~Last Goodbye

Scarlet is a 17 year old girl who, after a harsh breakup, is forced to live with her older brother and his band mates. When all seems to be going well, Scar's crazy ex-boyfriend shows up begging for her to take him back. Will Scarlet go back to him? Or will she fall for one of the boys?


2. Chapter 2.

    I groaned as my mom banged on the door of my bedroom. "Scarlet! Baby are you ready to go?" She said as she slowly opened the door, unknowing of how I would react. I groaned again as I turned towards the wall, putting a pillow to my open ear. "Well Zayn is here, don't leave him waiting too long." With that she left the room and I sprung out of bed to change. I put on a brand new shirt, along with a pair of cute summer shorts. I ran down the stairs and into my brothers arms. I had missed him so much. And if he would have been here with me through everything that happened, I'm sure things would have gone a lot better. "I missed you Scar" He said separating from my hug. I sighed "I missed you too Zayn. I can't wait to get out of here. With everything that happened? I didn't think I could handle it much longer." I said honestly. Every little thing in this town reminded me of him. And with those memories, brought back the tears. Those tears that killed me inside every time they would fall. I just wanted the pain to go away. I wanted it all to end.


    Once we had stepped off the place and arrived in London. My brother grabbed my wrist, dragging me through all the screaming girls. This was definitely something that would need some getting used too. 

    We finally approached the door to Zayn's bands flat, while I completely lost it. "Zayn..." He looked over to me and stared for a moment before answering. "Yeah?" I took a deep breathe. "What if they don't like me? What if they think I'm some wimp who's running away from her problems? What if they think I'm annoying? What if they don't want to talk to me because of it?What if they want me to leave? What if-" Finally he placed his hand over my mouth, forcing me to stop. "Scar... They will absolutely love you." I sighed. "But how do you know?" I asked with worry in my eyes. "I just do. Scar your beautiful, funny, smart, and definitely not annoying. Plus your my sister. They have to love you." He smiled and opened the door, to be greeted by four boys. "Hi, I'm Louis" His hair was a bit messy, and he looked a little older then the others. He pulled me into a hug as the next boy walked towards me. "I'm Liam, I really hope your not as crazy as these boys. They can be a handful." He said laughing, as he brought me into a hug as well. Then was a boy with curly hair, with beautiful green eyes. "I'm Harry" He smiled and placed a kiss to my cheek. The next boy had blonde hair and gorgeous blue eyes, just like me. "I'm Niall" He said as he pulled me into a tight hug. This was a little more friendly then I was used too. I was used to a simple wave hello, then going off to another room, never to see each other again until it was time to say goodbye. "Hi! I'm Scarlet." I smiled. "Can I go get my things unpacked?" I asked turning to my brother who had been on his phone. He nodded and walked me up the beautiful staircase, and to my room. It was so beautiful, My bed was laid out perfectly, along with all the extra furniture in there. "You took the time to set it up?" I asked grinning. He smiled and nodded. "Thank you Zayn. For everything.." I whispered looking up at him. "Your welcome sis. I'll always be here for you." He embraced me in a tight hug before leaving me to unpack. 

     Well. Here I am. Away from my life, starting over again. This would be good for me. Having my brother here, and hopefully some new friends. Every time I would think about what happened, I hear my heart start to break a little more. What he did was unbelievable. We were supposed to have forever together. But now? Now I'm living my own life. I'm starting fresh, and leaving behind all of my past. I can't stand being unhappy any longer, I didn't even think I would make it another day before being told I was living with my brother. But here I am. Away from my life, and praying to god I don't screw this up. 



~A/N~ Sorry this one is short! But it's late and I'm losing my focus. I promise the next one will be longer, and a lot better  :) This was sort of just a filler. Sorry again. Please give some feedback? And maybe some suggestions? Thanks lovelies ;* I love yooouuuuu xx

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