Liam's secret daughter

Yeah,Liam has a daughter,but the catch is he doesn't know about her.My name is Casidy,my daughter's name is Ollyanna,but everyone calls her olly.To tell you my story,I have to start from the beginning


10. dad called..

Authors note:

Ok,so I will be updating a lot more because I got the update.FINALLY!!So here is the update


____________________________________________"Will you marry me?"Liam said.I was speechless.I tried to talk,no words come out of my mouth.I just nodded my head yes.He picked me up and spin me around while kissing me.This kiss was so full of passion.It was so romantic.We heard cheering.Olly came up and hugged us."Mummy,you'll have the same name as me!"She said.My life is complete.My beautiful daughter,my soon-to-be husband.Everything was perfect.


Last week plays in my head everyday now.That was the week Liam proposed.Everything was so perfect.My phone rang,snapping me out of day-dream mode.It was my dad.Wait,what?When I told him I was pregnant,he said he never wanted to talk to me again.I wonder what's up."Dad?"

"Cassidy,good to talk to you,how's life?"he asked,what is going on?

"Fine,Olly is three now."I said,this is really weird.

"Good,Lexi tell's me your dating your daughter's father again.The one I said stay away from."

What he said,crossed the line."Ok,look.You kicked me out when I needed my family.This is MY life.You can't tell me what to do anymore.You don't even know my daughter.Do you even know me anymore?I am surprised you remember my name."with that,I hung up.I cried,so much.Liam came home and started comforting me.I am so lucky to have him.He is so sweet.I don't know what I would do with out him.


Hey everyone!Whats up?Who's exited for the wedding?I am.Is it sad I cried while writing this?I know it sucks,but I tried.I will be updating a lot.Actually working on a new chapter now.TTYL!


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