Sunset Cliff

(For the new competition, A Hidden Power) This story doesn't really have a set.......plot, I am going to make it up as it goes. Nothing is planed to happen, usually I have a general Idea, but not today. So, if you hate it and think it is bad let me know, ok?


8. Understanding

Draco stared at Par in total shock. "I herd you....whoa...." She nodded. We should go, get back, at sunset, Ok, Draco?

He nodded and laid down. Slowly he fell asleep.

He jerked awake just as the sun was dipping below the horizon. Wake up! We have a problem! He looked over at Par and jumped up. He shoulder was exactly the same height as his. "Oh, wow, you grew, a"

Par hissed at him Is that all you have to say? Wow? I'm in tremendous pain! Lets go, I want to meet the others.

"Par, sorry, ok? It surprised me. Whoa, look at the cliff..." Draco had bent over to get his stuff and saw the cliff the sun was reflecting off shone like gold. Par came over and looked down at it. Suddenly she jumped off. She glided down to a small over hang and looked up at me, she whistled and the wall began to glow even more.

Draco laughed, "Par, Look at the sun! This is Sunset Cliff!!" The red dragon turned and saw the angle of the sun and whistled again. She dropped off the over hang and soared back up. She dropped to the ground next to him. He stood and finished packing.

Stopping by the tree he grabbed a dozen apples, maybe more. He stowed them in the pack and grabbed one more to eat. "Ok, lets go, Par." They trotted down the hall, it was getting colder and winder he father they went, then they burst out into the four-way and saw that no one else was their.

Draco looked at Par. "I guess we're early for the party, eh?" She nodded and flexed her wings.

Draco prompt himself against one wall. "Listen, Par, when they come, pretend you cant talk yet, ok? I want to surprise them. I'll talk to you, but you wont answer me until we figure out if we can hear one another's thoughts, ok?" Par nodded and stretched. Draco, I'm really sore. All my bone feel like their breaking. Why do I hurt like this?

"Your sore because your growing, Par." He told her. "I used to get those pains in my back, but not as bad as others." Suddenly she stopped moving and stared down one of the dark halls, it looked like the water one, or earth maybe.

Suddenly a medium sized multi colored blue dragon burst from the darkness, roaring. He landed on Par.

Draco jumped up. "Get Off MY DRAGON!" He threw his hand out and the dragon was slammed to the wall. He writhed and roared, trying to get free. Draco stood their, panting, with his hand out stretched. "Be still." He commanded. The Dragon stopped moving. Par stood and shook herself off, she stared down another hall.

A brown and green dragon walked from the hall. "Stay away from my dragon. I swear if anyone attacks her I will kill this dragon and let Darkness take over." A feathered and blue dragon walked from the last hall. Draco shoved the water dragon tighter to the wall.

He realized that other humans were their too. They all resembled the dragons they stood with. The Earth human stepped forward. He was a dark color, his eyes shone. He had his hands out stretched. "Man, calm down, no one will attack her, ok? I'm Eliot, Earth, and my dragon is Trank. If someone attacked your dragon, I would help defend her, but first put down water, ok?"

"I'm Jade, mate, and Venn is my feathery boy, put down the cold prick and step back, Fire is ok." A tan girl said in a Australian Accent. She had black hair with blue parts in it.

Draco ground his teeth and slowly closed his hand, to make a fist. "Don't, ever, come near Par, again, Water." He growled. He put his hand by his side and Roc slid down the wall, landing with a hard thump.

Roc stood and hissed at him. He shook out his wings. A girl with brown hair and bright blue eyes stepped forward. "Fox. My Dragon, Water, is Roc. Sorry, his manners aren't too good." She pulled out a pistol. "But neither are mine."

Eliot stepped forward too. "Hay, whoa. Can we talk? Discuss this? I mean, like we to get back to the compound of Draco's, and learn from The Avia. Come on, please put the gun down, Fox."

Par looked over at Draco. Draco, Sorry, but I'm going to stop this.

He didn't realize what she meant at first, but when she took a deep breath and stretched her neck and head he yelled "NO!" He jumped in front of Par and raised his hand, her head lifted and pointed skyward, she let out the breath, and with it a plume of flame. Par looked down at him and growled. What was that for? I was going to blow it up anyway, why did you move me? How did you move me?

"I didn't know, you have to tell me! I don't know, its the same thing I did to Roc, I can do it with dragons, I don't know why. It just happened! God!" He threw his hands up and looked at the others. Eliot help the gun, but they were all staring at him.

Jade spoke first. "Your....Dragon....understands you....and you.....can" Draco nodded. "Um. Yeah, why?"

Suddenly he feel to his knees, clutching his head, Par roared and clawed the ground.

"QUIET! EVERYONE STOP THINKING! DRAGONS, STOP TALKING!" Draco yelled. Eliot spoke quietly. "Draco, can you-"

"Yes, I can hear your thoughts, and your dragons. It hurts.....El! Your right, Avia would know what to do! Fox, I swear if you do that I will have Par barbecue you. Jade, you can fly?"

Jade looked around nervously. "Uh, yeah....I can fly on Venn with out a saddle, why?"

"Jade, fly to the compound, I think Avia will be their still. Tell them you are searching for her, and that I sent you. I don't have a name to them, I'm just called boy, or friend, but I am the chiefs son. Tell them that. If they ask for my name say 'Nepos', Avia called me that. Go, please." Jade nodded and said "Ok, Draco. Venn, come on, big boy, we need to go." She ran out of the tunnel and Venn fallowed.

Draco got off his knees and walked over to Fox, he held out his hand. "I'm sorry I did that to your dragon. I honestly don't know what I did. Can we start again? I'm Draco. My dragon is Par." He thoughts ran threw his head. :No. Say NO, He almost killed your dragon, your freedom from your life. But, he is good looking and a natural leader. He could help you, yes has better opportunities, shake his hand.: Images accompanied the thoughts.

As she took his hand he leaned in and whispered "I heard that, and I would not sleep with you for anything, except the life of my dragon, and I doubt your life was worse than mine. I've been beet, dissected, pushed off cliffs, and I've been almost killed quit a few times now. So. Stop complaining and work with us, if you work against us I will personally kill you. Understand?" He pulled away, she nodded.

He started down the path, Eliot caught up to him and they walked together in silence. Suddenly Eliot asked "Want water or bread?" Draco had been concentrating on blocking the thoughts out, the dragons were silent, so it surprised him and Fox's and Eliot's thoughts flooded back in. "Sure, do you want a apple? I have a few dozen. Fox, apple?" Fox jogged to catch up to them. :Eliot isn't to bad looking, maybe I I have carrots and bananas. I could use water, though.:

"Eliot has water, if you need it. Can I have a carrot....oh, sorry. I didn't mean to read your thoughts, it just happened that way, my apologies."

Suddenly Jades thoughts came in :Draco? I found the compound, Avia told me to try talking to you. She said you all should be able to ride your dragons once you get outside, but do it at night, land in the center of the compound. Remember to keep Par safe from Roc, I told her what happened. Ok, see you tonight. By the way, I love your Avia, she is awesome, and I like your friends, Dev and Ignis. SO nice.:

Draco though back, or tried to :I herd you, I'll relay the message, thanks, but watch out for Dev, he can be....over bearing.:

She came back immediately :Ok. I shall: He got an image of her and Dev standing alone, talking, her hoping for more. He rolled his eyes.

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