zerrie's child ?

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  • Published: 27 Jun 13
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Blurb hey hey im jenny or jen my full name is jennifer but thats an effort to say so ya call me jen or jenny im turning 13 next week cant wait :D anyway about this story its well why dont you find out because i cant think at the moment promise its good :)

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1. happy birthday

Zayn's P.O.V

I woke up and the first thing that popped into my head was my little girl jennifer 13 birthday ! 13 years ago my wife gave birth to my little girl and now she is with her family that is raising her. I got out of bed and heard someone crying "perrie whats wrong?" i asked rubbing circles around her back "w-why d-did w-we give give her up" perrie sobbed "because we were young " i sighed "and stupid my baby girl is 13 today 13 miserable years without jen do you know how hard that is for a mam?" perrie sobbed into my shoulder "yes perrie i do know she was my baby girl to , if only she knew that we were her parents " i sighed and hugged perrie "i know".

(this is like 2027 and jen was born when they were 20 ...god thats sounds ages away )

Jenny's P.O.V

"HAPPY BIRTHDAY" my mam and dad yelled coming into my room "yay im finally 13 !" i smiled "yes my baby girl is 13 were have the years gone?" my dad said hugging me "haha dad im still your baby girl" i smiled hugging both of them and getting out of bed "do you want your present ?" my mum asked "yessssssss pllleeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaassssssssseeeeee" i sang causing my parents to laugh they handed me a card and then a little box "thanks" i said opening them i opened my card first and took out the card i read the front 'to the biggist 1D card happy birthday' "oh thanks mam and dad i love it"  i smiled looking at the card im a big directioner and mixer . I opened the card and there was 4 tickets fell out that said 'one direction tickets 7-7-27 ' "ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh mammmy daddddyyy i lovvvvvvveeeeeeee youuuu" i shouted /screamed/sang "im glad you like it babe" my mam smiled then i opened the little box and found .... "BACK STAGE PASS !!!!" i screamed and jumped up and down "i love you i love you i love you" i repeated again and again "im calling Chole ,sydney ,leah and lotte" i said grabbing my iphone off my bedside table . *Call*

"hey guys your on group chat guess what!" i shouted into the phone

"happy birthday" was yelled though the phone then a load of whats 

"ok do you know the way you guys are my best friends ?" i said more of a questions 

"yeeeesssss" chole said 

"well guess what girls are going to see the sexy one direction tonight " i screamed into the phone they all screamed 

"really?" lotte said 

"yes and i have back stage pass !!" i shouted into the phone 

"oh my god well i have to go i need to get ready to meet the 5 sexy 30 year olds" leah said 

"same" sydney and the girls said and then hung up. 

*End of call*

I went down stairs and sat down in the kitchen "do you want pancakes" my 19 year old sister smiled "yes please" i sang . i better tell you about myself before i go any further, i will do a list .

1. im 13 :)

2. i have an older sister  named jessie 

3. im from ireland , dublin  but everyone says i sound a bit British i dont think so 

4. im a mixer & directioner

5. i have 4 best friends sydney,leah,chole,lotte

6. my family is a little bit wealthy so i get a lot of stuff but im not a spoiled bitch !

7. i have blondish brownish hair im 5"2 and my name is jennifer but call me jenny...


"there done" jessie called from the cooker "thanking you" i smiled as she put them on my plate , i ate my pancakes and then went upstairs to get changed. 


I put on my black skinnies and a mixers jumper i put my long hair up into a messy bun . I went onto my mac book air and then went on twitter i changed my name to 'its my birthday 1D notice me !!' then i went on facebook to find a load of happy birthdays i liked all them then went back on twitter and zayn tweeted 'god miss my baby girl 13 today :o gosh feels like yesterday i held you and then  gave you to your 'parents' :(' i retweeted it and thought to myself god i would hate to be that girl who doesn't know there parents are zerrie. "Jenny your godmother is here!" my mam called from down stairs "coming " i sang oh ya i can sing :p im suppose to be amazing at it thats what im told.

i walked down stairs and seen elle there with a present  "elle" i smiled hugging her "hey babe" she said smiling and handing me a gift i opened the gift and seen a charm bracelet with a clover and a teddy and other cute charms "thank you elle" i smiled putting it on. 


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