Check Yes, Niall

Love At First Sight is apparently real? Or fake? In this case, there is no fake in existence. Niall James Horan from the British/Irish boy band, One Direction, stole my heart, and I think I stole his too.. Call me a theif for love? ;)


1. Meeting Nialler <3

  "AHHHHHHHH!" is all I heard from the screaming fans of One Direction all around me. I was at the meeting greet, and in just a few minutes, the boys were to walk out and enter the tables to sign autographs.
  Oh, by the way! My name is Tory :) I have long wavy, golden auburn coloured hair, but I'll curl or straighten it every once in a while. I'm 5'6" tall with hazel eyes (eye colour that changes from green to brown). I was born September 21, 1994.
  "HARRY!!!" I heard the girl right next to me yell out, VERY clearly. There they were! Harry Styles, Louis Tomlinson, Niall Horan, Zayn Malik, and Liam Payne all walked out in order to take a seat at the tables. By the time it was my turn to get my autographs, I was sooooo excited! But I actually held it in, I didn't want to scream in their faces. By the time I got to Niall though, I was almost speechless. Niall was my favorite out of the group. Don't get me wrong, I freaking love all of them to death, but if I had to marry one, it'd be Niall James Horan. <3

  "Hi, love! What's your name?" he said in his adorable Irish accent.

  "Tory," I replied smiling. "With a 'Y'"

  Niall looked up at me about to say "Here you go" but then his voice trailed off and he stared into my eyes. I stared right back into his beautiful blue eyes, not trying to look desperate of course. I never really thought I'd ever meet any of the lads anyway.

  "Could you step to the side here after you're done getting the rest of your signings?" he asked me.

  I nodded and went down the table to Louis. I actually couldn't believe it. Is this what I think is happening?

  "You need a pinch, day dreamer?" Louis asked me with a smile. I let out a little laugh and went down to Harry, while Louis' eyes were still following me with a smile.

  After the signing was over, Niall came up to me and grabbed my hand gently.

  "Would you like to go out for dinner sometime?" Niall asked me a little sheepish.

  I smiled at him and he gave me his number.

  "Sure" I said smiling :)

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