Life Makes Love Look Hard

" LOVE sometimes comes as a DREAM and leaves like a NIGHTMARE" - Unknown

Annabell, a girl who loves her life, enjoys every moment of it and never misses even a single opportunity of having fun. She has everything and wants nothing from her life. But, no one can be perfect, everyone is scarred and so is Anna. She has trust issues, some secrets from her past that she wants to keep buried.

Harry, part of the biggest boy band “ONE DIRECTION”. He has a great family and four amazing people as his best mates. He has everything but still he feels as if there is a missing piece in his life and is desperate to find it.

But then Harry meets Anna. She teaches him what living is for and helps him to find the missing piece of his life. But will Anna be able to trust Harry? Will she be able to let go of her past?

Just when Harry starts thinking that nothing could possibly go wrong, that’s exactly when things start to fall apart.

Will this be just an another fling or a beginning of an epic love?


4. You break my heart in the blink of an eye.


Great!! This day just keeps on getting better and better. First the flight, then the mystery girl and finally coffee on my jacket. AMAZING!!!

Gemma is going to kill me. She gave me this recently and totally adored it. Well, to be honest, even I like this jacket and removing a coffee stain is not an easy job.

I was lost in my own thoughts until I heard a voice.

“I am so sorry. It is totally my fault. I was not at all paying attention to where I was going.” The girl said who spilled the coffee. I looked up and was stunned.

It was the same girl. I have been searching her in the entire airport and I found her when I had completely lost hope. She stood there, not looking up, staring at the ground just like a small kid ready to get a scolding but still managed to look amazingly beautiful.

She finally looked up, cleared her throat and I realized that had she apologized and I was supposed to say something but instead I was just staring at her dumbfounded like a total idiot. I blushed at my stupidity and quickly remove my sunglasses. I looked at her again and I realized that I have seen her somewhere. But I am pretty sure that we never met before. But I quickly put all my thoughts aside and decided to break the awkward silence between us.

“No worries. It is just a coffee stain. I will get it washed. ” I said.

IDIOT!! Coffee stain… Get it washed…. Seriously!!! She obviously know that it is a coffee stain and can be washed.. Uhhh… Why do I have to act like a total fool???

But when I looked at her she was staring at me. I could tell, even though she was wearing her sunglasses, I could still feel her eyes on me. I coughed to make sure whether I was right or not and I was right. She blushed realizing that she has been caught just like I did few seconds ago. I could not stop smiling at seeing her blush. She then removed her glasses.

She looked up again and as I saw her eyes I couldn't stop myself from getting lost in them. They seemed so deep….. It felt that if I kept looking in her eyes I could reach her soul. They were mixture of black and brown. Indescribable… I just wanted to keep staring at her eyes and loose myself in them. But much to my disappointment, she quickly looked away. She looked so beautiful; I was finding it so hard to even describe her. She was not wearing make-up at all and still she looked perfect, like an angel.

As I was looking at I realized that I had seen her before. Not as in person but in news channels and papers. She is Anna Williams, daughter of the billionaire Robert Williams and the fashion designer Suzzane Williams. She has an older brother, ummm…. what was his name??? Andrew … yes Andrew Williams, he must be the guy with whom she was talking to when I first saw her and she must have been running away from papz. Now it all makes sense. She was hiding from the papz. She didn't want to be found out but why didn't I recognize her before??

“By the way, I am Harry.” I said taking my hands out of my jacket. It seemed to me that she didn't know who I was. So, a little bit of introduction won’t hurt.

“Anna.” She simply replied shaking my hand. Her hands were warm against mine and they were so soft, like silk but she quickly removed her hand from my grasp.

“So, Anna can I buy you another coffee.” I asked politely. But I regretted saying that as soon as I saw her head snap towards me with wide eyes and her jaw hanging open. She was looking at me as if I was some lunatic.

“Let me guess. You want to buy me another coffee so that I can spill it on you again??” She retorted. She seems so pissed off. Great work HARRY STYLES!! Now she will think that you are some insane person for the rest of her life.

“Umm… Nope I think one time is enough but you can definitely drink it instead of spilling it on me again.” I tried not to sound dumb but couldn't help smirking.

“Thanks. But no thanks.”

“Please, I will feel guilty if I won’t buy you another coffee.”

“Feel guilty!! For what? Why don’t you get it? I don’t want another coffee.” She snapped and now she seemed really pissed off. What did I say wrong?? I was feeling guilty for wasting her coffee and wanted to buy another. Why is she getting so angry at that?

She looked at me with a disgusting look and started walking away from me but I wasn't going to let her go so easily. I had to know her. So before she even took two step away from me, I grabbed her wrist and pulled her back towards me. As she turned around to face me, I moved one step closer to her and now our faces were just few inches apart. It was taking everything I had to fight against my urge to kiss her. I leaned in to whisper in her ear.

“Why do you seem so pissed off? May I remind you that it was you who spoiled my favorite jacket and not the other way round?” I said in low seductive voice hoping that she would fall for it like every other girl does. I was so close to her and she smelled like peppermint. All I wanted right now was to stay like that but she pushed me away quickly and started removing her jacket.

“Here, take this.” She said as she handed me her jacket. I just stood there staring at her and then at the jacket trying to figure out what she meant. I opened my mouth to ask what is she doing but I could even speak one word, she spoke.

“This is my favorite jacket. Since I have spoiled your favorite jacket, I am giving you mine. I guess we are even now and I definitely do not want another coffee.” She explained. I didn't mean that when I said that she spoiled my favorite jacket. All I wanted was to spend some time with her.

That’s when I realized, she was not even interested in talking to me, let alone spend some time. As realization hit me, I felt my knees go weak and I was finding it hard to even stand at that place. Then she started walking away from me and it felt as if someone pulled the land from beneath me.

“Why?” It was all I was able speak. I felt the room spinning around me. So, I looked down just to steady myself. I don’t think that she even listened. I started cursing myself for being such a jerk. Why do I always fall for those girls that I can never get?? My eyes started filling with tears and everything started to get blurry. It’s good that she was gone. I didn't want to look weak in front of her or anyone.

Then I heard footsteps coming toward me. I looked up and saw Anna. She looked at me, guilt written all over face. She felt bad for doing this. I saw her struggling with something inside her mind. But finally she made a decision.

“I am sorry Harry. I know that you are a great person but it’s just that I am way too wrong for someone as good as you.” She said in a low voice.

Then she came closer and whispered in my ears.

“Don’t think that there is anything wrong with you, it is me. Goodbye Harry.” Those words stung like anything because they were exactly the last word that my ex said before breaking up with me.

As I saw her walking away from me which seemed probably for the last time, I wasn't able to let her go. Something kept telling me that this wasn't the last time I was seeing her...

I don't get it, I wanted her....

Even when she broke my heart in the blink of an eye......



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