1D imagine

this is my first movella i hope you like it comment your name what you loom like your age and the boy love yall!!!


2. Louis and Jenna Perfect moment

Jennas POV

 Hey Jen my best friend louis said to me hey louis i said wanna hang out after school he asked me yea sure i said.I went home and put my hair up in a messy bun and walked to the cafe me and louis said we would meet at.me and louis ordered our drinks and sat down ummm theres smthing i wanna tell you louis said 

Louis POV

  i dident know how to tell jenna i loved her she was so much better then me he perfect ginger hair fell just the right way unlike me whos messy brown hair wasent even styled.Umm jenna what i needed to tell you is i love you more then as a friend i love you so much its hard to explain i said to her as i said that she smield YAY

Jennas POV

  I love you to i said his smile grew very large well isent that great he said as he leaned in across the table and kissed me.I really dident care how many pap took are picture this was the perfect moment!

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