Darkness appears once again

Once again, Alex gets this creepy dream. Then in a school trip, she realises something, that might change her life for once and ever.


1. Dreams all around

It been late in the night, when Alex opens her eyes in fear, as she regains her breath, she can't help it, but float in the dream. That one dream that keeps on following her, for unknown reason. The room, the smallest room in her home, got not a piece of light, in this dark night. Alex keeps on sleeping, with couple of tries, she gives up, as she headed silently to the living room. Once she sat at her favourite spot, she roamed the tv, as one channel grab her attention. She stops, and gaze with wide fear."this dead body been found today in larcus Dorset.Once again everyone fears comes again, as the unknown death spreads everywhere. Stay at your home, where it is safe for everyone......." Alex closes the tv, with a slight of unbelievable feeling, but darkness in the middle of her heart. She hugs her legs close to her chest, as she recalls what the news had spread..death is been spread in that Dorset. Do not forget to mention, her class trip to their next week. Fear has been spread all along her spine."why." Was all she mummred before she falls to sleep, at the middle of the couch.

*1st dream*

alex point of view:

i look behind me, as I see that darkness which follows me. I keep on running, but couldn't help as I fall, and break a bone or two. I scream, but no one is to help, as suddenly the darkness swallow me.


alex woke up again, she sighs as she heard her mom steps. "Hello darling, o my goodness, what have you been doing her? Teenagers this days."her mom, ms.Park, have been a nurse in a near hospital. They all live alone, epically after the death of the dad, mr.Park."mom iam fine, iam going out to get some fresh air" mrs.park nods, as she headed to the kitchen. Probably for making the lunch.

alex walks along the grass, as she saw a glimpse of her best friend, marcy. "Hey!" Marcy waved. Alex runs to marcy, as they greet each other. They go for a fine walk, until to got sitrbed by this comment."did u see the tv? Will u think our school gonna cancel the trip for it?" Marcy asked, surprisingly excited. Alex face got pale, as she turns away and run to her house, and shut herself in her room. 

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