Fearing Summers End

When 19 year old Shay gets bullied into self harm the one person that can get her through the experience is her lifelong friend, Zayn Malik. Once Zayn announces his world tour with the band at the end of the summer they strive to make this summer together the best summer.


2. Chapter 2

Today I got sent home from the hospital. I was glad to be home but I was lonely when my mom left for work all day. I was still not able to go around with my normal life and I had to stay lazy all day. Lucky for me school just ended so people wouldn't make fun of my scars and burns. I don't think I could handle that at all. 


"Eww look at that girls neck!" snottily said the queen bee of the school, Ariel. 

"Yuck that's disgusting! I'm glad I'm not her!" agreed her clique. 

I ran off to the girls bathroom balling my eyes out. I just sat there and cried forever. I was sick of people making fun of me. I mean, I couldn't help what I looked like. Some people just don't get it. 

I continued crying until I heard a knock on the stall door.

"Who is it?" I questioned, my voice cracked. 

"Come out and see," I heard Zayn's voice answer. 

I started laughing as I slid the stall door open and stepped out revealing my face with puffy eyes and makeup running down my cheeks. 

"Why are you laughing?" He questioned with a small smile on his face. 

"You're in the girls bathroom!" I burst out laughing. Then I remembered why I was in the bathroom. My eyes welled with tears again. 

"Things will get better eventually," Zayn told me while he embraced me in a warm hug while he ran his fingers through my long, tangled red hair. 

"That's what everyone tells me and things just get worse!" I pretty much yelled at him. 

*End of Flashback*

My blue eyes filled with tears when I remembered. That day may seem like a normal day for me, but it wasn't. That was the day I cut myself. I promised myself that cutting was only going to be a one time thing but that might be very hard. 

I suddenly snapped out of my daydream noticing I was in my  bathroom with a razor in my hand. 

"Come on Shay you're stronger than this!" I quietly scolded myself as I headed for the couch. I turned on the first movie in the Harry Potter series and settled down to watch it. 

About halfway through my movie my phone buzzed from the end table. I reached over and grabbed it seeing Zayn's name on the screen. I answered it. 

"Hey, just calling to check on you", Zayn said when I answered the phone. 

"Ehhh I'm alright. Thanks for calling", I told him. 

"What's wrong Shay?"

"Nothing really, just remembering things".

"Is everything going to be alright?"

"Yeah. Umm, do you think you can come over. I need to get my mind off a few things".

"Yeah sure, I'll be over soon with your favorite ice cream!"

"Thank you! See you soon!"

"Bye!" Zayn yelled as he hung up. 

I set my phone back on the end table and resumed my movie with my fuzzy blanket pulled up to my chin. I decided to rest my eyes until Zayn got over.


I must've slept a while because when I opened my eyes I saw that the TV was on The Chamber of Secrets. I also saw Zayn's distinct figure on the opposite end of the couch from me.

"Sorry I fell asleep," I apologized to Zayn. 

"Why are you sorry?" He asked. 

"I really don't know. Did you bring my ice cream?" I quickly asked. 

Zayn gently got up and headed towards my kitchen. I heard the freezer door open and the rattle of silverware and then soon he was next to me again with a carton if cookie dough ice cream and two long spoons.

"Thank you!" I squealed as he handed me a spoon and sat down and put the ice cream container on the table in front of us. 

"Shay?" Zayn asked a little nervously. 

"Yes?" I responded with my mouth full of ice cream. 

"Don't get angry but at the end of the summer the lads and I start a world tour", he said with sadness in his eyes. 

I didn't know what to say. I was speechless. Zayn was pretty much my only friend and he's helped me through the whole bulling situation. I can't stand to see him leave! I know it's his job and he loves it but I wish he could stay. 

I started crying and soon felt Zayn's strong arms wrap around me. 

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