Dayvien, Isabel, Victoria, and Sierra are off to college in London and also to make new adventures. What happens when they meet One Direction ? Will one of the boys catch them if they fall? Find out in Irresistible!


19. Not so lazy day

~Liam's P.O.V.~ 
     "Hey babe!" I said waking up Isabel. "She rolled over "What?" "I brought you some breakfest." And as soon as I said that she sat up. I started to chuckle. "Why are you laughing?" she asked " Your hair its curly and well... babe it looks like a rats nest." I said. "Thanks." she said using sarcasm. I handed her the food. "Sooo what do you wanna do today?" I asked "Well I was thinking we could have a lazy day." she said putting pancakes in her mouth. "Alright a lazy day it is." I said. *BUZZ BUZZ BUZZ BUZZ* My phone starting to buzz. "Hello", "Wait what?!?!" ,"We are on our way!" I got up and put a shirt and pants on. "Whats going on? " Isabel asked "I dunno but, Sierra said to go to the hospital.". "Really how many freaking times do we have to go to the hospital?" Isabel said getting clothes and begining to get dressed. "Hey Mr. Payne turn around." She said, I pouted "You aint gunna see any of this."She said gesturing her body. "Or will I?" I said and winked she gave me a glare. Once we were done we had Harry and Victoria come with us. "Wheres Dee and Niall?" Isabel asked. "Oh Dee had to get a check up for her head so they are at the hospital." Harry replied. "Oh okay I was getting worried and asuming they got kidnapped or something." She said. "Or they might've rented a hotel roomfor the evening if you know what I mean." I added "Liam James Payne what has gotten into you this morning!" Isabel said. "Well the most innocent have the dirtiest minds." Harry said. 

~Sierra's P.O.V.~

The world was going in slow motion. I saw the paramedics get Louis and strap him in the little bed thingy. I stood there thnking "What the heck just happened this cant be real. I picked up my phone dialled Liams number and just said to come to the hospital and hung up. The man led me into the ambulance and off we went. I saw Louis bleeding and bleeding his heart rate was going slower and slower until beeeeeeeeeeppp. I started to cry 'CLEAR!!!!!' I heard the man say. I lost it, my breathing was going faster and faster until I heard his heart rate go up and then I passed out. 

~Dee's P.O.V.~

"Any loss of memory?" The doctor asked while looking in my eyes with the light "Nope" I said cheerfully " Well Dayvien you just need to take pain killers for your headaches and your good to go." she said. "so she is gunna be okay?" Niall said a little too exited. " Yes Mr. Horan shes gunna be okay." the doctor said and then we left. Me and Niall were walking hand and hand and then we saw doctors rushing the hall way and as they rushed by I  saw the persons face and it was Louis! I saw paramedics carrie a girl who I saw was Sierra! what the frap is going on?. I saw Louis go into the operation room and Sierra into a recovery room I ran to the paramedics and asked what was wrong and they didnt tell me -.- . 

~12 Hours Later~ 

~Isabel's P.O.V.~ 
I had just gotten back from getting Dees inhaler and We are in Sierra's room and we found out that she just passed out in the ambulance. 

so shes okay and Louis got out of surgery 30 min ago. Now we are just waiting for him to get and when I saw We I mean me, Liam, Victoria, Harry, and Sierra. Dee and Niall crashed out on the bed by the window. I was in deep thought till I saw Louis bed roll in next to Sierras " Hey guys!" Louis said witha smile. " LOUIS!" We all yelled and hugged him. He sat up and leaned torwards Sierras bed and she did the same and they pecked each others lips and layed back down . Awe that was cute I thought. Dee and Niall woke up and said Hi and then we desided to go home since, the doctor let Louis go..~Zayns P.O.V.~I just wanted to sleep all day since in a couple of days we have to go on tour. Yeah we are going on tour for 8 months or 9 months not sure yet well anyways, I just wanted to be lazy and sleep so I turned off my phone and slept.~Martty's P.O.V.~I left a note in zayns bathroom because, he probably would fix his hair in a while. I left to go visit my mum in Ireland because, I havemt talked to her in a while since my ex didnt let me talk to my family OR friends, so I desided to go now. ~Zayns P.O.V~ (This part is when Isabel offerd to come get Dees inhaler and to see what was wrong with Z&M) I heard a knock on the door "who is it?!" I yelled. 'Its me Isabel" My heart raced. "Come in" I opened my eyes to see her beautiful eyes. "Hey why arent you answering your phone?" She asked "I turned it off so I can have a sleep day before we go on tour." I explained. " Tour?" She questioned. Dang it I wadnt supposed to say anything. "Tour did I say that pshh noo anyways not to be mean but, why are you here?" I said avoiding thw tour. "Oh I came to get Dees inhaler and plus I noticed you werent at rhe hospital." Hospital? "What did Dee do now." I said. "No its not Dee its Louis.", "LOUIS?!?!" I yelled. "NO ONE CAME TO GET ME UGH WHAT HAPPENED?!" I yelled. Isabel cringed alittle "well erm... Sierra said he got stabbed by this girl Macy." She said trying to calm me down. " and we called you millions of times and you didnt answer, we asummed you were with Martty and Louis is gunna be home tonight soo.." She explained. "Where is our girlfriend anyways." She said sounding angry. "Shes not my girlfriend and I dunno." I wondered. "Imma use the loo real quick." I said needing to pee and thats when I saw the note on the door. "She went to Ireland to visit her mum for a couple of days..." I turned to say to Isabel but she was gone. And I used the loo and fell back asleep. 

Bye!! See you laterz!!! stay strong and beautiful always & forever 
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