Mr Blue Eyes

Allannah is an award winning interviewer for bliss. She has a hard time believing that she has to interview the biggest boy band In the world, what she does not expect is that she will fall madly in love with 2 of the boys....who will she choose?


1. Late again

"Ally, for goodness sake wake up!!"

My eyes flickered open to the sound of graces raging voice.

"You need to get up you're going to be so fricken late" she rolled her eyes at me, I rubbed my eyes "what, what time is it?" I said so sleepily.

"7:30 now get your lazy butt up before I call off you're interview" she said harshly,

"you wouldn't..."

"try me" she said raising her eyebrow.

"my alarm didn't go off " I said scratching the back of my head as I dragged myself out of bed to the bathroom.

"oh it did Ally, it rang 8 times" 

"w-what!!" I exclaimed spitting the toothpaste out of my now clean mouth.

"just hurry up lazy" she said giggling.

i grabbed the hairbrush off the side and forcefully pulled it through my knotted hair "owchhh" I winced quietly. I ran out of the bathroom putting my hair up in a kind of neat pony. Grace had gotten out my clothes for today, "what would I do without you?" I sighed in relief, she really was a life saver. 

"Now I picked something sexy but sophisticated, so this black midi dress and black blazer with white turn-ups oh and them white shoes you got the other day" she lifted it up and handed it to me. "Breakfast?" She said turning as she got to the door. 

"Erm yes please just toast and a coffee in that drink flask..... Oh and grace?" 

"Yeah ?" 

"Thank you" I sighed in relief, she's truly amazing. 

Grace walked out and shut the door behind her, I walked over to my underwear drawer and slipped some on, then I pulled on the dress and slipped on the shoes. 'Ugh Ally you really need to get up earlier look at these bags' I thought to myself a I dabbed on a light layer of makeup making sure to cover any imperfections up. I looked at the clock, shoot 15 minutes. I only lived 5 minutes away from the M.E.N arena in Manchester but I had to practice and sign in. I grabbed my blazer and ran down the stairs, there on the table was a slice I toast with jam on and a flask full of Yorkshire tea Mmmh my favourite. I grabbed the toast shoving it into my mouth before putting on my blazer and gathering my keys and phone in the other hand with my script. 

"Grace you ready" I shouted into the kitchen and out came a happy grace with some toast. 

"Yep il give you a lift, you're to tired to drive" she said getting the flask off the table because my hands were full. We walked out, switched off the lights and locked the door practically running to the car. Grace grabbed my hand "good luck today Ally" she whispered before starting the ignition.   


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