My lovely dad! [Editing]

This is about my life as daughter to Niall Horan.....My name is Nix but some calling me Nixe.....What happened with my mom? Can something happen because me with the lad`s? Find out here!


6. Why do you cry?!

When we were on the restaurant I saw that dad din`t eat.....And when he doesn't eat it`s something really bad....

-Dad what`s wrong? I said sad

-Oh nothing....Can we go back to the hotel now? He said

-Sure....But Niall you haven`t eat something....Liam said and looked worried

-I am not hungry today...Dad said with tears in hi`s beautiful eyes.Liam walked over to me

-I will talk to him....You can be with the lad`s when I talk to him....And if he need the hotel room by hi`s own tonight I gonna get your bag and you need to sleep in one of the other rooms.....Liam said

-Okay....Who do you share your room with? I said

-With Louis....Bot so normal but we needed to and I doesn`t say no to that.....Liam said

-Okay.....I said and walking over to Louis

-What`s up? Louis said and looked on me

-Dad is not feeling good and I take Liams room today.....I said first sad and looked at Louis and did a evil smile.

-OMG...No what have happened to Niall?! Louis said sad

-He is so carefree as usual and now just.....Harry said sad

-This is not good....Zayn said sad.

-It`s going to be fine...I said to be positive.

-Yeah it always be...Zayn said and looked at the ground

*30 minutes later*

-Okay now we are here c`mon now! Paul said we walked out and it was tons of girls there....

-You going with Louis bye! See ya tomorrow princess and sorry for today....I love ya....Dad said

-It`s okay I have my bad day`s to......And I love ya to! I said and kissed dad on hi`s cheek....And we got in the lift dad and Liam left on the 2 floor and Harry and Zayn left on the 3 floor and it was me and Louis left but we left the lift  on the 7 floor.....

-Oh why are everyone not on the same floor? I asked

-I don`t know....actually....We just get our rooms and we live there......Louis said and smiled 

-Okay let´s go! I said and pushed him and run away and then he run after me until we reached the room door.

Louis unlocked the door

-Welcome in little carrot! He said 

-Thank you BooBear.I said and smiled at him.

-No problem...He said and smiled at me.

-Ohhhh Lou I don`t have any pj`s....I said

-Ohhh you can have one of my t-shirt and sweatpants of mine...He said and smiled

-Okay thank you Lou.....Can I get them so I can change? I asked

-Yeah wait two seconds.....He said and oped he`s bag.

-Here you go. He said and smiled

-Thank you.I said and took the clothes and walked into the bathroom and changed to Louis clothes and walked out of the bathroom.

-What do you think.I said and winked at Louis.

-Good.He said and winked.He had just changed into sweatpants instead of jeans and had just a


-Lou? I said

-Yes? He said

-You said that you had to record a new song...You are done with the songs and that stuff now or? I said

-No we not gonna record a new song we are like just going to have fun here. He said

-Okay. I said and smiled and yawned.

-Are you tiered? He asked 

-Little. I said 

-Okay do you wanna sleep? He asked

-I wanna look on TV first. I said

-What do you wanna watch? He said

-You choose. I said

-Okay let`s take....ummmh Grease? He said

-Yeah that`s a good movie.I said

I feel asleep about after 30 minutes.

*Liam`s P.O.V* 

(when he and Niall left the lift when they came to the hotel)

We left the lift me and Niall walked in, in "our" room.

-What is wrong Niall? I asked

-It`s her...I can`t forget her....I just can`t...He said and crying h`s heart out.

-Ohhh not that again. I don`t know how it feel`s to loose you`r girlfriend that you going to marry in a car crash.....But the thing I understand it that you can`t forget it or ignore it or not feel the pain....But I am with you and I`m not gonna leave you and I feel the pain with you. I said 

-Thank you Liam but everything is just spinning in my head and Nixie probably hates me because I am a really bad father.

-She loves you and you are a great father.I said 

-Are you sure? He asked 

-Yeah have never been so sure before....I said

*Niall`s P.O.V*

I just can`t forget her...I just can`t....

-Liam I need to go out for a walk....I said

-I coming! He said 

-No I going by myself...I said

-But it....I closed the door and walked out of the hotel crying I don`t care if someone sees me....

I looked in a window to a shop and I saw myself like this

but I din`t cry anymore at least....

When I saw paparazzi I started to run back to the hotel.

When I came back to my room I saw that Liam wasn`t there.....


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