriend now? I never asked you out. " He said still smirking.

" Oops sorry I will tell them were just friends then." I said turning to the door.

 He grabbed my wrist. I turned around.

" Aqua, will you be my girlfriend? " He asked.

 I looked deep in thought.

" No thanks " I answered smiling.

" No, what do you mean no? " He asked picking me up and throwing me on my bed and started tickling me.

 I was laughing uncontrollably.

" Stop " I told him laughing.

" Say yes then. " He demanded.

" No! " I laughed.

" Okay then" he said and he kept tickling.

" Ok ok, yes I will be your girlfriend! " I answered laughing.

 He stopped and kissed my forehead. I smiled at him.

" You ok? " He asked.

" Yeah except my stomach hurts" I said.

" Your welcome" He said.

I rolled my eyes as we got off the bed.

 He went downstairs. I took the locket and the watch out my pocket and put it in a box I had.

I went downstairs. I looked around and Eleanor and the girls except for Perrie was gone. I walked over to her. 

" Hey " She said.

" Hey, where did the girls go? " I asked.

" Home, I'm staying for Zayn" She answered.

I looked at him he was watching tv with the boys.

" Oh well how about we get to know each other?" I asked.

" Sure" she answered.

 We walked up to my room.

" So are you excited about the tour?" She asked.

" Tour? What tour?" I asked.

" One Direction's tour " She said.

" Who's One Direction?" I asked really confused.

" Oh, you don't know" She said

" I guess" I said.

" The lads are One Direction. They are a famous boy band who travels the world to perform for fans." She told me.

" Oh so whens the tour?" I asked

" Next month" she answered.

" Okay, well I will talk to him" I said.

" Yeah" she said



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