My lovely dad! [Editing]

This is about my life as daughter to Niall Horan.....My name is Nix but some calling me Nixe.....What happened with my mom? Can something happen because me with the lad`s? Find out here!


7. You know what this is about?

*Nixie`s P.O.V*

I woke up and I heard that Grease was on and then I understood that it was still the same night but I din`t open my eyes because I heard that Liam and Louis talked

-So why are Niall sad? Louis asked

-He can`t forgive her he just can`t and I understand that but I just feel so bad for him and there`s nothing we can do about it! Liam said and started to cry a little I think that because it sounded like it.

-He will get better soon....I hope......Louis said.

-Ohh I need to go back and i din`t get Nixie`s bag because I needed to hurry.Liam said and opened the door.

-It`s okay and bye! Louis said

-Bye. Liam said and the door closed.

I din`t realize that my eyes were opened until Louis saw me......

-Did you here the whole thing...?He said

-Yes I think so......I said and started to cry

-OMG Nixie pleas don´t cry...Louis said with tears in he´s eye`s

-Sorry louis but I feel shit about dad and I don`t even know anything about my mom.....I said and more tears streamed down my cheeks.

-It`s going to be okay....I really hope it gonna be....Louis said

-I can´t sleep if I feel like this.....I said

-Of course you can.He said

-No I can`t.I said

-But if I sit on your bed until you feel asleep? He said

-Yeah that can work.I said

I feel asleep like 3H later.

When I woke up I saw Louis on the other side of my bed and then i remembered...DAD! 

*Niall´s P.O.V* 

When Liam came back in the hotel room

-Hi Liam....i said and i cried

-Hi Niall.....He said sad....

-Where have you been? I said 

-I told Louis and Nixie was asleep. Liam said

-Okay.....I said

I did cry myself to sleep

*Nixie`s P.O.V*

-LOUIS!!! I screamed and cried 

-Yes Carrot? He said and jumped out of the bed cause he got scared. 

-WE NEED TO GO TO DAD! I screamed and cried even more

-Okay! He said and took on a t-shirt

-Let`s go! I said and I cried so hard

Louis knocked on dad`s room

Liam opened and saw me cry so hard

-Okay welcome in....Nixie it going to be okay and don`t worry dad is just thinking of the past.Liam said

-Okay let me see dad! I said and run in the room and cried more

-Hey said and he cried much really much and it hurt so much to see him like this.

-Dad I said and hopped on he`s bed and just hugged him he hugged back.

-I love you so much it hurts....Dad said

-I love you too.....I said

-I really do.....Dad said

-I really love you to...I said.

-Do you know what this is about? dad said

-Yes I wasn`t sleeping when Liam came but they thought that.....I said and cried even more

-Okay.....he said and cried more.

I miss this beautiful smile! 

Where are it?

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