I sea love -Niall Horan fanfic-

Aqua is a mermaid. She has mad parents and she is a little bit scared of humans. She also has powers. She can manipulate water,heat it, and freeze it. She can control weather too! She makes fire,wind, and lightning. Cool right. She keeps it to herself though. People can be real greedy.


5. Mom

I woke up at Eleanor's. I got up and grabbed my dolphin and left. I walked to the beach. This beach nobody went to so I was safe. I cant believe I'm doing this. I tugged onto my dolphin and dived into the water. When I got my tail I sped to the part of the ocean I live with my family.

When I got there I saw my mom. She looked at me and hugged me. We swam to land which looked like woods. I put my dolphin down and we sat on the grass and dried our tails.

"Oh my gosh, sweetheart I was worried" she told me.

"Sorry, I swam away because of you and dad. While I was swimming somebody found me and took me to shore. That's why I didnt come back." I told her.

"Oh well I've been holding this the whole time you were gone in case I found you." She told me picking up something to the side of her then showing me. 

It was a locket and a watch.

"Why?" I asked.

"well I assumed you're growing up and meeting boys, so if you start dating give, this watch to the guy and where this locket. If he is wearing the watch and hurts you, cheats on you, or anything like that, your locket will turn from blue to red." She told me handing it to me.

"Woah, that's so cool." I said taking it.

"Well it's how I met your father" She told me.

" Is that why your necklace is red all the time?" I asked.

"Sadly yes" she answered.

"oh well I did meet someone. He gave me this dolphin." I told her.

" I know." She told me.

"What?" I asked.

" I saw you guys kissing last night under the fireworks." She told me.

"you were spying on me" I wined softly pushing her.

"ok ok, yes. So what's his name?" She asked laughing,

" Niall." I told her.

" Oh" i said.

" Yup" she said.

" So what happens if my locket turns red then goes back to blue?" I asked.

" He misses you and feels bad." I said.

" Well good dad must miss you." I told her pointing to her blue locket.

She looked at me and smiled.

" Maybe I should go meet him and you meet Niall." She t" Alright bye" I said hugging her.

"bye, see you another day"'she told me hugging back.

 We pulled away and she got up and jumped in. I took a deep breath and put the watch and the locket in my pocket and jumped in. I sped through a river close to wear the lads are. I got up and dried my tail. I ran to there house and I saw 5 girls with the lads through the window. One was Eleanor. I was just watching. Niall turned around and saw me. He ran to the door and opened it. 

" Hey princess" he said hugging me.

" Hey babe" I said hugging back. 

 When we pulled away he grabbed my hand and walked over to wear the rest is.

" This is Aqua" he told the girls.

" Ohh. Hi I'm Perrie Zayn's girlfriend." A blond one told me smiling.

" Hi, I'm Niall's" I told her.

" I could tell by his exciment running over to you" She told me laughing.

 I giggled.

" Hi, I'm Jesy" one with brown hair and red tips told me.

" Hey" I said.

" I'm Jade" the other one with blue hair told me.

" Hi" I said.

"I'm Leigh-Anne" the last one told me.

"Hey" I said.

 A/N guys I will finish in the next chapter something is wrong with my Ipad and It's hard for me to write. Sorry


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