Truly Madly Deeply~

Shannon is a huge Directioner. Her parents think that she is absolutely obsessed and crazy... and lets just say don't exactly support them. she is 16 years old of age and originally has black hair but dyed it red. her parents are really strict and Shannon really doesn't have ANY hope that her dreams will come true. One direction is her life and... one day... she can see... just see her dreams beginning to come alive, with just a little shot of luck. but what is she going to do about her parents? What is going to happen? Join her as she embarks on her new journey!!

:* Hope you like it! It's my first ever fan fiction right here on Movella! :)


1. Another Day At Home

Shannon's P.O.V

I was woken up by the warm sunshine warming my face. I groaned and put an arm over my face tiredly. Eventually i hauled myself up and out of the comfy bed and went to clean up. 

I trudged downstairs, still sleepy and brought out a pancake mix. I turned on the stove and placed the pan on the heat and yawned. While i waited for the pan to heat up, i went back upstairs and brushed my dyed red hair neatly and tied it up in a ponytail. I changed out of my PJs and into a comfortable T shirt i had made. It was plain white and this one just had a picture of a kitten on it and on the back, it had a small 1D logo and words that said "I heart Harry Styles." I grabbed my ipod on my way back downstairs and switched on a One direction song to full blast. Pouring pancake batter into the steaming hot pan, I heard some commotion nearby but I just shrugged it off. Suddenly, there was a loud and rapid pounding on the door, then the doorbell was being repeatedly pressed. 

"Coming!" I yelled. Who could it be? The neighbour? I flattened down my hair trying to look a little bit more presentable. I tugged open the door to reveal a a panting guy with his hood on. 

"Need to hide. Paparazzi. Idiots." Was all i heard as he barged inside and slammed the door shut. Who does he think he is? I was about to yell at him but somehow I just watched as he took off his jumper and turned around to grin at me. 

Oh. My. Gosh. realization about who he was sunk in. HIM. Harry Styles. THE Harry Styles. in my house. Fangirling. Hyperventilation. Breathe, Shannon, Breathe. Gasp. Scream. EEEEEEK. On the inside i was crazy but on the outside i just stood. And gaped. 

"Hey." Harry said. "Sorry i had to barge in, but... Do you think i could stay here for a while? The paparazzi are just crazy."

"I- I... uh... yeah, sure!" I stammered, turning into a nervous wreck. I took a deep breath. "Um... I'm a huge fan... Uh... Do you think can i get your autograph?"

He looked startled. Uh-oh. Did i say something wrong? "Sure, love! I just didn't know you were a fan." He stared at me. 

"Um... great.. uh." I realised i haven't been very hospitable. "Oh, um. I'm Shannon, by the way." Holding out a hand for him to shake. "Take a seat on the sofa."

Suddenly, i smelt a burning smell in the kitchen. "SHIT!" I screamed, totally forgetting about Harry. "The pancakes!" I rushed into the kitchen, closely followed by Harry. I turned off the stove quickly. I picked up the pan, then instantly dropped it again. I had accidentally burnt myself. 

"Owww!" I stuck my finger under the tap quickly. Harry stepped over and turned off the tap, inspecting my finger which was starting to form a big blister. He acted instantly- pulling open the freezer and grabbing an ice cube. He put it to my finger carefully. I held it there and he picked up the pan off the floor and put it in the sink, beginning to wash up. 

"Hey, uh, I like your shirt." Harry said to me. 

"Yeah, you would." I chuckled, turning around to show him the back. I suddenly realised that I was actually not nervous anymore. I was just excited to meet a member of my favourite boy band. But I can't fangirl all the time. 



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