👎I'm Just A Loser✌ *One Direction Famous*

**FINISHED** Description-
I'm just a loser. A nerd. A nobody. I don't have any friends. Only cause im a loser. Nobody likes me. Everyone hates me. Why do 5 boys want to adopt me to make me happy? Why does One Direction want me? Why is my ex here? Why did Louis kiss another girl? I knew I'm just a loser.


51. Chapter 47-

Chapter 47- 

*Harrys POV*

"Get up guys." I hear a voice. 
I think the boys are shaking us awake. I open up my eyes and yawn I stretch out my arms.
"Ill wake them up." I say shewing the boys away.
"Wake up princess." I lightly shake Emily. 
She yawns and her beautiful eyes flutter open. 
"Where are we?" She sits up.
"Dallas." I smile.
"Oh." She says. 
I give her a kiss on the forehead. 
"Darcy boo wake up." She says rubbing Darcy's arm.
"Mama." Darcy wakes up. "Dada." She stretches her arms out to me. I grab her and place her on my hip. We walk off the bus and jumble into the arena. 
"3 hours till show time boy." Paul says.

*3 hours later*

We finnaly got done with the "talk" and all the songs. We still had to sing what makes you beautiful. I pulled Darcy out on stage. She loved to come on stage. I know management hates it but, it's my responsibility not there's. 
"Say hello to my little daughter Darcy." I say into the mic. 
The crowd cheered and we went on with the show. At the end Darcy grabbed my mic and started to talk into it. She ran away from me around the stage. The crowd had a laugh about that. I'm glad they don't hate Darcy. 
"Come here little squirt." She threw the mic and it made a loud noise. 
I picked it up and threw her over my shoulder. She couldn't stop laughing. I went off stage to Emily. 
"Wow she was a ruckus out there." Em laughs.
"Nah. She's perfect." I get Darcy off my shoulder. 
I set her down and grab her hand. We walk back out on the tour bus. 
"Where to now?" She asks.
"L.A. It's our last show for the tour." 
"Yay." She cheers.
I kiss her cheek and pick Darcy back up. I pull Emily into my side. 
"I love you." 
"I love you more." She smirks.
"No way." I smile back.
"Yes way." She sticks out her tougne.
"Fine." I pout.
"Aww is someone jealous?" She pinches my cheek.
"Awww come here." She pulls me in and kisses me. "Feel better?" 
"Yes." I smile. 
"Come on Styles family." Niall shouts.
Me, Darcy and Em all walked to the tour bus. We got on and started our journey. We had to stop at an airport to get on our private jet so we wouldn't miss the show. We all got on the jet and took off. It's gonna take a good 5 hours to get there. This ought to be fun. He says sarcastically. When we got on we all crashed. The plane ride was quite... Until screaming came...

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