Waiting For it all to end...

A poem about life and it's struggles.
An original please do not copy.
Feedback is much appreciated.
Areej xx


1. Waiting For It All To End...


Waiting For It All To End...



When things are wrong,

How is anything right?


When words mean nothing,

And all there's left to do is fight.


I'll try to stay strong,

But there's no guarantee,

We might be together but maybe we'll not be.


I'll close my eyes and picture you there,

Bit that ain't always fair.


You think you know me,

But you may not,

In the end that's all we've got.


Staying strong,

Making Friends,

Waiting for it all to end.



An original by: Areej xx


Ps. Sorry this is so depressing...>.<

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