Mrs. Horan [sequel to Miss. Cowell.]

* a year later* I still miss him tough. But I moved on, I still cant look my "father" in the eyes. I hate his guts!


2. chapter 2

Niall P.O.V

The words just rushed through my mind. I love her, she should be mine not his. Mine, mine, mine for ever.  " Niall, are you okay?" Paul asked. I wanted to answer sarcasticly but Paul dosen't deserve that. " I'm fine, just figured out that my ex-girlfriend is married." " But, she is your ex-girfriend, you should try to move on too." " Paul, I want her the best of course. But I just wish the best was with me..." Fuck I just want to lay in bed for the rest of my  life! We walked in the front door. " vas happenin?!" Zayn screamed. "nothing" I said feeling tears run down my cheeks. I ran to my room. "Niall, what is going on?"Liam asked. I didn't want to tell him but he deserves to know. " Jade is married now and I still love her." " Then tell her" " I can't… She moved on and I have to move on to but I don't want to move on 'cause I love her." " But you just met and then she said she was married?" " She is my lawyer... We are meeting again tomorrow. Can you call her and say I got hit by a truck 'cause that's how I feel like…" " No, Niall you have to face her and make her belive you moved on to." Maybe you are right." " No, not 'maybe' I'm right." Liam gave me a hug.


Jade P.O.V

I opened the door to see Riley make out with a girl. I dropped my bag in shock. Riley looked up at me. " Lindsay I think you should leave." Riley said. The girl went by me I still stood there in shock. " Is your father home?" " Yes, mum I…" I cut him off. " You're talking to your father okay. He is the one to decide if you can make out with someone."  " Fine…" I knocked on Timmy's door. " Come in." " Hi Timmy, what are you doing?" " Playing with pokemon, you woulden't understand." " Do you have the Tyrinatiar card?" Oh yeah I know my pokemon. " No…" " Then lets go buy it then." " Really?" "Yeah, c'mon." " Ethan I'm just taking Timmy out for shopping." " Could you swing by the grocery?" " Yeah."

Timmy and I walked out. I made sure that he was wearing his wool coat ' cause it is winter. " look mum!" We stood outside the toy store. He pointed for a big fireman truck. " Do you want the truck?" " No thanks"


Niall P.O.V


The guys and I were going out to make my mind on something else. We were going to this lovely italian resturant. " look Louis the is the toy store you spend your time in." Harry screamed. I looked up and saw a kid and his mum point to something in the window. I looked at the mothers face. And BAM that was Jade. " JADE!!" Louis screamed. Her eyes widened. She smiled. We all ran up to her and apparently her son.




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