Darkest Hour.

Sapphire Blue was your normal goody two shoes type of girl. Whereas Harry Styles was the complete opposite. He was the most dangerous boy in Cheshire and almost everyone had heard stories about him fighting,smoking and using girls.


3. Chapter 3.

I heard a car pull up outside a short while later and smiled to myself as I saw Cassie getting out to walk to my door. I opened the front door before she could have chance to knock and waved at her. "Hey Cass," I grinned widely as she walked inside and smiled "Hey,you excited?" She giggled and I nodded in response with a big grin. We took a few photos before we left and had some quick food. After that we got into her car and drove to Josh's friend Dylan's house.

As we pulled into the street you could spot his house straight away. It was definitely the one with all the people stumbling about and all of the loud music blasting from the speakers. Even from the outside the house looked a mess already so I hated to think what it was like on the inside.

We finally walked inside and I looked around taking in the surroundings of the big party house and smiled to myself,Tonight was going to be amazing.

"Saphhire!" I heard a voice call from behind me. I smiled to myself as I recognised it as Josh. "Hey!" I grinned widely as I turned to face him."Uh,want to dance?" He asked shyly and I nodded as quick as I could, I probably looked like a crazy nodding dog "Of course!" I smiled widely as I followed him to the dancefloor hoping that Cassie wouldnt get too mad at me.

But just as I thought things were amazing and we started to dance of course some curly-haired idiot had to come and ruin every thing for me "Sapphire Blue" He smirked as he walked over and pulled me away from Josh quickly and led me into the kitchen.

"Harry!" I  snap "Why did you do that?" I frown looking at him. I knew straight away that of course he would have a big cheeky smirk on his face and of course I was correct. "I didn't think this was your scene blue" he smirks tucking some hair behind my ear and smirking...again. His smirk was starting to make me feel sick by this time. I had made up my mind.

I hated him.


(I'm so sorry they're short I'm just so busy at the minute but they will get longer)

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