My lovely dad! [Editing]

This is about my life as daughter to Niall Horan.....My name is Nix but some calling me Nixe.....What happened with my mom? Can something happen because me with the lad`s? Find out here!


10. Hahaha

*1 week later*

-Dad we have been in USA like one week! It`s not fun I want to go back home! I said

-Then let`s talk to the lad`s! Dad said with he`s beautiful smile he was happy and I was happy when he is happy. 

When he smile I automatically smile I mean who does not smile at this  

When we walked to the lad`s they all wanted to go home.....

-So the plane goes to England in 3 hours.....Liam said 

-Okay we need to get our stuff ready dad! I said

-Okay let`s go we met you in 1 and a half hour. Dad said and everybody nodded 

*30 minutes later*

-Our stuff are ready dad! 

-Yeah and we have nothing to do...What do you want to do? Dad said

-What about look on a movie? I asked

-Sure let`s just take one that we have in the movie bag.....Dad said and walked over to the bag`s

-What the?! The movie bag is not here! Dad said confused

-Let`s go and scare the shit out of the lad`s who did this and I know that it are them....I said with a evil smile......

-You have definitely been to much with Louis! Dad joked

-I know I have...I said and laughed.

We took our bag`s and e knew they where in Louis` and Liam`s room...They haven`t lock the door haha perfect for us we leaved our bag`s in the hall and walked in in the bedroom the good thing was that the door was behind the bed...We saw the movie bag and I jumped on Louis because I know he is funny to scare and dad took the other.....HAHA 


I gonna update this sometimes in the moths and pleas check out my and tiger99`s fan fiction it`s is called: Heart Breaker 


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