I sea love -Niall Horan fanfic-

Aqua is a mermaid. She has mad parents and she is a little bit scared of humans. She also has powers. She can manipulate water,heat it, and freeze it. She can control weather too! She makes fire,wind, and lightning. Cool right. She keeps it to herself though. People can be real greedy.


1. A what??

Niall's pov.
Me and the lads are going to the beach. I'm planning to go on a boat and go to the middle of the ocean and dive in, see how deep I can go.We're going to a private beach so that nobody disturbs us.

"COME ON NIALL!" Louis yelled up.

" COMING!" I yelled back grabbing my goggles.

I got in the car and we drove away. When we got there we got in the boat right away. They drove until we were in the middle if the ocean. I took off my shirt and put on the goggles and dove in. I went like 30 ft down. I lifted up my headed and I saw something move swiftly that I saw small bubbles. I kept still as the bubbles went away. I saw a blue tail and brown hair. It turned around showing a beautiful face. She looked at me in shock. I swam back up to get some air and think about what I saw. The shock was written across my face. A mermaid?

"You okay, Niall?" Liam asked me with all the boys staring at me.

"I think I saw a mermaid." I told them.

"Have you gone nuts?" Louis laughed.

"No!I saw it!" I exclaimed.

"Maybe he did see one." Zayn said.

"Yeah" Harry agreed. 

"Thank you, i'm going back in" I told them

I swam down again. I looked up and saw nothing. Did she leave? I swam away from the boat a little and saw sharks.  Crap! Two! They were coming for me. Both of their mouths opened to kill me. I'm dead! I closed my eyes shut and nothing happened,but i felt like someone picked me up. I felt as if I was going up. I opened my eyes to see the mermaid smiling at me. Once our heads were out the water she put me down. I looked at her then went underwater to see if her tail was real. Yup, it was! I looked at her again. 

"Surprise! "She said laughing.

Aqua's pov. 

I was swimming in the water real fast. My parents are fighting and I just wanna stay out of it.. Forever! As I was swimming I  saw a human boy with blond hair. I looked at him with shock on my face! I was scared of humans! Mother always told me they will cut me up for a science experiment! He swam up. Yes! I have time to escape! I swam away quickly. I stopped when i heard him swim down again. I stared at him trying to hide at the same time. He swam into sharks! And the sharks looked hungry! He didn't swim away or anything. Ugh! As they got real close I used my super speed and grabbed him. One of the sharks teeth cut my tail! It hurt real bad! I tried to smile through the pain though.

 As we swam up he looked at me, then my tail, then me again. 

"Surprise!" I said laughing.

"You're a..." He began

" yup" I told him. 

"I'm Niall" he said.

"Aqua" i told him

Before anything else was said I started sink under. The cut hurt to bad. I reached out my hand hoping Niall would grab it. He didn't. He picked me up bridal style and swam up again.

"Thanks" i said.

"I owed you" he said smiling.

He looked at my cut. He swam me to a boat and put me on it.

"What did I tell you" Niall said looking at four other boys. 

" I guess you were right" One with brown hair and blue eyes said.

"Is she hurt?" another with brown short hair and brown eyes asked.

"Yea" Niall told them.

"Here" one with brown curls and green eyes told Niall throwing him a towel and something else I didn't know.

What? I've always been underwater. Niall caught them and started to dry me off with the towel. When i was dry my tail went away showing legs like theirs. I was in a bikini though.

"Woah" they said.

" yup" I told them.

The cut was gone.

"Well then, my job is done. Are you going back in the water?" Niall asked me. 

"I can't, the cut will come back and plus my parents will find me and I don't wanna see them" I told him.

"Oh, come home with us." Niall told me.

"No!" I yelled a little.

"Calm down, why?" He asked.

" I don't wanna be a science experiment." I told him.

" I won't let anyone do that." He told me staring into my eyes.

"You Promise?" I asked.

" Promise" he told me.

"Then you have to keep this a secret." I told him.

" I will." He told me.

I smiled and hugged him. When I pulled away I noticed the other boys jumped in.

"Our turn"the one with brown curly hair and green eyes said.

Niall and one with brown hair and blond streaks stayed with me.

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