Run For Your Money

Genevieve Valentius Is like any normal teenager; high school drama, boys and searching for the love of her life. But she doesn't realize that she already found him, on the day that she was born. She meets Baldassare, who leads her out of her comfort zone, pushing her to her limits, showing her who she really is. But the question is, will she open herself up enough to realize what has been right in front of her since birth?


7. Home

I sit in the car with Viktor and he looks at me.

"What?" I ask.

"Oh nothing..." he replies with a bit of... something in his voice.

"Seriously. What?"

He looks at me an says with a mischievous smile "you like Bass".

"I do not!!" I yell but feel my stomach get all fluttery

"Yes you do! Your face is all red!"

My cheeks get heated up and I can feel it. There is no denying it. "Ok. Maybe I don't hate him. But I don't like him, either."

"Whatever makes you happy."

We pull into my driveway and I say goodbye to Viktor. I walk into the house and my mom is sitting  at the kitchen table.

"Hello Genvieve. How was your evening?"

I turn to her and say "It was nice. I went to the game and got pizza with Viktor afterwards. Hows was yours?"

"It was nice, Nettie is feeling better."

"Thats great. I'm glad to hear. well im tired so im going to head to bed. Night mama."

she smiles and says good night. I head to my room, but when I walk in, I see Calix sitting there reading a book.

"Ummm Calix? This is my room."

"I know but i needed to talk to you."

"Isn't Xavier here?"

"No, he left with some friends to go to a party."

"Ok then. What's up?"

"Well I asked Anya if she wanted to go to the football game with me tomorrow and she said 'yeah' and I am now freaking out and I don't know what I should do or what-"

I cut him off and tell him to shut up. "All you need to do is be yourself. I know that's what everyone says, but its true. She agreed to go with you when you were shaking in your pants and she knows you as the funny and smart guy in her English."

"Yeah but what do I talk about?"

"Well what does she like?"

"Books, music, she likes to cook and I think she dances."

"Well ask her about those things. Girls love to talk about them self. Ask what she likes to read or cook. And if things go good ask her if it would be ok is you did this again, maybe catch a movie or dinner."

"Thanks Evie. You really aren't as dumb as I though you were."

"Excuse me?"

"Well you were oblivious to Bass staring at you after the game."

"Bass was not staring at me."

He scoffs and says "whatever."

I roll my eyes and he gets off my bed.

"Goodnight Cal."

"You two would look cute together" he says.

I throw a pillow at him and go to bed.


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