Sunset Cliff

(For the new competition, A Hidden Power) This story doesn't really have a set.......plot, I am going to make it up as it goes. Nothing is planed to happen, usually I have a general Idea, but not today. So, if you hate it and think it is bad let me know, ok?


2. The Left Trail? I know The Right

I slowly fallowed Avia to the fork in the road. She wheezed "Go and get Dev and Ignis." I set my pack on the ground carefully. I ran up the trail, almost smashing into Dev. "Dev, Avia is coming to the compound and needs help getting their. Ignis, she wants you too." Ignis sighed and walked toward the fork.

Dev and I ran ahead. Avia was leaning heavily on her walking stick.

Ignis sprints up to her. "Avia, why are you coming to the compound? Are you ok? How can we help?" She let Avia lean on her. " go on alone, understood? Dev nor Ignis can fallow you down the Left Path."

"What!?" Dev and Ignis chorus.

"Um, well, yeah. It is kind of my destiny......Take care Grandmother. Dev, Ignis, tell my dad I love him, but I need to do something he may not understand in the end."

Ignis seems to understand this but Dev grabs my arm as I reach for my bag. "I swear, I will kill you if you come back." I nod and stand at the head of the trail. I take a deep breath. I know the Right Trail, but the left trail.....The Left Trail is a mystery, along with the egg in my pack. I heft the weight on my shoulder and walk forward. I refuse to look back.

After the first curve in the trail I take a moment to stop and look back. I stretch. My shoulders are soar. Probably from my pack. I set it on the ground and take out the egg. I watch it for a moment. I feel the heat radiating from it. I wonder......

"Well, little egg, it is just the two of us from now on. Until we reach your dad of corse. Are you a little boy or girl? I think you are a girl. Red is a fiery color for passion and love. Female. Male, or other, you need a name. I don't know your father's name. So, I will call you Par, short for Parva Solis. Small Sun. You glow so it fits."

I stow the egg back into the pack and say "Wow, I am talking to an egg. But, I did hear that talking to a baby before it is born helps it connect to you, I wonder if this works the same way?"

As the sun reaches the highest point in the sky I wipe my brow and stop to look around. "Lunch, huh?" I ask the egg in my pack.

I see a fallen tree and decide to sit their to eat lunch. I set the bag in the soft grass at my feet. I pull out some bread and an apple Avia wrapped for me. I ate the apple slowly and watched the clouds move across the sky. After I finish I sit for a few moments and then I see movement. I look pack is moving.

Wait, dose that mean.....I reach down and pull out the egg, it is moving and cracking a little. It still glows under my fingers and stills. "Shh, shh little egg. Par, shh, it's ok, stay in your egg a bit longer. Ok?" It glows brighter and dims. Ok, weird. I decide to carry the egg.

I slipped the pack over my shoulder and picked up the glowing red egg. It wasn't giving off heat now, instead clod. Hmm.......Slowly the trail began to go uphill. As I climbed high the colder it got. And trees began to become fewer and farer between. But, I did not tire for a while. Usually I would have needed to rest but not carrying the egg. It must be giving me energy some how. I saw the sun dipping below the horizon and stopped walking. "Well, Par, it is time for me to stop. I need to sleep sometime." I walked over to the edge of the trail and found a semi sheltered spot.

I put Par down and became tired instantly. I groan but spread out my bed roll and pull out some meat pie and another apple. I lay down and cover the egg with the cloth and yawn. " 'Night Par....sleep well....." I yawn again and close my eyes.

I dream.....

*I look over the edge of the cliff. The Sun is setting over the water. I look behind me, no one is their. I look over the edge again. I take a step back and hear a voice. 'Why do you come here? What do you seek?' It takes me a moment to remember why I am here. 'Avia sent me to bring an egg to the last dragon......I seek the dragon.' The voice laughs 'The last dragon. Ultima Pristis. He is old, but powerful. How do you know he is not the last?' I take another step back and find myself at a wall of rock. The cliff starts to crumble away. 'I don't, please, I-I-I can't fllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll' The cliff had broken away under my feet and now I plunge toward the icy waves, but something grabs my back.*

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