I sea love -Niall Horan fanfic-

Aqua is a mermaid. She has mad parents and she is a little bit scared of humans. She also has powers. She can manipulate water,heat it, and freeze it. She can control weather too! She makes fire,wind, and lightning. Cool right. She keeps it to herself though. People can be real greedy.


4. Lovely night

Once I woke up I went downstairs all the boys were on the couch and they all looked at me.

"You wanna tell us something Aqua" Louis asked.

I turned around and tried to run upstairs.

"Get back here" Louis said.

I went back downstairs and sat in front of them.

"Ever since you've came things have happened to me and Harry" Niall told

"Yea i have been aware of it" I said

"Magical stuff" Niall added.

"And you know, you're magical" Harry said.

"Ok fine I haven powers" I told them.

I told them all my powers.

"You've kept this a secret, why " Niall asked

"I don't want people to like me for my powers" I mumbled.

"I love you for who you are" Niall said.

" What" I asked with wide eyes.

"We're gonna leave you guys to it" Zayn said walking away with the rest of the boys following.

"Yea, I guess I like you, really like you" Niall told me.

"Are you blushing" I asked giggling.

"No, men don't blush" He said crossing his arms.

I laughed even more.

"Ok, I guess I wanna ask you, would you like to go to the carnival with me tonight at 5:00." He asked.

"Just you and me" I asked.

"Just us" he told me.

"Okay I'll go" I answered smiling.

He hugged me tight for a long time then he walked upstairs. I leaned back on the chair smiling. Then I heard a bunch of screams from the boys. I even heard a girl voice. I giggled then I saw Eleanor run downstairs.

"Woohoo girlfriend" She said laughing.

I giggled.

"What were you doing here though?" I asked.

"I never told you, I'm Louis's girlfriend"

"That explains a lot and no that never came up." I said.

"Oh sorry" she said.

"Its ok" I told her.

"Ok, so the carnival tonight lets get you ready" she said.

"Its 11 in the morning" i said

"We will just cover the basics" Eleanor said

"Can I eat first?" I asked

Eleanor went to the kitchen. She threw me something and I caught it. It said tuna.

"Ok then" I said tearing it open and following her out the door.

We went to her house then we went into her room.

"Ok first nails." Eleanor said grabbing one of my hands.

She took stuff out her bag and started to paint my nails a light blue.

We waited about 30 minutes drying it.

She picked out my outfit.

* a white shirt that says swag


* black high tops

*and mustache necklace

I was staring at the outfit and then i heard water running. I look Eleanor she was filling up the bath.

When it was full she gestured me to get in.

I walked over and got in. My tail came.

"Alright, you wash the parts you can and I will wash your hair."she said holding something that said shampoo.

I nodded grabbing my rag started to wash myself while she started to scrub my headed it was weird.

"Go under water" Eleanor told me.

I did as told and she was still scrubbing my hair.

"Alright now conditioner" she said and we did the same thing again.

When I got out I heated my tail again. We went into her room and she took out what she called a hair dryer.

"It takes a long time so you will want to sit down" she told me.

While she plugged it in dried my hair myself .

"Did you forget?" I asked.

"I love having a mermaid friend, ok now change into your outfit" I did as told.

"Okay now sit down" she told me when I cam out. I sat down and she started to curl my hair then she put it in a ponytail.

"What time is it?" I asked

"4:30" she told me.

"Alright" I said. "No we wait, but before that lets put something on" Eleanor said. She took out lipstick and put it on my lips.

"All done, alright now lets wait" Eleanor said. We went downstairs and waited. Then we heard the doorbell.

"Byee,have fun make sure to come back here" Eleanor said.

"Ok,bye" I said and I walked out the door.

I saw Niall at the bottom step. He held out his hand. I grabbed it as I walked down to the bottom step. We walked to the car and he opened my door and closed it for me. "Thank you" I said as he got in the driver seat. As we got there, their were so many lights.

"I've seen it this before, when I was younger though then I never came back" I said.

"Why?" He asked. "I came with my parents, but they started to fight so we left. I tried to come again,but it was over when I got here." I said looking at him.

"Oh, well your here now and its our first date so lets just have fun" he told me smiling trying to make me feel better. "Your right" I said. We got out the car and went to the front and got our bracelet. We got to a roller coaster. He grabbed my hand.

"You wanna go on" he asked.

"I don't know, it is my gonna be my first time" I said. "Well I think you will love it, come on." He told me dragging me on it. I screamed so much while he laughed. "You were terrified." He laughed when we got off.

"Oh shut up" I giggled pushing him. We went on a couple more rides. Then he got cotton candy. "Here, open wide." He said taking a piece of cotton candy off. I giggled and opened my mouth as he put the cotton candy in there.

"It's so good." I said

"Here have so more" he said taking a big chunk of and handing to me.

I took it. "So I don't know lots about you.. When is your birthday?" he asked. "August 4" I answered "Thats next week Saturday." He said

"Yup,so when is your birthday?" I asked.

"September 13" he told me.

"Cool a month after my birthday." I said. "Yup" he said. We kept asking questions and I feel like I told him everything about me. Soon we finished and threw the bag away. We were walking until I saw a game. I knew if you win you get a prize. I saw a big rubber dolphin. I stopped and stared at it. I missed the dolphins, I always played with them. "Are you looking at the dolphin" Niall asked. "Yeah, I'm sorry it just reminds me of home" "Oh" he said looking at it. "Im gonna use the bathroom, where is it?" I asked

"Over there" he answered pointing to a porta potty.p Great. When I came out I saw Niall playing the game then he won. I clapped and walked over to him. "What are you getting" I asked. He looked at me and smirked then looked at the lady. "Can I have the dolphin?" He asked. The lady took it off and gave it to him. He looked at me still.      smirking then gave it to me. "Awe thank you ." I said taking it. "No problem. Lets have a walk on the beach." He told me. "Ok" I said walking over there. When we got there we took off our shoes and socks. We walked down to the shore holding hands.

"I wanna go in" he said. "Me too, but your close will be wet and plus if I get wet I'm expose to everyone." I told him. "True true" he said laughing. "The sunset is so beautiful" he said. "It sure is" i agreed looking at him.

He looked back. I couldn't help put stare at his eyes then at his lips. He started to lean in. I did too. We kissed. I wrapped my arms around his neck and he wrapped his arms around my waist. We just kissed staying in the moment. It felt like fireworks. Wait is that fireworks? We pulled away and looked up and saw fireworks. We laughed looking at each other. We hugged for a while watching the rest of the fireworks. Soon it ended.

"We should go. It's getting late." He told me.

"Yea you're right." I agreed. We put on our shoes and walked to the car.

"So you coming home or Eleanor's place?" He asked.

"She told me to go to hers" I answered

"Okay" he said.

We talked the whole way to Eleanor's. We got there soon. "I had lots of fun tonight." I told him. "Me too." He told me.

We leaned in and kissed one more time. We pulled away and I got out the car. "Bye Ariel!" He yelled at me. "Bye Niall" I yelled back.

I knocked on the door and Eleanor opened right away. I walked inside.

"Your smiling. Did you guys kiss? She asked. "Well..." I said trailing off biting my lip. "You guys totally did!" She said.

"Guilty as charged" I said. "Did he get you that dolphin?" She asked.

"Yup!" I answered

"You guys are so cute, the date must've been perfect" she assumed. "It was, but their is one thing I don't get. Why does he keep calling me Ariel?" I asked.

"Awww, well Niall thinks of the girl he likes a princess and Ariel is a cartoon princess,but she is a mermaid princess and your his mermaid princess." She told me.

"Awe" I said.

"C'mon lets go to bed" she said.

I thought of Niall through out the whole night.

A/N What do you guys think? Tell me if there is anything I need to work on to improve. Boi!

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