My lovely dad! [Editing]

This is about my life as daughter to Niall Horan.....My name is Nix but some calling me Nixe.....What happened with my mom? Can something happen because me with the lad`s? Find out here!


2. Hello and goodbye

-"What the?!" I said and looked around me. Oh, it was the lads waking me up....

-"Hello!" Louis yelled.

-"Hello, BooBear!" I said. "And hello, everyone else."

-"My name is not BooBear!" Louis complained.

-"Your names are; Louis, The Tommo, Superman, Lou, BooBear and Mr Carrot."

-"Okay then!" Louis said and pushed me out of bed.

-"Why did you do that?" I said, looking at him angrily.

-"You deserve it!" he said and I realised everyone had left my room, but Louis.

-"BooBear sing for me," I said.

-"What song?" he asked.

-"Look after you by The Fray," I said.

(By the way; listen to it here )

-"Was that good?" he asked.

-"It was amazing!" I said and jumped on him, causing him to fall.

 We both laughed so much.

-"We need to go downstairs now," he said

-"Okay," I said as he picked me up on his shoulder and ran down with me. Everybody just stared and laughed to us because Louis was just running and jumping around in the house with me on his shoulder and everyone started to laugh even more.

 After a while, he stopped and started to go to dad and lifted me off his shoulder and put me in dad's arms.

*Skips to 18:30*

-"This week we gonna have to do our album and grandma is coming and babysit you, okay?" Dad said.

-"Okay, but promise to call me, dad," I said and took a pancake that Harry had made.

-"Of course I gonna call you, princess," dad smiled.

 I made my way to him and hugged him tightly.

-"Promise to call me at least once a day!" I said to dad and remained hugging him.

-"Of course. I'm  gonna miss you so much!" he said and we still hugged

-"Love you!" I called.

-"Love you, too!" He said and kissed my forehead.

I heard the doorbell ring and Louis opened the front door. It was a woman. When he came back my grandma was with him.

-"Hey!" I said and hugged her.

-"Hello! How are you?" she asked and hugged me back.

-"Good and you?" I smiled

-"Good!" she said

-"Thanks for coming, mam," dad said, hugging her.

-"No problem, Niall," she said.

 We made our way to the airport, and there were fans, but not many. They were nice so we could make our way to the lad's plane.

-"We need to go now. Thanks for coming, Mrs Horan," Liam said

-"No! Don't leave me without any hugging!" I said.

-"Of course, I almost forgot," Liam said sadly.

-"I'm gonna miss you all, lads!" I said and hugged Harry first then Zayn then Liam. Then Louis, who I didn't wanted to let go of.

-"I'm gonna miss you so much and I promise to call you every single day!" he said

-"I know, but i don't want to let you go!" I said

 He hugged me tighter 

-"I love you, Louis," I whispered in his ear so no one heard it, just Louis.

-"I love you, too," he whispered just loud enough for me to hear.

 We let go off but the hardest was still to come. I needed to say goodbye to my dad! 

- "Dad!" I said and jumped on him. It took even longer to me to let go off dad.

-"I love you so much!" I said when me and grandma had to leave the plane.

-"Nixie?" Louis said

-"Yes?" I asked.

-"Did you think we were going to leave you here?" Louis smiled.

-"Because we are not gonna leave you here," Dad grinned.

-"Thanks for helping us, Mrs Horan," Liam said.

-"Wait, what?" I was confused.

-"You`re coming with us," Louis said.

-"Bye, Grandma."

-"But I don`t have any clothes," I gasped.

-"You have; we packed for you!" Louis said and winked.


-"Come and join us and sit next to me Nixie!" This was what I get a request to join:

 I did Join it it was so so cosy. I fell asleep one hour after I joined them.


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