WAIT. What am i thinking?

Obsession Buzz - a four-piece band set out to make it big, unaware that one unexpected trip out horse-riding would lead to meeting one of the worlds upcoming biggest boy bands of all time - One Direction, giving them a platform to take off from for both their careers and relationships.

An interpretation for a One Direction FanFic that spiraled into many different FanFic's within one. ENJOY.

P.S - I wrote this a couple of years ago so all description of events and what the boys look like will be dated. Also the OB characters are based on real people too.

Feel free to comment and tell me what you think (I won't be offended if you tell me it's rubbush!) ;) xx - Rach


2. Just going out for a hack.

Eva's POV
It was a mild evening, that carried a gentle breeze with it. Great night for a hack. I slipped the bridle over Remuss' head, placed the bit in his mouth and did up the buckles.
 "Your a good boy, aren't you buddy?" Remus wickered gently and nodded his head - as if in agreement. I chuckled quietly to myself at the thought. As i led him out of the cool, shaded barn, the warm breeze pressed against my chilled skin. Remus danced around abit. He must have felt the freedom i did. I hadent chose the best outfit to wear out riding. A pair of denim shorts, Maroon Gryffindor logo shirt and some Black Converse. As usual it was accesorised with some Harry Potter wristbands, friendship bracelets and a 'S.i.s.t.e.r' charmed bracelet. I kicked off my shoes, tied the laces together, Shoved my Iphone in my sock and in my shoes and threw them over Remuss' back. Sand in shoes is never a good idea. 
"Stand still, Remus" I told him in a firm tone, as i bounced a little then mounted. As soon as i had mounted him, he jumped up in excitement. To anyone passing by it would have looked terrifiing, but it was all pretty normal. I didnt hang around much, when Remus gets excited, well, lets just say he doesnt hang around. The beach seemed pretty quiet from where i was, just a few couples strolling romantically along the seashore. Romantically, Ugghh. 
As soon as Remus set a hoof on the sand, he started jumping around and prancing like a show horse. I didnt hesitate to urge him on by closing my legs around his body. he almost immediately started at a flat out gallop, but it only lasted for a few seconds, and he returned to a steady, collected canter. My chances at getting to the Grand National with this pony were almost zero, but that didnt matter to me. He could jump. And i mean JUMP. He had loads of scope, so lucky for us, when we had got roughly around half way down the beach, i spotted a fallen tree log, around one point five metres high. It must have been our lucky day. However looking on further past the log, there were people. 

They were all sat outside the Posh hotels' beach house in a circle. I'd been in there a couple of times, and let me just say, its not for everyday people. From our very distant point, i could make out one playing acoustic guitar, and the rest were laughing. I also saw one of the lads poking a camp fire. Why the hell were they there? The beach was usually practically dead at this time. I was broken from my daydream by Remus who had wickered loudly. The log was about five strides away, and counting. Four strides, Three strides, The thud from Remuss' hooves got louder as he put more power into it, Two strides, I braced myself. One stride.

 Beneath me Remus' lifted his body and pushed off strongly with his hind quarters. His mane whipped across my face as i crounched forward into jumping position. He'd cleared it. One point five metres. It felt amazing, i'd never cleared that height bareback before. 
I slowly brought Remus back to walk, but he wanted to trot, so instead he jogged. Half walking. half trotting. I started thinking about what we could do in the future. Showjumping, maybe abit of dressage. Once again it was interrupted. Only this time it wasnt by Remus, it seemed to be someone crying for help. Wait, it was someone crying for help. A young lad, about seven was in the sea. His head bobbing up and down, dissapearing into the water as he struggled to stay above sealevel. 

I don't know what made me do it, but whatever it was, amazing. I was thrown forward, totally unexpected as Remus started out again. What the hell was he doing? Then i realised he wanted me to help the kid. He was heading straight for the boy. He didnt even stop when we reached the waters' edge, his legs slowly sinking into the water untill, he was swimming. Bet you've never seen a horse swim before! 
When we were about a metre away from the boy i slid from Remus's back and swam to him. 

"What's your name, little'en?" i asked, to reassure him, as i tucked him under my arm, to make sure he stayed above the water. 

"Jake" He choked, coughing up sea water. 

"I've got a brother called Jake" I smiled. He clung on to my arm, which made it rather difficult to push him over Remuss' back. Once he was on i slid myself back over and headed towards the shore, where a screaming woman was running towards us. It became obvious she was his mother, same golden hair.

"Jake. Jake! Are you ok? What were you thinking? I told you not too!" She screamed as she approached. Two guys followed her. Pretty hot if you ask me.

"Louis take him inside" She screamed again. The lad to her right stepped forward. He looked like sailor, with his blue and white striped top and cream folded up jeans. He took Jake from my arms and walked up to the small cottage. Then i realised i was soaked.

 "Thankyou" The lady said as i was turning around to mount Remus again. I turned to face her. Her face had tears strolling down her cheeks. The second guy, native american looking, placed his arm around her, but she stepped forward and folded her arms around me. I tried to wriggle free but she wasnt letting go. Instead, i lightly patted her on the back. She finally let go of me. 

"Anyone, would have done the same." i replied. Remus wickered softly and lowered his head to rest it on my shoulder. I stroked his face. "Good boy, well it saved me giving him a bath!" I joked. She smiled slightly. "Anyway, i better get home, get dried, get changed."

 "Oh no! Please, please stay, At least until you dry off" 

"I, I-" She wasnt gonna let me off. 

"The boys won't mind, would you Zayn?" Zayn, The native american looking guy smiled and shook his head. 

"Sure, theres some room for you two" They were both staring at me. 

"Well, O.K then" i replied, taking the reins over remuss' head. 

"Zayn, go get her some dry clothes. Ask Rose for some." Zayn nodded and dissapeared. I hadn't noticed how dark it had got. The fire roared and glowed red and orange. 

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