Arranged Marriage (A Harry Styles Fan-Fiction)

Annabelle was the good-girl of the school and was graduating at the top of her class. But her parents had a better idea for a present than a car, marriage. She is forced to marry famous, Harry Styles, for his own good. Will she grow to love him, or not?


4. Chapter 3


I don't get why we have to move in together, let alone get married. You I have never liked Harry I only put on a show for my parents to believe. 

"But why do we have to move in?" I asked my mum. 

"For you and Harry to get used to each other, why can't you understand that we ok only wants what's best for you" 

"Best for me or for him and his family, I bet you guys only want to do this for the publicity and money."

"Now you know that's not true, I want you to stop this now and behave" 

"I am not a child, stop treating me like one"

"Well if you stop acting like one maybe I will" 

I scoffed and walked away. I wonder if Harry is going thought this same problem. 


"But mum why does she have to move in with me?" 

"Because it's better for the both of you, and you have to trust me" My mum sighed. 

I nodded, agreeing with her. 

"Only for you" I said kissing her cheek. 

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