My Music *ON HOLD*

Well umm I saw this as a chance to share my music with all of you I hope you all like them. Just comment below if you like them or you have an idea about something to write about or if you have any pointers. So thanks.


3. Authors Note New Song!!!


Heey sorry I haven't updated for a very long time it's because I've been out of state but I got back on the 6th of this month. But I've been very busy I got my iPad from school so I will be able to update more after church and school and stuff like that and my photography and everything. I'm so sorry again but I have one I've had for a while but I keep adding stuff to it so it will probably be finished in the next few weeks and if you have any ideas I will give you credit were credit I'd do so if you can help then please do. And like and favorite this please and comment down below what you think or any comments and no bad ones please just keep it to yourself and don't read this movellas then if your not going to be kind about it and I'm also working on finishing up tears from September and then I'm starting a few more songs so again if you have any ideas or guidelines then please comment them down below in the comment section wherever it is and pleas tell me what you think of tears from September so far and I will try and get that updated soon also. Thanks love you all!!! 


I will be writing stories in a notebook or journal pretty soon and once I am satisfied by the amount of chapters I have or about the story then I will type them all up and then publish them or I might do one a day. But until then thank you all again love you my lovely's!!!.

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