Baby I Loved You First

Hi, this story is about an italian girl who moved to England because of her parents.
She's gonna live in a small town,Doncaster and she'll has to go in a English school where she'll meet Louis,Harry,Liam,Niall and Zayn.
this story is more abuot Louis but there will be Harry too.
Hope you've gonna enjoy to read it.
I'm sorry if I commit grammatical mistakes... I'm good at English at school and I promise that I'll chack my story... please don't judge me badly for mistakes I'm Italian
so sorry again
xo xo


2. OH. MY. GOSH!

Oh.My.Gosh !

Continued to roam the corridors, up and down the stairs, and finally arrived in front of the head teacher's office where there was a plate with written “Principal Mr. Skinner”. Louis knocked loudly without problems than said:

-“You don’t know how many times I did that… every time I’ve passed near this door and every time I had to enter in !”

I looked at him and smiled than we entered in the office where there was the principal. Louis greeted him as he was one of his friends and skinner did the same:

-“Hi Louis, how are you? Did you spend nice holydays?”

-“Skinner! I missed you during the summer, and my holydays were great… And now I’m ready to start over again to come back to you!”

Skinner looked at him shaking his head and smiled at him like he wanted to say “You’re not normal” than he looked at me and said:

-“What’s the problem? What did he do to you?”

He asked resignedly, than I replied:

-“Nothing, just he accompanied me here and I’m new in this school so a boy told me that I have to give you documents or maybe the registration form…”

-“Yes, yes … what’s your name?”

-“I’m Emily Forelli, and I’m from Italy”

I added then…

-“Oh, so you’re the Italian girl right? Well that’s your locker’s number and that’s its code to open it. After that your class will be the C13”

When the principal mentioned "C13", the eyes Louis’s lit up, and then took from my hand the piece of paper with written on, the code of the locker and the respective number and said, while we were exiting from the office:

-“You know that your locker is close to mine? Come with me!”

OH.MY.GOSH my locker was close to his…Then I asked him why he was so in confidence with the principal:

-“Sorry Louis, can I ask you why are you so in confidence whit Skinner?”

-“Obviously, you can… You have to know that I’m very active in class, but not in the right way, in the wrong… that’s, I’m joke too much, I comment stupidly things that teachers saying and I think the worst: I make fun of teachers… last year I was suspended for three days, because at school I have shown my bum to Skinner and I was swiftly suspended, but I think it was worth it!”

-“Wait, so you’ve shown your bum with pants right?”

-“No it was totally naked!”

He said, as if it was an everyday thing, then I said:

-“Sorry Louis, but you’re crazy!”

-“When my friends when my friends have learned, they said the same thing!”

Then we started laughing like two idiots and arrived in front of green lockers and Louis began tinkering on it, showing me how I had to open it. I liked the fact that he spoke slow enough to help me understand what he was saying; in fact I noticed the difference when Harry and three other guys surrounded him, and started to talk about… I don’t actually know what, they were speaking too fast, but I understood that they mentioned a girl named Eleanor and she has something to do with Louis… Who was she? Maybe Louis’s sister, I don’t know.

I arranged the books in the locker and just when I pulled out the book for the hour of English, the bell rang and they all faded away in the various classes, including Louis who made ​​me as tourist guide for all the morning. So I had to wander around the whole school and only after fifteen minutes, I found out the damn class with a nametag that says C13, and knocked on the close door, then a male voice answered followed by the whole class’s voices:

-“Yes come in!”

-“Morning, sorry is this 10thC?”

-“Yes it is, and you’re so late, who are you?”

-“I’m really sorry teacher, but I didn’t find the class, I’m Emily Forelli and I’m new here… Mr.  Skinner told me to come in this class… Is this C13?”

-“Yes, yes it’s C13 and we were waiting at you…please sit down near Eleanor!”

Eleanor? Also Harry, Louis and their friends spoke about a certain Eleanor in the hallway.

I went and sat next to her ... in practice we were in a row of desks of three where I was outside, Eleanor was in the middle and another girl, Shay was beside the window.

Just placed at the counter, the teacher began to show up and redo the appeal of the class. That teacher called Mrs. Smith and taught English, was absolutely ridiculous the way he dressed, makeup completely wrong: two shades darker foundation cream of her skin, red lipstick on a long, thin mouth. The eye shadow was like crap on the small snake-eyes, looked almost like a turkey or an ostrich from the great either spraying beauty from every pore. And I forgot talking about the horrible big nose. Then I didn’t stand to hear her anymore because I’m lost in my thoughts, and how handsome was that Louis.

I had not even looked around the class to see if there was someone I met in the hallway shortly before, but suddenly I heard Mrs. Smith call up someone...:

-“Tomlinson! You're already starting? Would you like to go to the principal right now? If not, shut up!”

A response sly stood out other side of the classroom:

-“Of course, Mrs. Smith I would go by Skinner, I promised him that I’m gonna met him soon!”

That voice wasn’t new to me, I turned and saw a kind of light coming down from the ceiling and illuminated that idiot:

It was Louis who was challenging Smith.



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