I sea love -Niall Horan fanfic-

Aqua is a mermaid. She has mad parents and she is a little bit scared of humans. She also has powers. She can manipulate water,heat it, and freeze it. She can control weather too! She makes fire,wind, and lightning. Cool right. She keeps it to herself though. People can be real greedy.


2. Land

Same day..

We were back at land. They started to walk. I could barely walk. Im used to just swimming. 

"Here" Niall said picking me up. He put me down in car and it started to move away from the beach. We got to what they call "home". Niall picked me up and went inside they sat me on a couch.

"Alright I'm Harry" the one with the curls and green eyes told me.

 "I'm Zayn" the one with black hair and blond streaks told me.

"I'm Louis" the one with the brown hair and blue eyes told me.

"And i'm Liam" the one with the short hair and brown eyes told me

"Hi, I'm aqua" I told them.

"Aqua?" Zayn asked.

"Yea, well I am a mermaid"I reminded them

"True" Liam said.

"Let me show you to your room" Niall told me.

He took my hand because he wasn't gonna always gonna carry me all the time.He brought me to a room. It was light blue, it had a bed,a bathroom,draws , and a tv. Wow. 

"I will give you my clothes to sleep in and we will go shopping for clothes tomorrow" he told me.

"Ok" I told him.

"Alright, well u can take a shower and i will leave pajamas and a towel on your bed." He told me.

I nodded as he walked out. I closed the bathroom door and got into the tub. What the hell was a shower? I turned a knob and water poured all over my legs. 

"Really Niall,really" i said to myself falling over with a tail.

Ouch! I looked at my cut and took some soap and started to clean. It hurt real bad, but i kept cleaning it. When I was done I rolled out the tub and use my heating power to dry all the water off my tail. As soon as the steam was gone I went outside and put on his long top and shorts. I jumped on the bed. Who new living on land would be challenging.

Niall's pov

Aqua was so pretty. I thought if mermaids were real they would be pale but I was wrong Aqua was tan. She had brown and blue eyes like Louis. Her hair had blue highlights though. Thats weird if she isn't on land. Oh well. I crawled and tried to fall asleep thinking about her.

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