Dayvien, Isabel, Victoria, and Sierra are off to college in London and also to make new adventures. What happens when they meet One Direction ? Will one of the boys catch them if they fall? Find out in Irresistible!


17. Fate? or just friends?

Zayn's PO.V
Im feel the breeze hitting against my face as I walk through the park, I decided to take a walk over here after Dee came home. I couldnt handle seeing Isabel with Liam... I see her happy I guess it was ment to be for them... I cant help but stop thinking about her. I look uo and I see a girl sleeping under a tree. Something in me told me to go over there so being the idiot that I am I did. I shook her and she woke up. "What the hell?!" She said letting her irish accent flow "sorry I just saw you and I wanted to know if you needed help." I said sadly. "Do I look like a charity case?" She snapped. "No but...." I trailed off "sorry I just had a bad couple of days."she apoligized "tell me love." I said "really? Fine okay well short story me and my boyfriend got in a HUGE fight and he kicked me out." She started to tear up "would you like to come stay with me and my friends?" I asked "But, I barley know you " , "Well what's your name?", "Martty" she said " beautiful name" I said and smiled "now I know you so come on." I lifted her up and she got her stuff and we walked to the flat.

Martty's P.O.V.

Wow this guy is nice.... that's how my ex was before he..... no Martty don't think like that he probably is just being nice that's all I thought to myself. Well we will see what happens. We walked I'm guessing to his flat and it was peaceful and a comfortable silence. "Sooooo.... what do you like to do?" Zayn asked "I like to run, dance , and play volleyball what about you?" I asked "I love to draw!" He said. "Thats nice." I said "Yup" he said popping the P. " Ermm.. Soo we have other girls but, they dont live with us." Zayn added " Are they strippers? " I joked "no and just to let you know Dee might not be in the mood." , "Why  not?" I asked . "If you ask her then, she might tell you." He replied. "Well welcome to One Directions House!" He said opening the door (My boyfriend didnt let me listen to 1D because, he got jealous stuiped right?). I looked around the flat "woah!" I whispered. "ZAYN IS THAT YOU!!!!, YOU BETTER HAVE AN EXPLAINATION ON WHY YOUR GONE!" I heard a deep voice yell. "AND YOU BETTER HAVE SOME FOOD!!" I heard another voice but, it was Irish. " I JUST WENT TO THE PARK AND NO NIALL I DIDNT BRING FOOD!!" Zayn yelled back and before I knew it I saw a guy with curly hair , a blonde guy woah was he cute!, and a girl with glasses on the cuties back. "Why hello love! I'm Harry." the curly haired one said "HI!! I'm Niall" the irish blonde one said with a wave. "BABE!!!!" I heard the girl yell "Oi Im so sorry did I hit your head god why am I so stuiped Im sorry princess!" Niall said to the girl which I'm assuming is his girlfriend (sad face). "I'm fine babe dont be sorry just a simple mistake." she said kissing his cheek and making him blush. "Sorry why HELLER!! I'm Dayvien but, you can call me DEE or LOU!" she said pulling me into a hug. "MINI LOU!!" I heard a loud voice say which revealed a guy with swept hair. "Oh hey guurl! Im louis and you must obey me because, I am the carrot king!" he yelled "Oh okay forget all about your girlfriend." A girl with long hair appeared. "And my queen you must obey her tooo" Louis yelled. "Heya Im sierra." she said doing a little wave. "Whats goin on?" I heard a guy say with a girl holding his hand "Ya I heard Dee got droppped." The girl said putting her hand on her waist and glaring at Niall. "Thats Liam and Isabel...." Zayn whispered to me sounding sad. "Hey ! Harry you left me all alone." A girl with really curly hair appeared , how many people are here?!?. "Sorry Love I met this new girl that Zayn brought home!" he said kissing her "No kissing right now I have to introduce myself." She said. She came over to me and said "Hi! Im victoria!" and then she went bakc. "Im Martty." I said "Lovley name." Dee said. And just like that everyone went their seprate ways. Dee came over to me "Soooo  you and Zayn huh?" She said with her american accent "We are not together." I said striaght out. "Thats what you say nowww." She siad dancing. "Erm if you dont mind me asking What happened with you?" I asked, she started to tear up. and she told me all that had happen. Truthfully I felt so bad because, she was crying. I guess Niall saw because, he led her to Im guessing his room. I think I'm going to like it here. (:

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